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    punch drunk love, heaven, magnolia, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, three colours trilogy, strictly ballroom, ordet, its a wonderful life, and after that i forget.
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    i like guitars.
  • Favorite creative writing
    jdsalinger, cslewis, dostoyevsky, primolevi, sylvia plath, tseliot, douglas coupland, kurt vonnegut, graham swift, milan kundera, phillip roth, virginia woolf and ''jimmy corrigan boy genius'' to name but a few.

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  1. i'm going to see ben folds next friday and i'm hoping mr shatner will be there too this album sounds great!
  2. goosestep didn't work probably due to its pun-ness
  3. becca

    Vashti Bunyan...

    woopppeeee pain, rejection and immense sadness!!! my favourite. wow this is a contentless post if i've ever read one. as for getting the album it is christmas soon (haha)
  4. i'm quite into the idea of wedding songs that single people can get down to too. so as to avoid that bridget jonesey smugness of We're not alone anymore and you are sort of thing i have therefore decided that if i ever do get married (husband permitting) my first dance will either be 500 miles by the Proclaimers or The Way you make me feel by Michael Jackson or perhaps something else just really silly but certainly not slushy. Maybe the Lumberjack song. Either way i don't think i'll go for a Diane Warren song ( i was thinking of making a compilation- Now That's What i Call Shotgun Weddings) Someone i know said he went to a wedding where This Charming Man was played and people STARTED dancing. that sounds good to me. oooh also sigur ros is good.
  5. becca

    Vashti Bunyan...

    i think its worth mentioning the observer's poll missed out the cure entirely. so i don't think it should be seen as reliable. is there a self righteous emoticom anywhere?
  6. becca

    The Incredibles

    it seems the Dash trailer was alot more child orientated (''grab a parent and head for the net'') while the new one is a lot more sophisticated with the ironic jokes etc. and all the references to more adult stuff like office jobs, and feminism, and the lady checking to see if her bum looked big in her suit... maybe there's no need to be worried.
  7. its an interesting point to think about. i know i found teddy by jdsalinger a bit more difficult than some of his other stuff (which i am incidentally completely addicted to) because it was all to do with Zen and seemed like a Buddhist tract in fictional form. But at the same time it was interesting to read his opinions and it didn't make me change mine.... its interesting. obviously you don't want to read stuff that's going to harm your faith or anything but i think that books that deal with people's deepest feelings about life and the universe and all that can be really interesting even if you don't agree with them....at least they're not just fluffy and superficial.... keats wasn't particularly religious but he wrote some of the most profound poetry possible ever....
  8. hey alan, the link doesn't appear to be working. but still seems interesting. it will be cool to see what the man himself has to say about his oft-recorded life. and whether he will go into the incident of firing his bassist because he thought he called his hat moronic (when he really said byronic) go bob i say.
  9. i'm not sure that's a phrase i'll ever hear again. was it as good as mrs frisby and the rats of nimh?
  10. sorry for the delay in replying i have been away from computers. thanks for the advice. i do read quite a bit but hadn't thought to read Bad books! i read pretty much all of jd salinger's back catalogue last year and that inspired me to write- i can really recommend seymour:an introduction as an inspirational tool- he creates these really long sentence structures that are just very clever and characters that are so endearing. any other recommended authors? (without wishing to cause a tangent) i started a short story the other day. i think i wrote about 100 words. heh heh.
  11. i think you'd look good with a mullet. heh heh
  12. becca

    FaveFives: Rock

    i'm sorry there's just no possible way that i can keep to 5. something important will get missed out. The Smiths- The Queen is Dead The Tindersticks- S/T 2 REM - Up Radiohead- Hail to the Thief U2 Actung Baby/ Pop Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited/ Blonde on Blonde Jeff Buckley- Grace PJ Harvey- Stories from the city, stories from the sea. Ben Folds Five- Whatever and ever amen. Don't make me choooose! (plus there should be something by Bjork, Sigur Ros, Patti Smith, The Beatles,The Verve and lots more on there....)
  13. becca

    FaveFives: World Music

    yes legend by bob marley is cool...i second that i would like to nominate graceland by paul simon due to the fact its simply wonderful and doesn't fit in anywhere else...
  14. becca

    FaveFives: Acoustic

    confound you stuart i wanted to be the one to be outraged at the lack of vanness! as it is my (independently compiled) list is looking very very similar to yours (GRRR) astral weeks- van morrison blue- joni mitchell either/or- elliot smith revelling/reckoning- ani di franco. or something by her anyway... redemption's son- joseph arthur (although there's probably a better one i haven't listened to yet) honestly i wasn't copying!
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