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    Star Trek

    I just noticed the main villain of the movie is named Nero? And Kirk's middle name is Tiberius. Tiberius was considered one of Rome's greatest generals, and Nero of course was one Rome's most depraved rulers. I wonder if that was intentional.
  2. I'm doing it. I'm at 2523 so far. We'll see how far I get.
  3. I haven't updated my wordcount yet, but I'm nearly at 7,000 words. Today has been a good writing day.
  4. Well, good point. Sad to see I really liked him. Loved how he saved the day, though. And the whole thing was great. I also really liked the scene between Rose and the Doctor when It's nice to characters who know each other well enough to realize when that point has been reached. Glad to hear Torchwood was better. I wonder if they're going to bother showing it in the States? There's been absolutely no talk of it. Not that I've seen, anyway.
  5. Well I know why they brought back the Cybermen. I'm not sure why they mucked about with the backstory, though.
  6. It was actually "Rise of the Cybermen," which was neat. Not sure why they're resurrected an old Dr. Who villian but gave it an alternate origin, though. I did like meeting Rose II.
  7. Yeah, your post is what triggered the memory. And you're right, it's not an idea that came from one of his books.
  8. There's a documentary called "How William Shatner Changed the World" that talks about how Star Trek inspired a lot of big technical advances -- for example, the guy who invented the cell phone admits that he was inspired by the handheld communicator from the original Star Trek. Arthur C Clarke, aside from writing 2001, 2010, Rendezvous with Rama, and a lot of other really good sci-fi, also invented the geostationary satellite. He put forth the idea in an opinion piece called "Extra-Terrestrial Relays." Isaac Asimov wrote a great many books that essentially explained science in layman's terms. Jerry Pournelle used to work for the Department of Defense during the cold war. From what I understand a great many hard SF/military SF writers during that time did. He also created the Pournelle chart which he put forth as the most accurate way to measure political belief. Wikipedia states he created this in 1963 -- it looks a lot like the grids you see in a lot of web tests these days. Larry Niven's Ringworld is considered semi-seriously in some scientific circles, not necessarily as something that could be built, but as a very plausible explanation of what such a structure would be like if it somehow were. Of course it was influenced by the Dyson sphere... Robert Heinlein may have invented the mass driver in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I can't think of anything earlier than that, but I don't know for certain. Oh, also, Philip K. Dick gave some guy an idea for a movie about Harrison Ford hunting down robots.
  9. Saw the next one (the Doctor snogs Madame Pompadour). Thought it had some really great lines, but I was a bit put off by the Vulcan mind meld in the middle of the show. That was whetted a bit by Also: "you can't have the horse!" "I let you keep Mickey!" There was never a satisfactory explanation as to why which I found kind of annoying. And I notice Rose grows more and more discontent... The more I see this regeneration of the Doctor the more I like him.
  10. Well technically Sauron WAS an evil sorcerer for a while. He was the "evil sorceror" who hung out in Mirkwood. At least, that's who everyone thought he was, until he returned to Mordor and there was a collective "criminey."
  11. Just to make sure I'm not going crazy -- the guy who can duplicate everyone else's powers is "Jess" from Gilmore Girls, isn't he?
  12. Yes, we should instead re-enforce the idea that artists are all retards.
  13. Well, yes, I see what you mean, and it's a good point.
  14. Um... as a Southern Baptist: The difference between Harriet and other Southern Baptist's her age is that she's a lot more honest. Which isn't to say that all Southern Baptists are unchaste -- some certainly are. This is to say, however, that there are plenty of people willing to rationalize anything, and just because you believe in God and Jesus and Heaven and Hell doesn't mean you're any more or less likely to rationalize away your favorite temptation. Or, to put it in a slightly different vein: "What's the difference between a Methodist and a Southern Baptist?" "The Methodist will say hello to you in the liquor store." Also, that particular character aspect makes her relationship with Perry's character a lot more believable. But whatever. I suppose we will now accuse Sorkin of not being Baptist enough. How dare that athiest not be Baptist enough! o_O
  15. Probably to avoid getting sued about something or other.
  16. That was a brilliant episode.
  17. Ooooo! Tommorow night is the return of Sarah Jane Smith! And K-9!!! Wheeeeee
  18. Oh, I'm in all right. I'm IN. First time 'round I did 90K. Next two years I didn't even make it halfway. But the times they are a CHAAAAAAAANGINNNNNNNNNN'. Or something.
  19. Are they Schroedinger's HEP-cats? ... *hides*
  20. I don't know, it seems awfully common for people to disparage artists who take their work seriously because it's, you know, "just [whatever it is]." I get that vibe here at A&F, too, but maybe in this case I'm reacting to things that aren't there.
  21. If I were going to name a Vegan Metal band, I suppose I'd go with "Iron Supplement." ...
  22. It is -- both are the product of one Peter Berg, who played my favorite character in Chicago Hope and wrote one of it's most bizarre episodes.
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