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  1. That was fun. I liked the Russian link, too. In the same vein, I love a book of Grimms' Fairy Tales I have, translated by Ralph Manheim: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books My absolute favoritest is Hans My Hedgehog, about a half-hedgehog, half-man who rides a shod rooster, lives in a tree, plays bagpipes, and herds pigs and donkeys. Yes, put all those together in your head. When a king and princess anger him, he "pricked her with his quills till she was all bloody," or something along those lines. We're sorting and cleaning like mad, trying to get ready for
  2. Another parallel, Peter. Me, too. I actually had a pint. I had a peach Schnapps.
  3. (STILL SPOILERS GALORE!!) I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment of the sharks. I had heard before seeing the movie that they were "vegetarian sharks." That and the fact that they were on the promotional material led me to believe that they were major characters who befriend Nemo and company and that sharks' true nature would be glossed over in the name of cross-species friendliness. I liked that the sharks were actually quite ferocious. I just watched the DVD's special feature on the design, and apparently the director kept telling the artists to make the sharks scarier. The sharks prov
  4. Is it a seagull or a pelican? The seagulls are also treated as personality-less creatures who say just one word, "Mine!" The commentary describes them as "rats with wings." They appear to want to eat anything and everything offered them but have no luck during the movie. They try for a crab who holds them off with a karate chop while he dashes away. Dory holds up a crab for them later as an incentive for the crab to dish out information. And they try to eat Marlin and Dory while the pelican tries to save them. They squeal, "Run away!"
  5. Not to mess up Alvy's viewing possibilities, but did you try the library, Rich? That's where we found TSD. In fact, we could tape you a copy if your international exchange program fails.
  6. Yeah, that helps a little. I'm just going to keep responding to myself. This is fun.
  7. I think these two concepts must be related. That perhaps means that you cannot take the lyrics literally. (I'm not sure why you would, actually. For instance, I don't think "stampede" is meant literally -- I think it's meant to rhyme with "agreed.") Lions eat more organisms than antelope, say, but then they eventually, after death, become food for antelope as well as innumerable other organisms (like bacteria, maggots, etc.). In life, too, their participation in the "circle of life" helps balance life for all creatures. If they didn't eat antelope, the antelope would overrun the area, eating t
  8. All right -- hope I did this right. I've moved the posts about Lynch & Mulholland Drive to a different thread, since this one was getting confusing. Please continue yonder: http://promontoryarts.com/viewtopic.php?t=1051
  9. Although wouldn't meeting you add so much to my meeting-board-members prestige! It's tempting to go out of our way just for the international coolness factor. 8)
  10. Don't worry -- you're safe from us. We won't be anywhere near you actually. But thanks for responding with an invitation! And if you and Mel are ever in Seattle.... You've given us good ideas, though, for another fun thing to do while we're there -- looking for film sets.
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