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  1. Tobias Smollett translated Don Quixote in the 18th Century. Salman Rushdie writes this on the cover - "the rambunctious personalities of author and translator are perfectly matched." I don't know why the publisher chose a quote from him, but to me that was accurate. I found it amusing. I don't know what makes a good translation from a scholarly viewpoint - capturing the essence of a phrase, modern diction, or literal accuracy, who knows. What I know is I enjoyed reading this.
  2. steene

    NFL Begins

    I was a fan of the Seahawks beginning in the year when Dave Kreig kind of replaced Jim Zorn. I moved to Germany a few years later, and never really became re-acacquainted with the team. I guess I am too much of a fair-weather fan, and we all know about the weather in Seattle...In any case, it seems there is a spark of hope at the beginning of each season, they start out winning their first three or something, then by the end of the season..."I coulda been a contender..."
  3. That's an excellent description of Lovecraft's gifts. Also notable is the way he infuses his stories with scholarly/scientific detail. This lends them a certain realism that makes the mythology feel all the more real, and therefore terrifying.
  4. Since I am feeling rather prolific in posting today, I will ask this: does anyone have a comment on H.P. Lovecraft's spiritual worldview (as expressed in his stories, or his personal beliefs) and whether a Christian can find anything profitable in it (he professed a hardened atheism to the best of my knowledge, - in his stories there are 'gods' and they are all evil). Despite his incredibly skeptical and Godless view of the universe, I find I am fascinated by his work.
  5. I don't want to beat a dead horse with the "I fell asleep during..." bit, but I think one cold, snowy evening in mid-December, when my mother's vigilance had waned, I snuck in a brief nap during the annual It's a Wonderful Life showing in our living room. I will offer neither excuses nor apologies.
  6. steene

    Here I Go Again

    Thank you, I appreciate that. I'll look into anything and everything.
  7. steene

    Worst Riffs Of All Time

    That's painful. As I've noted before, Poison was my favorite band when I was in 10th grade. It takes courage to admit that. At that time, the 'cool' kids were listening to the Dead Kennedys, or the Sex Pistols, or Metallica. Who knows, perhaps there is some hidden genius where C.C is concerned, and he will one day be hailed as the most innovative artist of the 20th Century.
  8. Ok, I've tried this twice, now here I go for the third time around. I won't give up until I find someone out there....Let me put my appeal in different terms. I have written a number of scripts, two in particular of which I am trying to make into short films (with help). I will do whatever it takes, as long as it is moral, ethical and legal. I am using this forum as a way of finding other people who might have skills to help me. The skills could range from doing camera work or editing, to business and marketing skills. It would be helpful if the person were in Europe, but I am willing to work with anybody, anywhere, and figure out the logistics later. I will send anyone who is interested a CD. On the CD is a slideshow - a moving storyboard that illustrates the first script. The second script is still on paper. If you respond to this, and you like what you see on the CD, we can go from there - the ultimate goal being a production company that specializes in highly original, artistic, and spiritual films. I would love to find other people who share a vision of this concept, and would like to do work in which there are No Mondays. You can send me an email if you don't want to respond publicly - ericandelke@hotmail.com. (I hope I am not violating any rules by using this forum this way - if so moderators, please let me know).
  9. Well, of course being 'moved' could mean intellectually, or any of the other ways you mentioned as well. It all gets into the arguments that have probably been around for all of time - what makes a great work of art. Duchamp elevated the intellectual side, where, say Munch emphasized the emotional if I understand at all what either of them was trying to accomplish (and perhaps I don't).
  10. In a comparison of the various arts, can anyone reading this say you have been moved by a particular painting, sculpture, etc. (your favorite painting for example) to the same degree you have been moved by your favorite film? If the answer is no, is it fiar to say that film is the art form that best expresses contemporary life and culture, and that painting and other more 'traditional' media have run their course?
  11. ...THE CREEPING FEAR Did H.P. Lovecraft write this installment?
  12. Georges Roualt definitely has some powerful expressionistic images. I'm not familiar with Stanley Spencer.
  13. Are there any contemporary artists that anybody could see classifying as 'masters'? That is, artists who someday will be looked upon with the same reverence as, say, Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, etc. If not, who was the last 'master'? I remember reading about a Time(?) magazine article that asked if Jackson Pollock was the greatest living painter. He is certainly not recognized today by the general public as a master, so much the less at the time.
  14. Mr. Kennedy, Yours is an interesting combination. Of course I was being a bit sarcastic, but poking fun at myself at the same time. I was indeed, along with my best friend, once a fan of Poison, which is a little embarrassing to admit. However, though they were never really a 'serious' band, they did spawn a whole generation of LA 'glam' rockers, a phenomenon that is echoed in today's boy bands, with each new iteration a little shallower than its predecessor.
  15. The quiz didn't work correctly, so I have taken it upon myself to reveal my 80s band metaphor to be a four-man piece from Los Angeles known as Poison. With the help of the charismatic front man Bret Michaels, the Bassist Bobby Dall, the crazy lead guitarist CC Deville, and the wild drummer Rikki Rocket, Poison pumped out many hits, such as the wildly popular power ballad "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". Today, Poison's influence on a new generation of artists has not been overlooked. Musicians ranging from Justin Timberlake to the Dave Matthews Band tip their hats to what Rolling Stone magazine has referred to as "the greatest musicians of the 20th century next to Vanilla Ice".
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