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  1. Time to update the thread. The movie's new title is A Hidden Life.
  2. Joel Mayward wrote: : Captain Marvel has crossed $1 billion at the box office. Yup. It's the 7th Marvel movie to do that (behind Avengers 1 + 2 + 3, Black Panther, Iron Man 3 and Captain America 3), the 10th comic-book movie to do that (also behind Aquaman and The Dark Knight 2 + 3), and the 38th movie overall to do that (also behind Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars 1 + 7 + 7a + 8, Jurassic 1 + 4 + 5, Furious 7 + 8, Harry Potter 8, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, Incredibles 2, Minions, Transformers 3 + 4, The Lord of the Rings 3, Skyfall, Toy Story 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 + 4, Despicable Me 3, Finding Dory, Alice in Wonderland, Zootopia and The Hobbit 1).
  3. Coming September 11, 2020. It will tell "the story of Bill Ramsey, also known as The Southend Werewolf. After a lifetime of bizarre events including rage attacks, unexplained moments of superstrength and reports of transforming into a werewolf and assaulting people, Bill Ramsey was visited by the real Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1980s, who convinced the man to undergo an exorcism, believing he was possessed by a demon. Following an intense exorcism with the Warren’s specialist Bishop Robert McKenna, Ramsey reported in the early ’90s that there have been no further incidents and has been quiet ever since."
  4. FWIW, it was just announced today that this film will be getting a series of "event" screenings in six Canadian theatres for one week only, beginning April 12. The theatres in question are in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Toronto and Montreal. So apparently this film is not getting a regular release here -- this will probably be one of those things where it shows only once or twice a day, and at different times on different days, or something like that.
  5. FWIW, it was just announced today that this film will be getting a Canadian release on April 12 -- one week after the American release.
  6. Saw it. Liked it. Can't recall if I've ever seen the original film. The new film felt *familiar* in a few places, but only in the vaguest of ways, and I couldn't remember seeing any specific scenes before. I wondered sometimes if the song choices were a little on-the-nose, but then, people do tend to listen to songs that express what they're feeling, etc. It just hit me that Julianne Moore and John Turturro were both in The Big Lebowski over two decades ago.
  7. Incidentally, I mention these points (about the 1941 climax and the 2019 first-act twist, etc.) because I think I heard some discussion before I saw the film about how it "pads" the story in order to double the running time... but the change to the script is really a lot more profound than that, a lot more basically *structural* than that. It's not like the new film follows the same narrative beats as the original film but kills more time between them. Instead, the new film fundamentally reimagines what the story is *about*, or what *kind* of story it is.
  8. Nick Alexander wrote: : So, in other words, if you want to watch a quality Disney live action remake, but only have forty minutes to spare, you can leave after 40 minutes. #expensivebutcool I wouldn't go *that* far. The first 40 minutes of this film are sufficiently different from the original film (no talking animals, and way too many talking humans, for one thing) that I wouldn't call it a "quality Disney live action remake" even on *that* level. I did think it was interesting that the new movie treated the happy ending to the original film as merely the end of the first act in this film, though. (I forget what Syd Field and other screenwriting "experts" might have called it, but they often talk about how there has to be a major plot twist about half an hour into the movie -- so basically the new movie turns the climax of the original film into that half-hour plot twist.) But oh, so dark. The chaos when Mrs Jumbo tries to protect Dumbo doesn't just bring down the circus tent, it *kills* somebody (admittedly, somebody who looks ugly and is mean and is basically someone the audience has been conditioned to hate, but still). And then Mrs Jumbo has to be saved from someone who wants to kill her and make shoes from her skin.
  9. So basically, the original movie has been squished down to the first 40 minutes (or less) of this movie, and the remaining 80 minutes of this movie are a sort of sequel to the original movie, in which Dumbo's ability to fly attracts The Wrong Sort of Attention. And Michael Keaton is basically playing Disney CEO Bob Iger: a greedy capitalist showman who buys out the competition and then lays everybody off. It's funny how this film came out so soon after the completion of Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox.
  10. Curiously, this film does not seem to have a Canadian release date yet. I'm vaguely reminded of how that Thurgood Marshall biopic from a couple years back never got released here either.
  11. From the directors of I Can Only Imagine and the studio that made The Shack, the first installment of a new Bible-movie trilogy. Links to our threads on the Erwin brothers' previous films Moms' Night Out (2014), Woodlawn (2015), Steve McQueen: American Icon (2017) and I Can Only Imagine (2018). We don't seem to have a thread on October Baby (2011).
  12. Compared to the international trailers, the American one has less feminism and God talk and more politics and more of an emphasis on Mary's personal closeness to Jesus.
  13. Peter T Chattaway


    Andrew wrote: : I still think Rod Serling is a fairer comparison, but he may prove better than that. That's fascinating, because some of Shyamalan's movies were basically Twilight Zone rip-offs themselves. (And now Peele is actually rebooting The Twilight Zone...) Evan C wrote: : Walter Chaw has already compared Peele to Shyamalan and compared Us to The Happening. Interesting! Though I was thinking more of Signs-era Shyamalan, because Signs was a huge box-office and critical hit that I thought was kinda stupid, so the fact that I'm out of step with the majority on Us was reminding me of how I was once out of step with the majority on Signs. By The Happening, pretty much everyone had soured on Shyamalan.
  14. Darrel Manson wrote: : There are no talking animals at all. (There is a visual Timothy Q Mouse, however.) Sigh. And apparently they found a way to make this movie *twice as long* as the original film. So basically this movie will have almost nothing in common with the original movie. : I wonder if anyone else has seen this yet . . . The movie doesn't screen for media here until Wednesday night, and since it opens less than 24 hours later and I have another preview to see on Wednesday anyway (of a movie that doesn't open for a few weeks), I'm waiting until it opens on Thursday. For whatever that's worth.
  15. FWIW, my two bits on the first two episodes.
  16. Peter T Chattaway


    I'm afraid I didn't get into this one. It was weird reading a review that said the humour didn't *detract* from the horror but felt like a natural response to it, since I know that I certainly felt, as I was watching the film, that the humour detracted from the horror (which was never all *that* horrifying to begin with). And the way other people in the theatre were laughing at those points made me think that they hadn't been sold on the horror either -- but I could have been misreading that. Frankly, I find myself wondering how long it will be before we dub Jordan Peele the new M. Night Shyamalan -- and not in a good way. Lupita Nyong'o is definitely superb, though, no question about that.
  17. Now starring Michael B. Jordan.
  18. Just a quick note to say that Captain Marvel (co-directed by a man and a woman) is now the 2nd-highest-grossing film co-directed by a woman overseas and worldwide (behind Frozen, which was also co-directed by a man and a woman), and it is now the top-grossing live-action film (co-)directed by a woman overseas and worldwide (previous champs: Mamma Mia! overseas and Wonder Woman worldwide, each of which was directed by a woman, solo, without any male co-directors). Captain Marvel still ranks behind Wonder Woman in North America.
  19. I saw it with one of my 13-year-olds, who liked it, though I couldn't help thinking that its pro-diversity, anti-division message was very much located in a story that climaxes with the violent destruction of a demonized "other" (and a female "other", at that). But it was a fun yarn in any case. For whatever that's worth.
  20. The movie has a title now. And it's coming out November 1, thirty-five years and six days after the original movie came out.
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