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    You stay classy, San Diego.
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    Fight Club, Groundhog Day, Ginger Snaps, The Alien Quadrilogy, Memento, Junior, Lost in Translation, Any Given Sunday, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The myriad movies I watched as a yung'un which got me hooked - I'ld like to thank Brief Encounter, Innerspace, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Flight of the Navigator, Labyrinth, Back to the Future. If I've left anyone out, you know who you are. I can watch anything as long as it has Christopher Walken in it.
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    Autechre, Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil, Rush, Yes, Beatles, NIN, DJ Shadow, Frank Zappa, Incredible Bongo Band, Led Zep, Steve, Faust, IQU/ ICU, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chemical Brothers, Dust Brothers, Avalanches, Telepopmusik, Vangelis, Revolution # 9, Captain Beefheart, Venetian Snares, Immediate Action, Sigur Ros, Telefon Tel Aviv, parts of the Langley Schools Music Project fascinate me, David Julyan, Fontanelle, Bob Dylan, Benny Goodman, Devendra Banhart, Louis Prima, Mazzy Star, Delirious, Soul-Junk, The Stone Roses Kid 606, Madredeus, Sam Philips, Sufjan Stevens, The Danielson Famile, Boards of Canada, Free*land.. anything new I hear which I think sounds interesting...many more...all the bands which everybody likes such as Queen, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin. As a former cathedral choirboy, I love such choral classics as Wings of a Dove and Snow had Fallen. I miss my Soprano voice.

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  1. Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, although most of the book feels like a denouement.
  2. They have, my friend, they have. I agree that rambling is a pre-requisite in a good villain, and more particularly so when the villain is not human. The rambling of Mr Tinkles and his slightly cowed hench-cat is one thing that makes Cats and Dogs so good.
  3. I saw some of the Autopsy for Beginners on U.K. TV and quite enjoyed quirky Doc Von Hagen uncoiling small intestines with abandon and nearly slicing off the fingers of his burly assistants. It did a lot to demystify the body. It explained what goes on in the body better than anything I've yet seen. I don't think the intrigue of these exhibits has much to do with a fascination with dead bodies, and is based more in fascination with our own living bodies, what they look like underneath the layers of skin which hide our inner workings from view.
  4. What about Year of the Rabbit? Anybody like that?
  5. Ben

    The Notebook (SPOILERS)

    I was invited to watch this yesterday with my two female housies over pizza and Coke, and enjoyed it against my expectations, much the same as Sweet Home Alabama. SOME SPOILERS - I have a few questions - 1. Do ponds, full of placid ducks and submerged, ossified trees really exist? That's a lovely place. 2. When do people think Allie wrote the notebook, as the inscription says something about "read this to me to bring me back"? 3. Was anybody else reminded of Fifty First Dates in a strange kind of way? 4. To tentatively bring in scripture at this point, could somebody show me passages related to pre/extra-marital sex? I thought Noah looked rather rosy for a dead guy at the end.
  6. A superb question, and one that opens up a lot of discussion. We looked at a condition called blindsight when we were studying the role of consciousness on my Philosophy course. There's some info on it here. It seems that sometimes the condition we know as blindness is not a failing of the eyes to deliver information to our brain, but our brain's failure to deliver that information on to our consciousness. This has interesting implications for studies of epistemology and the role played by our awareness of what we know (consciously) what we believe our senses are telling us in actually being told these things by our senses. I'ld be interested if similar things occured with our other major senses.
  7. This is top of my "to buy" list for this year.
  8. I just read the interview from Interference.com. Did anyone else think they didn't really answer the question about the naming of the album?
  9. The pop idol format doesn't seem to be being used as far as whittling down contestants, mass teenage hysteria and more people voting than at General elections is concerned. (Incidentally, Phil and I both know Suzy Manning who was in the final three of the last Pop Idol in the U.K. Just a little claim to non-fame.) So, do people think this show is a good idea for the Church of England? Edit: Oh and Phil? You...errm... you mis-spelt priest, buddy.
  10. A pretty kooky album. Could just as easily have been named "Jonny loves Pro Tools". It does take the imagination places, Jeffrey, I agree.
  11. Ben

    The Motorcycle Diaries

    But weren't they chased out because Ernesto was getting a little too personal with the mechanic's wife? Although it is ambiguous whether they hated them anyway and had alreadydestroyed the bike's brakes.
  12. More. See what I do for you.
  13. Na, your post before that. I get the oso reference. I DID LATIN. Oh yeah.
  14. Giacometti comes to mind...
  15. They came bearing gifts....has this joke been done already? I'm looking at Alan's second post but can't figure it out. Oh well. I think I've killed the joke. May as well keep on writing.
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