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  1. *UPDATE*: I am slowly compiling a spreadsheet of all nominations here: This thread is for nominations and seconds ONLY; discussion and advocacy for your nominations should be posted in this separate thread. I would strongly encourage each of you not to just nominate films without any explanation for why you think they belong on the list. Part of the nominating process should include nominating the film and then going over to the discussion thread to explain why the film merits your nomination and our votes. Please do this.Nominations will be open until a date yet to be announced. The rules are as follows:1) Nominations must follow this format:Title:Director:Year:Language:IMDB Link:YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film):Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one):2) Every nomination must be seconded before appearing on the ballot (some require thirds - see below). To second, simply reply to the nomination post with “Second.”3) Every A&F member can nominate up to 25 films.4) There is no limit on nominating films from the same director; however, only the top three vote-getters per director will be allowed on the final list.5) No films released after December 31, 2016 can be nominated. (Like last time, if there is a heavily advocated for exception, we’re open to allowing for it.)6) TV series of more than one season cannot be nominated.7) Miniseries and special TV-to-cinema works like Dekalog, which have appeared in theaters sometimes or in parts, are eligible for nomination; they must receive a third nomination to appear on the final ballot.8) Trilogies and series of films shall be considered as separate films unless:a. They were filmed at once by the same director and crew, e.g. Lord of the Rings;orb. The theme and plots are interwoven in such a way as to necessitate the watching of all films to complete an understanding of each, e.g. Three Colors.Trilogies and series nominated as a single work must also receive a third nomination to appear on the final ballot.
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this. I've started writing a series of blog posts exploring the Daniel Craig Bond films entitled "The Facts of Death" over at my new blog, Caves of Altamira. I'm not at Spectre quite yet, but I'll be getting there.
  3. SKYFALL isn't even out yet and BOND 24 is already in the works, apparently scheduled for an autumn 2014 release. According to the Daily Mail, veteran Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (who have been with the Bond franchise since THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH) are stepping away from Bond, and John Logan, who worked on SKYFALL, will be going BOND 24 solo. Some cast members from SKYFALL will also be returning, it seems: Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes. No word on whether or not Mendes will be back.
  4. I am slowly compiling a list of all nominees here:
  5. Top 25 Films on "Waking Up" Please keep nominations and seconds only in the nominations thread. All discussion of the nominated films themselves, as well as ongoing conversation about how we should best define the list's theme, should be posted here. *Note: Currently, there are no hard-and-fast rules about eligibility based on content - it’s up to YOU to advocate for what you believe fits this category. We believe the community of voters will make a wise decision about it when the times comes. That said, please think carefully about whether the film is really about what the community wants for an "Arts & Faith" list as opposed to a purely generic "top films" list that would be created on some other popular movie website. Timeline: Open film nominations and discussion: 3/29 Close film nominations: May 28 Open voting on films: June 2 Close voting: June 15th Write blurbs: June 16th – July 16th Post results: TBD
  6. I am slowly compiling a list of all nominees here:
  7. You haven't seen Clone Wars, I'm guessing? Maul's return is a pretty significant storyline in that series.
  8. Meaning that Obi-Wan is portrayed as a kind of "zen" figure in the scene. He's facing off against Darth Maul for the final time, and asks Maul to look at everything he's risen above. He subsequently fells Darth Maul with a single move, in a nice Kurosawa-flavored movement. He then cradles Maul in his arms as Maul dies. Maul, who has become kind of a "gray" figure, neither Sith nor Jedi, and has been in search of enlightenment of his own, asks Obi-Wan if the person he's guarding is the Chosen One, and Obi-Wan replies that it is. Like I said, nothing concrete. But it definitely muddies the waters a bit.
  9. I think these ideas are actually, to some extent, rooted in Lucas' original treatment (and Lucas, after all, was always interested in Eastern mysticism). Lucas had stated back in the day that he planned for the third trilogy to be suffused with greater moral ambiguity, to challenge the dichotomies. And the very early production art for FORWAKENS, from when they were just brainstorming off of the Lucas treatments (which laid the groundwork for Snoke, among other features of the finished films) are full of images exploring the duality of the Force, with the idea of there being some greater unity between the Light and Dark Sides. These themes were in the mind of the production team from the very start. It's worth mentioning that REBELS--which, so far, has really seemed to be where Disney is putting stuff to support the narrative work being done in the new trilogy--recently had an enlightened Obi-Wan declaring that Luke is the true Chosen One. Whether or not this was an official retcon or just Obi-Wan's limited perspective, they haven't elaborated, but DisneyWars has clearly added some ambiguity as to who the Chosen One is.
  10. To add to this, Johnson read Jung's Modern Man In Search of a Soul and Robert Bly's A Little Book on the Human Shadow to prepare for this film.
  11. If you take that trailer in context of the thematic ideas talked about in the FORWAKENS making of books and materials, as well as the stuff they've been doing in REBELS, they're clearly going all-in on the "push beyond the light/dark dichotomy" thing. Which means SDG really isn't gonna like this.
  12. Thanks to EdB99 for compiling the list of films. I'll try to set up a proper list (maybe a spreadsheet on Google docs) when I get a moment. I've just been kinda drained since the nomination period kicked off, but I'll be giving this process more of my attention once I get past Easter weekend.
  13. That was my thinking. We can adjust that depending on consensus.
  14. So I'm looking to dig deeper in to Lang's cinema (particularly his Hollywood films). I already posed the question on FB and Nathaniel recommended Lotte Eisner's FRITZ LANG and Bogdanovich's FRITZ LANG IN AMERICA. Are there any other books A&Fers might recommend?
  15. The poll will be open through Saturday, 3/18.
  16. The topic seems made for Tree of Life (which is probably why I resisted the topic in general; that film clashes with my sensibilities a bit). But, yes, thinking of it in apocalyptic terms is probably the way to go.
  17. Yeah, there's a vagueness to the topic I resist (I didn't vote for it, myself). It needs some boundaries.
  18. FWIW, Woo is a Lutheran. You find a lot of Christian imagery in his movies, which Woo has said is very intentional.
  19. "Waking Up" seems to be the topic with the most momentum (so far, at least).
  20. So now hopefully we're all settled enough to devote some time to compiling and assembling a Top 25 list for 2017. So far, the topics discussed are the following: Films about coming of age Films about crime and punishment Films about cultural upheaval Films about government Films about idealism vs. reality Films about small towns Films about "waking up" I want to open up this week as an official nomination period to see if there are any topics others would want to suggest before we open voting on a specific topic next week.
  21. This looks like everything I feared it would be.
  22. Apparently, this will pull a SUPERMAN RETURNS and will be a sequel to only the first two HALLOWEEN films.
  23. So have things settled enough that we are ready to devote our attention to this? Speaking for myself, I'm ready.
  24. Oh, very much so. Fantasy and sci-fi is rife with storytelling of this sort.
  25. Glen is delicious in this movie. He makes the most of every little moment.