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  1. Peter T Chattaway

    Mary Magdalene (2018)

    *** SPOILERS *** The film is out on DVD in a few countries, so I ordered a copy from Amazon UK and it arrived a few days ago, and I watched it last night. I didn't take any notes, as I assumed I would have to see the film again before writing anything up, but, if I may post a few random thoughts... Suffice it to say that this film felt like a better version of Killing Jesus to me, inasmuch as there was still an interesting tension between revisionism and adherence to the traditional story, but I thought this film held together better at the aesthetic level at least. I didn't buy this film's version of Jesus at all, and yet I greatly appreciated the way the film respected his prophetic power while simultaneously indicating that there was something kind of "weird" about it; you can totally understand why people would say that Jesus healed by the power of demons etc. And it's kind of intriguing to see that Jesus identifies with Mary Magdalene partly because they have *both* been falsely accused of being possessed by devils... but that just underscores one of the film's revisionist impulses, inasmuch as the gospels clearly say that Jesus cast demons out of Mary and the film says Mary never had any to begin with. (Just for the record, I went to a Pentecostal high school and kept in touch with my schoolmates for a few years afterwards, and I literally walked in on one of them (and her then-boyfriend) trying to cast a demon out of her ex-boyfriend at one point, so I don't doubt for a second that people in first-century Palestinian peasant culture might have called for an exorcist because Mary Magdalene wasn't conforming to their social-marital expectations or whatever. I find that subplot sadly believable. I just note that the movie's handling of that subplot is at odds with what the gospels actually *say*.) The film's treatment of the Resurrection is similarly strange. Jesus *appears* to have come back to life -- Mary Magdalene certainly thinks so -- but all she gets from this is the idea that we all need to love and forgive each other. There is no larger mythic or narrative context that is confirmed or disrupted for Mary by the Resurrection -- no expectation that humanity as a whole, or at the very least Israel as a whole, will be part of the Resurrection of which Jesus is the "first fruits". Instead, Jesus seems to have come back from the dead just to... tell one person to tell everyone else to be kind to each other? Meanwhile, Peter, who only *hears* about the Resurrection, immediately assumes that there will be a Second Coming and proceeds to lay the groundwork for the institutional church that will act as an earthly kingdom awaiting this Second Coming. Now, it is certainly true that the apostles expected an earthly kingdom *even after the Resurrection took place* -- that's made clear by Acts 1:6 -- and I really do appreciate the way that this film focuses on the apocalyptic "kingdom" talk, which is a major part of the synoptic gospels and is often glossed over by other films, but I have a hard time believing that he'd go about establishing a church of *any* sort in the name of an executed would-be messiah unless he had had some personal, disruptive encounter with the resurrected Jesus himself. I've got lots of other scattered thoughts, but maybe I should save them for a write-up down the road. I *was* intrigued by one form of "diversity" among the apostles that I hadn't expected: the fact that there was a range of ages, from young men to middle-aged guys and the relatively old.
  2. Peter T Chattaway

    Star Trek 14

    Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth 'Star Trek 4' Future In Doubt as Talks Fall Through (Exclusive) Pine was due to reprise his role as iconic sci-fi hero Captain Kirk, which he has inhabited for three movies, while Hemsworth was to have played his father in a time-traveling adventure. (Hemsworth played the role in the prologue in the 2009 movie that rebooted the franchise.) The deal points came down to the usual suspect: money. Pine and Hemsworth, among Hollywood’s A-list when starring in DC or Marvel movies, are said to be asking the studios to stick to existing deals. Paramount, according to insiders, contends that Trek is not like a Marvel or Star Wars movie and is trying to hold the line on a budget. The actors, according to sources, insist they have deals in place and that the studios are reneging on them, forcing them to take pay cuts as they try to budget a movie that is following a mediocre performer. Pine, at least, has had a deal in place for several years. The actor, now a key player in the Wonder Woman franchise, signed up for a fourth movie when he made his deal for 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Hemsworth has been attached to Trek 4 since Paramount, then run by the previous regime headed by Brad Grey, announced the fourth installment in 2016, although his exact status remains murky. The studio, however, is backing its budget tough talk with past performance numbers. The last movie, Star Trek Beyond, grossed only $343 million worldwide on a budget of $190 million. In fact, one insider says the companies lost money on the movie. The 2009 reboot that kicked off this run of movies, titled simply Star Trek, made $386 million while 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, is the top earner of any Trek movie, with $467 million. Meanwhile, Marvel, DC, or Star Wars movies regularly gross north of $700 million if not hitting $1 billion. . . . The Hollywood Reporter, August 11 - - - . . . although Solo: A Star Wars Story did end its run with only $213 million in North America and $391 million worldwide -- less than Star Trek into Darkness on both fronts, and less than the 2009 Star Trek in North America.
  3. Peter T Chattaway


    'Venom' Director Discusses R-Rating, Promises Most Violent Marvel Character Speaking to ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic Con, Venom director Ruben Fleischer was asked if his film is approaching an R-rating or, at the very least, pushing the boundaries of violence and darkness. After all, Venom is a character known to be quite intimidating in Marvel Comics, given his violent and horrifying nature. "That's the plan," Fleischer said. "It is not the plan, that's the movie. Our movie wants to honor the comics as close as we can tonally. In the comics, he bites people's heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn't doing that. We tried to honor it as closely as possible. This is definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone's ever seen before." ComicBook.com, July 24 What’s Next for the Spider-Man Universe After ‘Venom’ (EXCLUSIVE) With Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s film studio, Sony is now the only major studio outside of the Magic Kingdom with the licensing rights to Marvel characters. Fox has long had rights to “Fantastic Four” and “The X-Men,” pillars of the Marvel empire, that will now thanks to the magic of a multi-billion dollar corporate merger, be able to interact with Captain America, Iron Man, and other members of the Avengers. All told, Sony’s licensing pact with Marvel includes rights to roughly 900 characters. If all goes according to plan, and long-lead box office tracking indicates that the film will at least open well, then Sony will quickly segue from “Venom” into a series of sequels and standalone films featuring heroes and villains who populate the Spider-Man universe. Sony has already announced plans to make “Morbius,” with Daniel Espinosa (“Safe House”) directing Jared Leto as the titular vampire and frequent Spidey nemesis, and has lined up Richard Wenk (“The Equalizer 2”) to write a screenplay focused on Kraven the Hunter. The studio is also in the process of developing movies based on Silk, Jackpot, and Nightwatch, and is actively looking for writers to pen scripts. . . . Some of Sony’s previously announced plans for Spider-Man and company are being reworked. Namely, the studio is scrapping “Silver & Black,” which was supposed to chronicle the team of Silver Sable, a mercenary who runs a company that hunts war criminals, and Black Cat, a burglar named Felicia Hardy. Instead, the characters will be in standalone films, the first of which will likely feature Black Cat. . . . It’s unlikely that “Venom” will be the first R-rated Sony Marvel movie. Trailers for the film, which recently underwent reshoots in Los Angeles after shooting in Georgia, emphasized the horror movie elements, showing the title character as he’s about to bite a person’s head off. But some members of Sony’s brain trust believe that the film should push the very limits of PG-13 without crossing over into a higher rating. The feeling is that will give the studio greater leeway for future installments that will feature Spider-Man, something “Venom” does not do. Any Spider-Man movie will carry a PG-13 rating because the wall-crawler is more family friendly, and if “Venom” is too dark and gory, it might preclude other film match-ups, not just with Peter Parker’s alter-ego, but also with other members of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Venom is one of the darker characters in the comics, but Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer are working to inject humor into the story of a journalist whose body and mind are taken over by an alien entity. . . . Variety, August 9
  4. Peter T Chattaway

    Just Mercy

    Brie Larson to Co-Star With Michael B. Jordan in Warner Bros. Drama ‘Just Mercy’ (EXCLUSIVE) Brie Larson is looking to reteam with “Short Term 12” director Destin Cretton on her next project. The Oscar winner is in final negotiations to join Cretton’s next pic, “Just Mercy,” alongside Michael B. Jordan. Jamie Foxx is also on board. Cretton is directing and co-wrote the script with Andrew Lanham. Jordan will produce with Gil Netter and Asher Goldstein. Based on the book “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption,” the film adaptation tells the true story of Bryan Stevenson (Jordan), a gifted young lawyer fighting for equal justice in a flawed legal system. Details behind Larson’s role are unknown at this time. Production is set to start next month in Atlanta. . . . Variety, August 8
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    Links to our threads on other DC Cinematic Universe films Man of Steel (2013), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Suicide Squad (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), Aquaman (2018), Shazam! (2019), Joker (2019), Wonder Woman 1984 (2019) and Birds of Prey (in development), as well as the in-development Flashpoint, Black Adam, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens and Justice League Dark movies and the not-yet-dated Superman, Batman, Justice League and Joker sequels. We don't seem to have threads on the 1984 film or the series that premiered in 2015. - - - ‘Supergirl’ Movie On Drawing Board For Warner Bros/DC; Oren Uziel Scripting EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros and DC are developing a feature film based around Supergirl, the heroine and cousin of Superman. Oren Uziel is working on the script, I’ve confirmed. Not a lot more is being divulged at this point, and it comes as a surprise considering most internet chatter has been based on what will next happen for Superman, who after the 2013 film Man of Steel, was conscripted to become key to the plots of Batman V Superman, and more recently Justice League. There is no producer on Supergirl at this point. According to DC mythology, the character was a teen when she escaped the doomed planet Krypton along with the infant who grew up as Clark Kent. Supergirl has been played by Melissa Benoist in the Greg Berlanti Warner Bros series creation that heads into Season Four on the CW. It is unclear whether Superman will appear in this but if the rumors are true that Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are looking to create a new template for future Superman movies, this would seem a likely place to hatch a new persona. . . . The move toward Supergirl is reflective of a change in focus at the studio, where the superhero effort is now headed by Walter Hamada, who shepherded many of New Line’s genre film hits before moving over when the entire DC braintrust was dismantled after the lackluster Justice League, which grossed $615 million worldwide on a reported $300 million budget. . . . Deadline.com, August 6
  6. Links to our threads on the original TV series (1966-1969), the original movie series (1979-2002), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999), Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005), Star Trek (2009), Star Trek into Darkness (2013), Star Trek Beyond (2016), Star Trek: Discovery (2017-present) and Star Trek 14 (in development). We don't seem to have a thread on Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001).
  7. Peter T Chattaway

    The Righteous Gemstones

    HBO Orders Televangelist Comedy Pilot Starring Danny McBride, John Goodman HBO has given a pilot order to a half-hour comedy that hails from creator Danny McBride. The project is titled “The Righteous Gemstones.” It is the story of the world famous Gemstone televangelist family, which has a long tradition of deviance, greed, and charitable work, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. John Goodman will star as Eli Gemstone, the patriarch of the Gemstone family. The character is described as unbending and a force in the Ministry game. He’s known the world over for his aggressive salvation techniques, his worldwide ministries, and his award winning weekly television program. His light is fading, but he takes no guff. He is obeyed, unquestioned. In addition to writing, directing, and executive producing, McBride will also star as Jesse Gemstone, the eldest son and “heir to the throne.” He walks in his father’s shadow while simultaneously blazing his own path. Like Eli, Jesse demands loyalty from those in his circle, and surrounds himself by those that will follow him. Jesse fancies himself a maverick in the ministry game, taking what Eli has built and expanding it for a more modern audience. . . . Variety, June 28 Cassidy Freeman Joins Cast of HBO's Danny McBride Televangelist Comedy The Gemstone family keeps growing: Smallville alum Cassidy Freeman has joined the cast of Danny McBride’s HBO comedy pilot The Righteous Gemstones, TVLine has learned. Gemstones stars McBride as Jesse, the eldest son in a famous family of televangelists; John Goodman co-stars as the Gemstone family’s patriarch. Freeman will play Jesse’s wife Amber Gemstone, who gave up a career in journalism to devote her life to her husband and his church. The half-hour comedy project scored a pilot order at HBO last month, with McBride slated to write and direct. Also joining the Gemstones cast: Tony Cavalero (School of Rock), as ex-Satanist Keefe Chambers, who was saved by the Gemstone family and is now their loyal servant; and Tim Baltz (Veep, Better Call Saul), as B.J., who’s engaged to Jesse’s sister Judy (Vice Principals‘ Edi Patterson) and struggles to fit in with the Gemstone clan. . . . TV Line, July 13
  8. Peter T Chattaway


    Link to our thread on Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc (2017). Links to our threads on Carl Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), Victor Fleming's Joan of Arc (1948), Otto Preminger's Saint Joan (1957), Robert Bresson's The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962), Philippe Ramos' The Silence of Joan (2011), The Hollow Crown (2012-2016), Kimberly Cutter's The Maid (in development) and Dana Stevens' The Maid and The Queen: The Secret History of Joan of Arc (in development).  Link to a thread from Sep-Oct 2003 in which SDG and I butted heads over Joan of Arc. Links to our threads on earlier Bruno Dumont films Twentynine Palms (2003), Hadewijch (2009), Outside Satan (2011), Camille Claudel 1915 (2013) and Li'l Quinquin (2014). We don't seem to have any threads on The Life of Jesus (1997), Humanité (1999), Flanders (2006) or Slack Bay (2016). - - - Bruno Dumont Initiates Shoot of Joan of Arc Sequel, ’Jeanne’ (EXCLUSIVE) LOCARNO, Switzerland — After “Jeanette,” “Jeanne.” Bruno Dumont, one of France’s big name auteurs and recipient later this week of a Locarno Lifetime Achievement Award, will roll from next Monday on “Jeanne,” the movie sequel to “Jeanette, the Childhood of Joan of Arc,” which premiered at Cannes last year. Paris-based Luxbox handles world sales on “Jeanne.” . . . Written by Dumont, “Jeanne” will once more be a musical, adapting the second and third parts of Belle Epoque writer Charles Peguy’s “The Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc.” These take Joan of Arc’s story through her victorious battles against the English, court case and death, burnt at the stake. Many movies have been made about Joan of Arc, Dumont recognized at Locarno. “I’ll try to make for a modern age an adaptation which communicates the power of Peguy’s work: He was a major thinker and poet of modernity,” Dumont said. He added: “Jean of Arc’s story is very easy to understand. We should tell things simply so that they’re accessible, without avoiding saying complex things.” As Dumont has said of “Jeanette,” Joan of Arc’s life story is “the story of France, its mystic mystery, contradictions of culture and history, every facet of its spirit and heart.” Dumont went on to say that he would work with a young Joan of Arc: The one who dies at the stake will be 10 years old. He will also abandon the thundering electro rock of “Jeanette” for the music of Christophe, the 1980s French pop singer and composer whom Dumont described as one of the great singers of French music and praised for the “melodiousness” of his music. Shooting all of August, “Jeanne’s’” battle scenes will be shot on the sand dunes of Dumont’s native northern France, Joan of Arc’s trial in Amiens Cathedral. The battles will be choreographed, he added. . . . Variety, August 2
  9. Peter T Chattaway

    The Apparition (2018)

    Link to our thread on the 2012 horror film of the same name (which I apparently saw, but have no memory of seeing).
  10. Peter T Chattaway


    Links to our threads on previous Alex & Stephen Kendrick productions Facing the Giants (2006), Fireproof (2008), Courageous (2011) and War Room (2015). We don't seem to have a thread on Flywheel (2003). Link to a list of the various articles I have written on the Kendricks, especially in connection with their second and third films. The official synopsis: "When everything fades away, who are you-and whose are you? In OVERCOMER, life changes overnight for high school basketball coach John Harrison (played by Alex Kendrick), as his state championship dreams are crushed by the unexpected news that the largest manufacturing plant in town is shutting down-and families are moving out. That's when John meets an aspiring athlete on a journey toward discovery. / Priscilla Shirer (War Room) is back with the Kendrick Brothers for OVERCOMER, playing the school principal, Olivia Brooks. Shari Rigby (October Baby) plays John's wife, Amy, and newcomer Aryn Wright-Thompson plays Hannah, an unlikely distance runner in need of a coach." Coming to theatres August 23, 2019 (i.e. just over a year from now).
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  12. Peter T Chattaway

    Glass (sequel to Unbreakable + Split)

  13. Peter T Chattaway

    Top 25 or 100 for 2018-19

    Joel Mayward wrote: : . . . it seems there was a link posted on A&F's website to a SurveryMonkey poll . . . The typo there gets me wondering if it would be possible to do a Scurvy Monkey poll.
  14. Peter T Chattaway

    First Reformed

    Andrew wrote: : Hmm, to each their own, but I find this film so stylized and far enough removed from ultra-realism that I felt little to no ethical distress in observing the relationship between Hawke's and Seyfried's characters. The film definitely becomes more stylized, to put it mildly, later on. But that just makes the conventionality and predictability of the Hawke-Seyfried relationship all the more... whatever the opposite of transcendent is. To my eyes, anyway. Incidentally, my focus on the film's first half-hour is affected by the fact that I watched the film via a screening link, and the screener stopped working about half an hour into the movie. So I asked for a second screener -- which I ended up getting -- and as I waited for it, all I had to think about was that first half-hour. Which I did like. But which I also probably lent more weight to than I would have if I had seen the entire film in a single sitting the first time 'round. Rob Z wrote: : It’s a bleak film, not optimistic in the least about the state of religion, politics, economics, environmental issues, etc. Indeed. So bleak is it, in fact, that I found myself wondering if analyzing the character dynamics etc. would even be missing the movie's overwhelmingly apocalyptic point. : On this point, Peter, I’m really curious if you though the ending of First Reformed could be seen as something like an instantiation of the Father Zosima quote I posted earlier, about being saved by God at the very moment of personal failure? I don't know. I'd have to see the (entire!) movie a second time, probably.
  15. Peter T Chattaway

    Mowgli (aka The Jungle Book)

    Surprise! It's a Netflix movie now. Which means Warner Brothers has taken down the trailers and featurettes that they had originally released in anticipation of the film's original release, which was going to be this October. (Now it will come out on Netflix sometime in 2019 instead, though there will be "a theatrical component built in so that audiences can see the 3D version that Serkis has been working so hard on.")