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  1. He'll always be Rollin Hand to me.
  2. These are awesome choices.
  3. I haven't read this book in ages, but very little in that trailer squares with my vague memories of the book. Maybe I should re-read it. At any rate, this looks like a film that isn't afraid to get wild, though, so I'll give credit to DuVernay.
  4. Vishnevetsky: "Orson Welles called a movie studio the biggest electric train set any boy ever had, but in the tentpole-franchise-superhero-coming-soon era, the trains are expected to run on time. It’s rare, then, to see a film this extravagant that also feels, for better or worse, like the work of a single personality. The longer action scenes may not always rank with Besson’s early ’90s highlights (Léon: The Professional, La Femme Nikita) or the mania of the more recent Lucy, but there isn’t a moment in this ludicrous, lushly self-indulgent movie that doesn’t feel like its creator is having the time of his life."
  5. It says a lot about my tastes that I'm looking forward to Valerian much more than War of the Planet of the Apes or Dunkirk.
  7. I wrote an essay about The Long Goodbye, one of my favorite Altman films, and its relationship to the Chandler source material. It's up at Caves of Altamira.
  8. Besson is a bit like marmite.
  9. I can't wait.
  10. This is very much how I think of Park: a filmmaker of the passions. NBooth's thoughts on the film's structure are really quite excellent.
  11. I haven't watched the show, but I'm glad its fans will get some closure.
  12. Yes. I enjoyed this, too. A pop-cinema confection that delights in color and movement. And, yes, I loved that coffee run.
  13. That was my typo. I apologize.
  14. BABY DRIVER is the kind of cinematic confection about which little can be said, but I found it pretty thrilling.
  15. That's something the Nerf parody actually captures really well: Wick action has only one kind of rhythm. There's not a lot of variation.