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  1. Top 25 Films on "Waking Up" Please keep nominations and seconds only in the nominations thread. All discussion of the nominated films themselves, as well as ongoing conversation about how we should best define the list's theme, should be posted here. *Note: Currently, there are no hard-and-fast rules about eligibility based on content - it’s up to YOU to advocate for what you believe fits this category. We believe the community of voters will make a wise decision about it when the times comes. That said, please think carefully about whether the film is really about what the community wants for an "Arts & Faith" list as opposed to a purely generic "top films" list that would be created on some other popular movie website. Timeline: Open film nominations and discussion: 3/29 Close film nominations: May 28 Open voting on films: June 2 Close voting: June 15th Write blurbs: June 16th – July 16th Post results: TBD
  2. The Image team is a bit overwhelmed with the Glen Workshop right now, so please just hang right.
  3. I kinda liked DeHaan in this part precisely *because* he's a really weird choice for it. What would be a tediously typical "dumb-but-charming" part with a more conventional Hollywood leading man (ala Chris Pratt) becomes something kinda interesting to watch due to DeHaan's own peculiar energy. I may write a full review of Valerian, so that's all I'll say about that for now.
  4. The NYT reports Craig is set to return, and Variety reports that Yann Demange is the leading contender for director (the others on the shortlist, per Deadline, are Denis Villeneuve and David Mackenzie). If this is EON's last Bond feature, it will truly be the end of an era. I bet we'll see Christopher Nolan tackle the reboot (he's kinda hinted in that direction a few different times, and WB is rumored to be MGM's partner on this new film).
  5. If there is, I want to be a card-carrying member.
  6. I have not yet seen Dunkirk, so I can't comment. I am considering working through those questions in a longer piece after I've seen it. Interstellar remains the only Nolan film I actually feel personal attachment to, rather than just detached fascination, so we're on a similar page there.
  7. I've read the novel, but I haven't yet seen the film.
  8. This is an AMAZING sale.
  9. There is a scene in this movie in which This is why CGI was invented.
  10. I loved this and found the experience incredibly moving.
  11. I'm less interested in Dunkirk as a film in and of itself than I am interested in it as another opportunity to try to puzzle my way through Nolan's unique stew of influences and obsessions. As with seemingly every Nolan film, there doesn't seem to be any underlying logic as to who responds favorably to Dunkirk and who doesn't. Nolan's very peculiar priorities as a filmmaker--and the ways in which those peculiar priorities play out differently from project to project--continue to fascinate me.
  12. It looks more interesting than I expected this to look.
  13. I'm bummed out by how little I like that trailer.
  14. He'll always be Rollin Hand to me.
  15. These are awesome choices.
  16. I haven't read this book in ages, but very little in that trailer squares with my vague memories of the book. Maybe I should re-read it. At any rate, this looks like a film that isn't afraid to get wild, though, so I'll give credit to DuVernay.
  18. Vishnevetsky: "Orson Welles called a movie studio the biggest electric train set any boy ever had, but in the tentpole-franchise-superhero-coming-soon era, the trains are expected to run on time. It’s rare, then, to see a film this extravagant that also feels, for better or worse, like the work of a single personality. The longer action scenes may not always rank with Besson’s early ’90s highlights (Léon: The Professional, La Femme Nikita) or the mania of the more recent Lucy, but there isn’t a moment in this ludicrous, lushly self-indulgent movie that doesn’t feel like its creator is having the time of his life."
  19. It says a lot about my tastes that I'm looking forward to Valerian much more than War of the Planet of the Apes or Dunkirk.
  20. I wrote an essay about The Long Goodbye, one of my favorite Altman films, and its relationship to the Chandler source material. It's up at Caves of Altamira.
  21. Besson is a bit like marmite.
  22. I can't wait.
  23. This is very much how I think of Park: a filmmaker of the passions. NBooth's thoughts on the film's structure are really quite excellent.
  24. I haven't watched the show, but I'm glad its fans will get some closure.
  25. Yes. I enjoyed this, too. A pop-cinema confection that delights in color and movement. And, yes, I loved that coffee run.