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  1. Apparently, this will pull a SUPERMAN RETURNS and will be a sequel to only the first two HALLOWEEN films.
  2. So have things settled enough that we are ready to devote our attention to this? Speaking for myself, I'm ready.
  3. Oh, very much so. Fantasy and sci-fi is rife with storytelling of this sort.
  4. Glen is delicious in this movie. He makes the most of every little moment.
  5. Yes! No need to stick with real-world cultural upheaval.
  6. I would strongly recommend skipping the 3D. I saw it in 2D on the recommendation of a friend, and I'm glad I did. The cuts are very, very fast, even by "chaos cinema" standards, and the images are often dark and shadowy.
  7. Hm. I'm thinking more in terms of "cultural upheaval." Moments where society's status quo is strained or shattered and factions are formed as a result. "Encountering the Other" isn't a bad idea on its own, but it suggests something different. To cite one example, CABARET is a film about cultural upheaval. It's not really a film about encountering "the Other."
  8. Anderson's decision to go full-on fast-cut shakycam is something of a bummer, but the action is still propulsive enough to keep things moving. Thankfully, Anderson's penchant for outlandish scenarios remains intact, as is his sense of lean, goal-focused plotting. In its own so-absurd-it's-almost-smart way, the film does well by the ideas about technology and identity that have run throughout this wild series, and therefore The Final Chapter ultimately serves as a strong conclusion (even if, when you get down to it, its conclusion isn't all that final). Iain Glen is pretty awesome here.
  9. I think there's a lot of potential there. It kinda captures the zeitgeist without limiting us to it.
  10. We may be able to push the deadline back a bit to allow for more discussion. These have been stressful weeks for me and I haven't been able to devote as much headspace to the list as I would like. I'm sure some of to feel the same way. How about a Top 25 about cultural conflict?
  11. Yeah, I share your concerns. Didn't we throw around the Top 25 Crime Movies a few times?
  12. This film was shattering.
  13. More and more interviews have indicated that the marketing team knowingly built the ads out of cut material. The more I read about this film's production, the more inclined I am to blame Edwards for its considerable failings, not Disney. It seems like he didn't really know what he wanted, just blindly shooting reams of footage, and it was only after Disney realized the movie wasn't coming together that they pushed for the extensive reworking of the film.
  14. Is there any interest in revisiting the "Films about Government" idea?