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  1. Gregory: I emailed you some capsules. Please let me know if they follow the ideas that I noticed in other capsules. I tried to do the same formula, w/o too much spoilers giving away info, plus links to the original and full versions of the essays. Let me know if any more is needed in terms of editing. Thanks
  2. I am a long time reader of this site and list, less so the forums, and have seen a little over half the Top 100 films. I have found, however, a good # of the capsules are empty. This seems a bit odd, as with the list's popularity it should not be so. I would like to submit capsules for the 7 or 8 films I've seen that are capsule-less, and, perhaps later on, for other films that are sans capsules, as I watch them. Can the moderator or someone else tell me how this is to be done? Thanks
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