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    Mostly music. My primary instrument is guitar (acoustic, classical, electric, and bass). I also love to sing. I've played handbells for years.

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    Jaye from Wonderfalls
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    Three Colors' Red, The Princess Bride, Amelie, The Graduate There isn't any place to talk about television, but I'm a huge tv junkie. Favorites include: The Office, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks, Remember WENN, Firefly, Arrested Development, and Gilmore Girls.
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    K's Choice, XTC, Pink Martini, Belle & Sebastian, Weezer, Nick Drake, Sam Phillips, Dianne Reeves, Eva Cassidy, Motown music (before 1975), Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGh9GrlSe0Y&feature=related The Grammy goes to ... The SSSSSSSSuburbs.
  2. This has been quite fun. The longest chain I've had so far is 23 steps - Annette Funicello to Aphex Twin.
  3. My favorite song of all time is "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" even though it's not sung by a woman. I'm a guitarist and a big fan of Steve Cropper who does some nice guitar work. I find this song musically interesting with the chromatic harmonic movement in the verse, and the chord progression in the chorus is interesting as well. Also, the mellow mood of the song fits well with the descriptive, picturesque lyrics and Otis Redding's soulful voice.
  4. I heard about this show from Give Me My Remote.com. It's on the CW network. JoAnna Garcia (Cheyenne from Reba or Vicki, the head cheerleader from Freaks and Geeks) is surprisingly good in the lead role as a good hearted tutor to two wealthy sisters. The show isn't perfect by any means, but it's better than a lot of other teen shows.
  5. The first season of this show looks amazing on Blu-ray.
  6. I voted for Dear Catastrophe Waitress along with yank_eh. According to the humor book Stuff White People Like in a small section titled, "What Are White People Listening To?"
  7. I wish I had seen this thread before. I am also a big power pop fan. I often refer to this genre as being the musical equivalent of candy. I'm not calling it superficial because some have great lyrics, and some are very musically complex. It's just a pure enjoyment, like a sweetness to it I find difficult to describe. The utmost in power pop for me are the Yellow Pills compilations. There are four volumes, and a bit later, another came out called Yellow Pills: Prefill. Judging from groups and songs others have mentioned, I recommend checking out the Gilmore Girls soundtrack. I don't care what you think of the show. It's a pretty unique group of songs they selected. As far as I know, no one has mentioned XTC. I consider much of their music as power pop, particularly their earlier work.
  8. It's Guitar Hero for the religiously segregated. I'm surprised there isn't any Switchfoot or Creed.
  9. Will and I don't have any children, and it never occurred to me how frightening it could be to have them screaming Nirvana lyrics or whatever. "I think I'm dumb or maybe just happy." Back to the topic, I went with Joshua Tree. "Running to Stand Still" is one of my favorite songs. Achtung Baby and Zooropa would be kind of a 2a and 2b. I'm a big fan of Zooropa because of it's experimental nature. I love the song "Stay (Faraway So Close!)." Also my inner juvenile self can't help but giggle with the line, "Don't piss in the drain" from "Numb."
  10. I noticed Sarah Wynter has replaced Laura Harris as Daisy, Daisy Adair. Those two actresses played sisters in the second season of 24.
  11. There is more than just the trumpet. There is some charming dancing as well.
  12. My handbell choir at church is playing his arrangement of "I Need Thee Every Hour" this Sunday morning. It's a very good arrangement. I'm very impressed. It expresses the mood of the lyrics much better than it is usually played in church. It's very lush with interesting harmonies. We've enjoyed this piece very much. Dale, can you provide me with any words of wisdom on this piece that I can tell my bell director?
  13. I was curious to find how many "Gidgets" (Frances Lawrence) there were. Sandra Dee (Gidget) The original Sally Field (Gidget) The first television series Cindy Carol (Gidget Goes to Rome) Monie Ellis (Gidget Gets Married) Kathy Gori (Gidget Makes the Wrong Connection)? Caryn Richman (The New Gidget) Karen Valentine (Gidget Grows Up) Deborah Walley (Gidget Goes Hawaiian) There is also "Gidget Meets Hondo," but I couldn't find much information on it. (I didn't search too hard.)
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