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  1. Evan C wrote: : It's certainly possible, although if any film's going to pull an Argo, I think Bohemian Rhapsody has almost as good a chance as Green Book. Nah. Bohemian Rhapsody has the Film Editing nomination, but it doesn't have the DGA nomination or the Oscar nominations for Director and Screenplay. Argo at least had the Oscar Screenplay nomination and the DGA nomination (both of which it won).
  2. kenmorefield wrote: : I had been totally unaware of Whedon's fall from his pedestal as beloved author of strong female characters....I've never seen a whole episode of Buffy or Angel, adn I found Dollhouse and Firefly left me indifferent. From the sound of this, I am glad he didn't get to do Wonder Woman...but I also don't want to assume second-hand info is always accurate. My impression, as one who has also never watched an episode of Buffy or Angel, is that Whedon's fall has been happening for a few years now, ever since two things happened: (1) his script for a never-filmed version of Wonder Woman got leaked, and (2) his ex-wife went public with some gripes about his behaviour around actresses etc. In the case of (1), presumably there wouldn't have to be any second-hand info involved -- you could just look at the script itself (though I have not done this myself, I have only read other people's comments about it).
  3. Re: Never Look Away, it was vaguely on my radar because it was on the Oscar shortlist, and also because it was directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (who previously won an Oscar for 2006's The Lives of Others). But it hasn't played in Vancouver at all, to my knowledge, not even at the festivals. Here's hoping it sticks to its February 22 release date (or, at least, that it has a press screening in advance of that date, even if the date itself gets bumped). Joel Mayward wrote: : Another observation: someone on Twitter (I can't remember who) mentioned that there is a very real possibility that Green Book wins Best Picture and Spike Lee wins Best Director, which would be...interesting. It would be! Andrew wrote: : I still need to see Capernaum, Border, and Never Look Away - the premises for each sound quite interesting. I saw Border quite spur-of-the-moment just nine days ago -- I was literally out for a walk here in Surrey when I checked the local movie listings on my phone, saw that Border was playing at a specialty theatre in Vancouver a couple hours later, and then decided to walk to the SkyTrain and make my way to the theatre, where I arrived only a few minutes before the movie started. The film was on my radar because it had made the makeup & hairstyling shortlist, and that branch of the Academy has shown an interest in Swedish films these last few years (other recent nominees include 2016's A Man Called Ove and 2015's The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared), so it seemed like there was a good possibility it would make the final list of nominees.
  4. Extra thought: Is Black Panther the first superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture? Depends on whether or not you count 2014's Birdman, which was about an actor who *played* a superhero (and starred an actor who really *had* played a superhero). I'm tempted to say that it's the first *comic book* movie to be nominated for Best Picture, but I wouldn't be surprised if some serious drama turned out to have been based on a graphic novel or something. Superheroes are also big this year inasmuch as Animated Feature seems to be a showdown between Incredibles 2 (which has the box-office success and Disney-Pixar brand working in its favour) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which has all the critical love). (Note: the only sequels that have won Animated Feature to date are Toy Story 3, which was a long-delayed follow-up to two films that came out before the Animated Feature category even *existed*, and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which was the first feature-length film featuring the title characters, who had previously starred in three animated *short* films, two of which won Oscars in that category. The original Incredibles won Animated Feature in 2004... but there is a precedent for a Marvel-based film winning Animated Feature too, inasmuch as Big Hero 6 won the award in 2014... Of course, Big Hero 6 was a Disney release, like the Incredibles movies, whereas Spider-Man is not...)
  5. And the feature-length nominated films are (with the ones I've seen in bold)... 10 nominations Roma -- Picture, director (Alfonso Cuaron), actress (Yalitza Aparicio), supporting actress (Marina De Tavira), original screenplay, cinematography, production design, sound editing, sound mixing, foreign language film 10 nominations in 9 categories The Favourite -- Picture, director (Yorgos Lanthimos), actress (Olivia Colman), supporting actress (Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz), original screenplay, cinematography, production design, costume design, film editing 8 nominations A Star Is Born -- Picture, actor (Bradley Cooper), actress (Lady Gaga), supporting actor (Sam Elliott), adapted screenplay, cinematography, original song, sound mixing Vice -- Picture, director (Adam McKay), actor (Christian Bale), supporting actor (Sam Rockwell), supporting actress (Amy Adams), original screenplay, makeup and hairstyling, film editing 7 nominations Black Panther -- Picture, production design, costume design, original score, original song, sound editing, sound mixing 6 nominations BlacKkKlansman -- Picture, director (Spike Lee), supporting actor (Adam Driver), adapted screenplay, film editing, original score 5 nominations Bohemian Rhapsody -- Picture, actor (Rami Malek), film editing, sound editing, sound mixing Green Book -- Picture, actor (Viggo Mortensen), supporting actor (Mahershala Ali), original screenplay, film editing 4 nominations First Man -- Production design, visual effects, sound editing, sound mixing Mary Poppins Returns -- Production design, costume design, original score, original song 3 nominations The Ballad of Buster Scruggs -- Adapted screenplay, costume design, original song Can You Ever Forgive Me? -- Actress (Melissa McCarthy), supporting actor (Richard E. Grant), adapted screenplay Cold War -- Director (Pawel Pawlikowski), cinematography, foreign language film If Beale Street Could Talk -- Supporting actress (Regina King), adapted screenplay, original score 2 nominations Isle of Dogs -- Original score, animated feature Mary Queen of Scots -- Costume design, makeup and hairstyling Never Look Away -- Cinematography, foreign language film RBG -- Original song, documentary feature 1 nomination At Eternity's Gate -- Actor (Willem Dafoe) Avengers: Infinity War -- Visual effects Border -- Makeup and hairstyling Capernaum -- Foreign language film Christopher Robin -- Visual effects First Reformed -- Original screenplay Free Solo -- Documentary feature Hale County This Morning, This Evening -- Documentary feature Incredibles 2 -- Animated feature Minding the Gap -- Documentary feature Mirai -- Animated feature Of Fathers and Sons -- Documentary feature A Quiet Place -- Sound editing Ralph Breaks the Internet -- Animated feature Ready Player One -- Visual effects Shoplifters -- Foreign language film Solo: A Star Wars Story -- Visual effects Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- Animated feature The Wife -- Actress (Glenn Close) I'm happy to say that there are only three films on this list that I haven't seen. The Wife is due out on video next week, I believe, and Never Look Away will supposedly come to Vancouver on February 22, two days before the Oscar ceremony (though the distributor of that film has had a regrettable tendency to see their films get bumped repeatedly). That just leaves the documentary Of Fathers and Sons, a film that I have heard absolutely *nothing* about -- the only mention of it in my e-mail archives is a news alert from Deadline Hollywood as part of their awards-season coverage. Anyway. What patterns can we discern here? A few quick thoughts before I have to step out: If Best Picture generally goes to the film that gets nominated for Director, Screenplay and Film Editing, then the front-runners this year are The Favourite, Vice and BlacKkKlansman. Traditionally, when a film is nominated for Best Picture *and* Best Foreign Language Film, it wins the latter category (think of Life Is Beautiful or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Roma has the most nominations overall -- which would ordinarily make it a front-runner -- but without a Film Editing nomination, it may be destined to settle for the Foreign Language Film award like those other films. A Star Is Born was once considered *the* front-runner for Best Picture by some people, but it failed to get nominations in Directing *and* Film Editing, so. No less than *three* of this year's Foreign Language Film nominees are also nominated for Cinematography, and two are nominated for Director. Isle of Dogs and RBG also broke out of the animated and documentary ghettoes, respectively, with nominations for their music. I have to step out now, but may have more thoughts later.
  6. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of the SAG ensemble nominees (the one film that got snubbed being Crazy Rich Asians), and all eight of the Oscar nominees were among the ten films nominated for the PGA award (the two PGA nominees that got snubbed being Crazy Rich Asians and A Quiet Place).
  7. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with three of the DGA picks, but substituted Cold War's Pawlikowski and The Favourite's Lanthimos for A Star Is Born's Cooper and Green Book's Farrelly.
  8. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with three of the WGA picks, but substituted The Favourite and First Reformed for Eighth Grade and A Quiet Place.
  9. Vote! Note: Can You Ever Forgive Me? and If Beale Street Could Talk are the only Oscar nominees that got nominated for the WGA *and* Scripter awards. The Oscars also went with the WGA's BlacKkKlansman and A Star Is Born, but substituted The Ballad of Buster Scruggs for Black Panther.
  10. Vote! Note: two of the Oscar nominees have multiple guild nominations, while the third -- Border -- doesn't have any at all.
  11. Vote! Note: the Oscars overlap with two of the Annie nominees, and all of the Oscar nominees have multiple VES nominations.
  12. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of the guild's picks, but substituted Never Look Away for First Man.
  13. Vote! Note: the Oscars picked two of the guild's "fantasy" nominees and three of the guild's "period" nominees, and none of the guild's "contemporary" nominees.
  14. Vote! Note: three of these films were also nominated for the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel award.
  15. Vote! Note: the Oscars nominated two of the guild's Drama choices and three of their Comedy choices.
  16. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of the guild's picks, but substituted Roma for A Quiet Place.
  17. Vote! Note: the Oscar nominees all had multiple guild nominations. The only film to get three guild nominations and *not* an Oscar nomination was Mission: Impossible: Fallout.
  18. Vote! Note: the Oscars nominated three of the guild's "period" nominees and one of the guild's "fantasy/sci-fi" nominees, and none of the guild's "contemporary" nominees. The one film the Oscars nominated that the guild *didn't* nominate was The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.
  19. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of SAG's picks, but substituted At Eternity's Gate's Willem Dafoe for BlacKkKlansman's John David Washington.
  20. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of SAG's picks, but substituted Roma's Yalitza Aparicio for Mary Poppins Returns' Emily Blunt.
  21. Vote! Note: the Oscars agreed with four of SAG's picks, but substituted Vice's Sam Rockwell for Beautiful Boy's Timothee Chalamet.
  22. Vote: Note: SAG and the Oscars overlap where Vice and The Favourite are concerned, but the Oscars preferred Roma and If Beale Street Could Talk to A Quiet Place and Mary Queen of Scots.
  23. Vote! Note: the Oscar nominees include four of the five films with the most Annie nominations (the major Annie nominee that got excluded was Early Man), plus Mirai (which has two Annie nominations). The one film that was nominated by most of the guilds and was *not* nominated by the Oscars was Dr Seuss' The Grinch.
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