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  1. we shot on a pair of HVX200's on a 24 day shoot. tons of info about production and post is here... http://sabipictures.com/heartofnow
  2. I love how newteevee.com outs it as a "festival flameout". http://newteevee.com/2008/09/25/slacker-up...igger-a-revolt/
  3. I am quite liberal in many respects and I loathe every film on that list. they don't bother to earn an inch of empathy from the audience, they presume it's there.
  4. I recently completed principal photography on a feature-length film and wanted to share some footage with the forum. Click here for TRAILER ABOUT THE FILM "Heart of Now" concerns a young woman with a profound longing for a sense of family. Devastated by her boyfriend's sudden withdrawal from their relationship, Amber's circumstance thrusts her back into the presence of the father-figure that abandoned her and her dying mother nearly a decade ago. Whisked across a contrast of urban, natural and emotional landscapes, Amber confronts the deeper issues at the very heart of her suffering, and finds transcendence in a brief moment at the very heart of now.
  5. actually, he's made references to a story set in the states that he's been cultivating since lilja 4ever.
  6. ron i'm going to get you a screening copy ASAP. the music was performed by The Tierney Sutton Band.
  7. thank you, jeffrey for the kind words.
  8. i cut movie trailers for a living and the need for stock footage arises from time to time. the two most reliable places I go to are... corbismotion.com gettyimages.com both places have fast research and turn around if you call and explain your needs. they will provide you with a 3/4 reel of everything that might suit your requirements. later, you can order specifically what you decide to use in the finished piece.
  9. Zak Forsman

    Gunner Palace

    I thought one had to be 18 to be recruited by the military?
  10. I'll let you know. he closest we'll be to you at this poinjt is New York City on April 6th. more info is available at the web site.
  11. if its any help, the trailer at my web site is only 11mb (you mentioned you were on dial-up) will show you some footage shot with the same cameras (DVX-100) that jason is talking about. Blue in Green - trailer also, check out dvxuser.com for a lot of info on this camera.
  12. the website has been updated with a trailer. www.blue-in-green.com
  13. Zak Forsman

    Evil Dead Remake

    this is Justin Theroux...
  14. not only that, but... from the article...
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