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  1. Top 25 Films on Mercy: Nominations Thread

    Please edit your post to fit the required format:   Title:Director:Year:Language:IMDB Link:YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film):Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one):  
  2. House of Cards

  3. So "Films on Mercy" will be our theme this year! In addition to nominating films and discussing the nominations, we also have to discuss how we want to handle the voting process this year. I've created this thread to contain the debate and discussion. Evan suggested that we have a two-step voting process (an initial vote to narrow things down to 50 nominees, followed by a second vote based on that pool). We've never done this before, but it could help focus and nuance the final list.
  4. New Star Trek Series

    Fantastic news.
  5. Jason Bourne (2016)

    Nah. We had ROCKY BALBOA in 2006 and RAMBO in 2008.
  6. Hail, Caesar! (2016)

    This film has some issues (Mannix isn't compelling enough to emotionally anchor the film, as Jeffrey points out in his review), but its biggest problem is it just isn't funny or weird enough. That's a bit of a shame, since I adore what the film is doing on a conceptual level. Still, as you'd expect, this film works like gangbusters whenever religion or philosophy takes center stage (my favorite moments in the film include the "religious advisers" meeting, Whitlock's interactions with "The Future," and, especially, the climactic scene of the titular movie-within-the-movie). Note that the priest's advice to Mannix at the end ("God wants us to do the right thing") echoes the rabbi's advice in A Serious Man ("Be a good boy").
  7. Chimes At Midnight (1965)

    I would agree, John, that it's the greatest of all cinematic Shakespeare adaptations. It's astonishingly good.
  8. The X-Files

    So, essentially, this show is at its best when it operates as a contemporary Twilight Zone with stable protagonists. The miniseries is doing an okay job of delivering that so far (one bad episode and two good-to-great episodes), but I'm really concerned about the Chris Carter episodes to come. And since you mentioned it, I have to reiterate that "Clyde Bruckman" is a thing of beauty. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it.
  9. The X-Files

    Yes. I am not persuaded by Keith Uhlich's argument that the mytharc is a Borgesian mystery with endless corridors leading nowhere. That's an argument that can only be made in retrospect since the show's mytharc stuff never plays that way when you're actually watching it. The show certainly carries itself in a way that suggests that all this stuff matters and is going somewhere (and, to its credit, up until season five and the movie, it actually is mostly going somewhere, even if it's not to an altogether very exciting destination), but then it doesn't deliver. Anchoring all these random side stories in a broader pursuit of the Biggest Conspiracy of All Time isn't a terrible notion. It could be great. But, even with years of development and consideration, Chris Carter still doesn't have a sense for how to make it all work. Thankfully, he still gets out of the way from time to time to let his collaborators take the reins.
  10. Carol (2015)

    I probably won't. I won't see it until my book club is able to get together and view it with me.
  11. World of Tomorrow (2015)

    This may be my favorite Hertzfeld film.
  12. Vote for the 2016 A&F Top List Theme!

    No matter what, there will not be a full-on redo. That would be a disservice to those who voted in earnest. There was already the possibility that we would have a follow-up run-off vote featuring the top candidates if there wasn't a clear majority for one of the established topics. Given that a few members have expressed a desire to change their votes to the "Mercy" category (a change Tyler can't make since the board functionality won't allow it), I'm open to the idea of having a follow-up run-off vote feature the top three candidates rather than just the top two candidates, which would (at this juncture) include "Crime and Punishment," "Politics," and "Mercy."
  13. Kubo and the Two Strings

    It looks gorgeous.
  14. Vote for the 2016 A&F Top List Theme!

    Wow. "Crime and Punishment" is the early favorite.
  15. The Birth of a Nation (2016)