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  1. If it works, yep. But this could easily turn out to be another One from the Heart.
  2. It's a predictable list. I could nitpick it, but why bother? I'm glad to see A.I., though. That masterwork very much deserves the critical reappraisal that it has undergone in the past decade. In keeping with Joel's post above, here's what my ballot would have been (in alphabetical order): 2046 A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Faust Inherent Vice Mulholland Drive Mysteries of Lisbon Oldboy A Serious Man Wild Grass Youth Without Youth
  3. Boy, do I hate iTunes. But I got hooked-in to it during my college years and never escaped. I've happily avoided all other Apple products, though, I look forward to listening to this.
  4. That certainly fits with Meyer's comments.
  5. Yes. So many of the retrospective film screenings near me seem to depend more and more on projecting Blu-rays. And even if you do get a film print, there's no guarantee that it will be protected properly.
  6. I envy you LA folks (as far as movie theaters are concerned, that is; I kinda hate the city itself). We have nothing like those theaters out here in Philadelphia.
  7. Do you all actually enjoy going to the movie theater anymore? I know many of you get invited to advance screenings. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about paying to go to your local multiplex and see a movie. I'm wondering, because I've fallen out of love with the experience. You get theaters with stale air and too many previews (20-25 minutes of awful trailers and commercials), all for the steep price of $15 a ticket. Even when I see something I enjoy, like Love & Friendship (the last movie I saw in theaters), I find myself thinking that I probably should have waited for it to hit home release.
  8. Like the 3 hr, 30 min cut of Gangs of New York and the 4 hr cut of Wolf of Wall Street, that version will become the stuff of legend. It won't be what makes it to theaters.
  9. The Jacobs piece is good, but I hope that as he goes on to consider this topic, he also considers that the role of the prominent, public intellectual has largely disappeared in general, not just in Christian spheres.
  10. We can always hope that the plans for the platform change and the CBS brass decides to air all of Discovery on CBS.
  11. I quite agree. I revisited Retribution last night. It's much more my speed than, say, the Marvel films. Lightweight and fun without being smug or snarky, suffused with striking images (colored umbrellas scattered on a rain-soaked Tokyo street), and gloriously precise action filmmaking. Its suggestion that the demands of love transcend the boundaries of the real and the virtual is surprisingly profound for a film of this type, made all the more affecting by its relentless efficiency.
  12. That trailer is loaded with great images. Rarely do contemporary blockbusters look so lovely. That shot where the hyperspace effect is out of focus is stylistically unlike any previous Star Wars film. Sadly, Edwards is not very good with human beings, and this trailer is kinda wonky on that score. We'll see if the Tony Gilroy rewrites and reshoots can give this thing some heart, because we've seen what Star Wars without heart is like, and it isn't pretty.
  13. Something in-between. Like Certified Copy, the film is exploring the tensions of human relationships, not about taking a pro or con stance. It's descriptive. Insofar as it explores the nature of marriage in Iran, it paints an unflattering picture. But it does not deny the complex yearnings that lead human beings toward the institution of marriage.
  14. Yeah. This platform sounds like a disaster, so I'm guessing one season is all we get.
  15. Ooh! I would be very intrigued to see what might result from such tinkering.