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  1. It's interesting how this movie virtually ignores Tolkien's Catholicism (no, the fact that he had a grumpy priest for a guardian doesn't count; it doesn't say anything about Tolkien's *internal* Catholicism) while tugging gently at the idea that one of his best friends was romantically interested in him (all in the name of "following the clues").
  2. Wait a minute, "Grandpa"? Is Samuel L. Jackson supposed to be Richard Roundtree's *son* now? I thought he was Roundtree's *nephew* in the last film.
  3. NBooth wrote: : EDIT: Does no one think of the fact that de-dusting all those dusted people would be at least as catastrophic for the world as dusting them in the first place? I believe I mentioned this on Facebook, but: yes, in a world where people have had five years to Get On With Their Lives, the fact that all their dear departed dusted loved ones have suddenly returned would be a major shock. You're in a new relationship, new marriage, etc.? Here's your former spouse! You are now older than your big brother ever got to be? Surprise, he's back, and now he's younger than you because he never aged! Then there is the fact that the Avengers brought back *only* the people who had been *dusted*. The people who were killed by falling airplanes and derailed trains immediately *after* the dusting are presumably still dead. And of course the people who committed suicide or died for other dusting-related reasons after the dusting are presumably still dead, too. So merely bringing back all the dusted people does not even remotely *begin* to fix all the damage that was done by Thanos, and it arguably introduces a lot *more* damage, too. (Still, all that being said, I do respect that Tony Stark did not want to erase the timeline of the past five years, because that would mean erasing his daughter and presumably lots of other good things too. It's kind of annoying to me how the Star Trek franchise -- including the Voyager finale, which was also called 'Endgame'! -- often showed the heroes going back in time and changing the past, which meant not only changing *their own* pasts but *everyone else's too*.) Evan C wrote: : Why do Hawkeye's kids age five years, but Peter Parker stays the exact same age? Also why are Peter and his friends all still in high school after five years? Hawkeye's kids didn't age. But Ant-Man's did, because they were never dusted. : Steve Rogers' going back in time to marry Peggy definitely violates the time travel rules stipulated by the movie. Also, wouldn't he have had to kill the other version of himself for that to work? I don't know that merely marrying her in the past violates the rules, per se. I think he would have simply branched off onto a new timeline by doing that. But then, he should *not* have been able to pop up on the original timeline again. The bigger issue, I think, is how he could be married to Peggy Carter for all those years without revealing to her that the organization she was running had been infiltrated by HYDRA from its very inception. I also wonder when Captain America became such a 21st-century figure. The scene where he's leading a counseling session with an openly gay participant got me wondering when, exactly, Steve Rogers discovered how incredibly mainstream homosexuality has become since the 1940s, and how he dealt with it. And the scene where he says "You've got to be shitting me" seemed out of character for someone who chided Tony Stark for saying "shit" just two Avengers movies ago. : Also, isn't wiping out Thanos' entire army excessive (and arguably genocide)? I mean, eliminating Thanos and his adviser and maybe a few of the space ships should have been enough to stop the attack, so killing all his soldiers (who would presumably stop fighting once their leaders were dead) is surely excessive violence. Well, it wasn't Thanos's *entire* army. Gamorra is still around. Given that Tony was expecting to die, I don't think he wanted to take any chances; he knew he had only one chance to stop Thanos & co. in their tracks. (And the whole thing of killing one person and expecting everyone else to stop is kind of a sci-fi cliche anyway. Then again, as we saw in The Last Jedi, killing Snoke didn't stop *his* bodyguards from fighting Rey and Ren to the death, now, did it.) Overstreet wrote: : As I exited the theater from Infinity War, I turned to my friend Danny and said, "Welp, Ant-Man will save the day. Quantum Realm makes anything possible. And so the next one will be all about time travel to fix things." How did you know Ant-Man would use the Quantum Realm? He didn't get stranded in the Quantum Realm until Ant-Man and the Wasp, which came out a few months *after* Infinity War.
  4. Peter T Chattaway

    Hail Satan?

    Andrew wrote: : . . . the Satanic Temple (TST). That acronym is gonna weird me out, as those are also the initials of Terry Scott Taylor, the chief singer-songwriter for Christian bands Daniel Amos, Swirling Eddies and Lost Dogs.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_3TzdE0m5c
  6. Links to our threads on fellow Mattel movies Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008), Barbie (in development), Magic 8 Ball (in development), Major Matt Mason (in development), Masters of the Universe (in development) and Thomas the Tank Engine (in development). Links to our threads on the Hasbro movies Transformers (2007-2017), G.I. Joe (2009-2013), Battleship (2012), Ouija (2014) and Jem and the Holograms (2015), as well as in-development films based on Beyblade, Candy Land, Clue, Dungeons & Dragons, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, My Little Pony, Play-Doh, Risk and Stretch Armstrong. To say nothing of the Mr Potato Heads and other real-life toys that appear in the Toy Story movies (1995-2019). Links to our threads on other toy- and game-based movies Asteroids (in development), Erector Sets (in development), Micronauts (in development), Missile Command (in development), Rampage (in development), Space Invaders (in development) and Tetris (in development). - - - Mattel & MGM Partner For Movie Based On View-Master Classic Toy Mattel, Inc. and MGM will develop a live action motion picture based on Mattel’s classic toy line View-Master. The toy-based film would be the second recent Mattel-MGM collaboration following the Feb. 15 announcement about a film based on Mattel’s American Girl doll brand. View-Masters are the stereoscope toys that have been a childhood staple for more than 75 years. More recently, Mattel updated the viewers with View-Master VR, a virtual reality product that brings what the toymaker calls “a whole new level of realism” beyond the 3-D versions. Deadline, February 27
  7. John Simon says "you might just as well be watching a[n] animated cartoon" as though that were a *bad* thing. Ebert's comeback that "These are the sorts of movies the Disney people *should* be making" is, um, interesting, given who owns the Star Wars franchise now. It's also funny how Siskel refers to The Empire Strikes Back at least twice as "Jedi" -- three years before Return of the Jedi came out and "Jedi" became the shorthand title for that film. But yeah, Simon doesn't come off very well in that interview clip.
  8. We're seriously complaining about the movie-within-the-movie being too white -- and too American! -- now? In a movie that's basically a critique of American consumerism?
  9. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of this one either. (Curious: why rename the thread? Or has it already been renamed?)
  10. We have a title. The Dark Knight Rises, anyone?
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