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  1. I've seen this twice now. As I'm writing a longer piece on it and only have a limited window to watch it I went through and wrote down the dialogue and a brief description of each shot. Never done that before which was a long and somewhat tedious exercise which is nevertheless quite an interesting experience. if anyone would like a copy let me know, preferably via Facebook as I'm not here all that often, or ther's an email address at my blog (link below). Matt
  2. Just seen this and still trying to formulate my thoughts. Definitely one to catch if you get a chance. I might add a few thoughts here once I've had a chance to reflect on it, and there will be some stuff on my blog shortly as well I guess.
  3. I just caught this and Silent Light was very much in my mind also. FWIW this is the final part of Minervini's "Texas Trilogy" which reunites the actors from the two previous films The Passage and Low Tide. I'm due to catch them both in the next week or two so I'll report back. Matt
  4. I've been concussed a few times playing rugby, most notably once when I was out cold for a moment and still have no memory of what happened between whatever happened and being led to someone's car to take me to A&E. Awareness of it has grown substantially in the few years since then. I was allowed to play on (until it became clear pretty soon after that I wasn't ok), whereas now it would be far less likely that I would have been allowed to though. I guess it's something I'm constantly re-evaluating, but serious cases are still quite rare and you have to pit that against dying early of a heart attack through inactivity. Plus, and I know this sounds stupid, it's such a great game. I'll keep an eye out for this one but I suspect it might not make it over here. Matt
  5. Oh that's a shame. I figured you were probably my best hope. I think this was one of those posts that nudged me along the path to starting my blog and I kinda meant to convert these bits to posts at some stage and never did. Did any of the admins ever take a back up of the site at all? Matt
  6. Does anyone know what happened to the rest of my post at the top of this thread? I wrote quite a lot more - indeed you can even read a bit of it in a quote from Peter later on - but the rest seems to have disappeared. If not has anyone got an idea as to how to get it back? I've tried this thread's URL at web.archive but no joy and the Google cache version is only from October. Any bright ideas? Matt
  7. Late to the party, but here's my review.
  8. Two quick things on this. Firstly the first episode of this has taken on a revered prophetic quality after a book by one of David Cameron's former best mates has alleged, that whilst he was a student he did something unspeakable involving a kid. Probably a smear by someone who is so almost as angry as he is rich, but still gob smacking. Secondly that fans of the series might enjoy The Lobster which is jst out over he and stars Colin Farrelll. I has that same brand of dystopian black humour in spades. Matt
  9. Finally got around to finishing this (having started five years ago and never quite found the time to finish. I've written a few rather lacklustre notes on it at my blog but what a great script, so many great lines. And whilst the House of Lords (UK politics' second chamber) has been reformed a little since this, it's still shocking that there are still hereditary peers in there. Matt
  10. MattPage

    The Lobster

    Just back from seeing this. Definitely an acquired taste, but right up my street. Black humour very much in the mold of Black Mirror. Excellent cast especially Colin Farrell's deadpan turn as the lead and The always wonderful Olivia Coleman. That at said the content is pretty strong, so I can't say I'd recommend it. Not only is it pessimistic,gross and violent, some of the humour is, I would say British, but given the director I should probably go for European. Matt
  11. Did anyone see or review this film in the end? I just came across it twice today. Great cast and Brad Bird, but I find the premise slightly horrifying.
  12. Some interesting points and I'm glad people enjoyed the film even more than I did. That said, and at the risk of going all Doubting Thomas on you all, unless you guys know someone who has recovered this suddenly, or know of research that documents it, or mental health professionals that have dealt with it, I'm not going to be able to accept this response is common enough to fit with the realistic aesthetic. It's no secret that I've spent practically all of the last ten years struggling with severe depression, with the worst period, including having over a month off work because of it, shortly before viewing the film (so in contrast to Mike wasn't surprised by the attempt at all, just disappointed it lacked the Dardennes usual subtlety). All I can say is that it didn't sit at all with my own experiences - which was obviously the dominant lens through which I viewed the film - or those I've known who have attempted suicide or self-harmed, or the kind of seriousness with which the authorities deal with it. That said, I can't rule out the fact that some people (perhaps those struggling with bipolar disorder) react differently, or that Belgium is so very different in it's treatment. But there are a few too many romanticised or naive ideas out in the world for my liking and it's possible that even the Dardennes are not immune. As I've already lost sleep over this thread, I'm going to check out of it now, so apologies not to continue the discussion with you all. Matt
  13. Just watching Holy Mountain. It's pretty damn bonkers and no mistake.
  14. Thought I'd posted somewhere here before about this series, but apparently not. I have to say I'm a bit of a fan. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it of course; it's a show aimed at grannies playing in the middle of the day and shot on a next to nothing budget. Plus it's not really Father Brown. But it's also strangely addictive. Williams' turn as Brown is certainly an above averagely positive depiction of a Christian leader and the mysteries are not predictable. And as much as I love the Deadwoods and The Wires of this world, it's nice to have something that, body count aside, is low on the offence scale. So whilst there are cliche's aplenty (it's Marple really, only in clerical collar) I'm looking forward to a third series, wondering if I might catch the few episodes from the first two series I missed first time around (they aired over here once a day for a two week period). And FWIW I thought series two was better than series one so that's a good sign.
  15. Ha, no I didn't think you were referring to me and I do know what you mean. When you love a film it can sometimes spoil it hearing others here, or In comments to reviews or on Facebook pointing out its flaws. And thanks for the heads up about the spoiler. I tried, but did it wrong. D'oh. Matt
  16. well I guess you don't mean me (as if I caught even a whiff of being a taste maker I'd be here a whole lot more). I guess So it's good, but not great, in my book, but I can't argue too much with someone who thinks it's the latter. Matt *Incidentally, your review ends mentioning the elements that might up the film's rating, but doesn't mention this which I think, in the UK at least, would notch it's rating up a bit.
  17. No-one else seen this yet? It's been out here in the UK a week or two and definitely had more media hype than any of the previous Dardenne films. The premise and resulting structure are really interesting, if a little close to home, and the first two-thirds are great. But there are a few off notes in the last third. Not really massively off, just a smudge below the high standards we've come to expect from JP&L and a little more of a glance towards Hollywood than we've got used to. It's still a good film, but it's not quite in the same league as Le Fils. Difficult to talk about the specifics without giving away what is (gradually, as ever) revealed as the film plays out. Courtillard is great as are the many bit parts and the scenarios, camerawork and attention to detail is, as ever, great.
  18. They lost all credibility over here when the Prime Minister claimed to be a fan. Struggled to listen to them since, which is kinda pathetic.
  19. Finally got to see this and, like "A Man Escaped" found it far more absorbing than I was expecting. The comparison with Kieslowski is I suppose obvious and has been made above, but it's front and centre from the get go. The range of approaches from the medical staff is impressive in just how many different shades of grey they manage to cram into the one film. Two points on that which I don't think have been mentioned so far, firstly, that this is an exceptionally bad night for the medical staff. A major incident in the city. It's not surprising that the staff are stressed and on edge and perhaps prone to be a little more judgemental than we would hope. And our reflex judgements of them only make two of Jesus' sayings ring truer "Judge not last you be judged" and "take the log out your own eye first". But also, and I admit initially this seems a trite comment, but I can't help but wonder how different this film would have been in smellovision. We get a visual realism, but not an olefactory one. Character after character comments on the stench, the cocktail of alcohol, vomit, urine, crap and perhaps the smell of death itself. I think most audiences would react differently to the various characters were that present. I'm not saying it would improve the film, just pointing out what a very different experience it would be.
  20. Sorry, I never came back to say thanks for your thoughts on this. In the end I discussed Rocky, Erin Brockovich, All the Presidents Men, The Insider, Michael Clayton as well as all the David films such as that starring Gere. Thanks for your help. Matt
  21. Wonderful Peter. Thank you. The biggest surprise for me is that anyone could nominate Silver Chalice for anything. I'm also surprised that Pasolini's film got three nominations. Was that for the oscars in 1965 (the year after it came out in Italy) or 1967 (the year after it was released in the US)? Or have I got something wrong somewhere? Also I had thought the Passion had won for makeup, but perhaps it was just that it had won a nomination. Matt
  22. Thanks guys I hadn't really thought about the Hallelujah link to David. I'm surprised that SDG and PTC didn't chime in yet. I thought this would be right up their streets. Matt
  23. I'm trying to think of some films that reference King David, David and Goliath etc. Obviously Bible films I got covered. I'm more after those more obscure films that reference the story in some way. So far I've got NBC's recent Kings series, In the Valley of Elah and Tol'able David. THere;s a reference to David dancingt in Footloose. And then obviously swing a bat blindfolded at the sports genre and you'll hit a David vs Goliath reference, but I'm wondering if I'm missing anything else major?
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