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  1. No worries, Peter. We've appreciated your presence before and expect to do so again. Glad you could have some good family time.
  2. Here's the link to the Facebook event we created to host the Oscar chat. Hope you guys can make it. You'd really enrich the conversation and experience.
  4. Beautiful. Thank you, Michael!
  5. Is there any desire to do this sort of thing again? If so, what's the latest suggestion for most effective method? Facebook or something else?
  6. Could y'all give me names of good book publishers who publish good, thoughtful books on film? Thanks!
  7. Went poking around to see if I could turn the moderator approval off but couldn't find where to control that. Maybe Evan or Opus could help out? My thought is that we keep a fairly tight lid on members here so I'm inclined to shut off moderation in the Visual Art and Architecture section.... Let me know if someone can help out with that setting. Thx.
  8. Interesting. Maybe an old setting put in place by someone anxious about what sorts of visuals might get posted???
  9. No, it's not. We're investigating. Sorry about this.
  10. Neither have I. I wonder how this happened and how to turn it off.
  11. Update: 9 members of A&F have donated $205 through the specific portal I sent y'all. Thank you. Might we still hope for more? Wouldn't it be nice and just and charitable for the community at least sustain the hard cost of maintaining the site (leaving aside the paid and volunteer labor lavished on this forum)? We are still short of our goal. :-) Thanks for considering it. Yours, Greg
  12. We are very grateful to the 8 members of the A&F community who have donated to the Image fall appeal (my last email erroneously said 9 had given). I know many of your give at the very end of the year.... But some of you also go offline during that same period, so here's my last reminder for the next 10 days! Not to scare anyone but this is turning out to be a really tough year for Image. We are hoping to avoid cuts in programming or personnel. Thanks for considering it! Advent and Christmas blessings on one and all, Greg Wolfe
  13. Thanks to the nine A&F members who have donated. Bless you! If you haven't given yet, please do consider supporting Image so we can continue to support A&F. Here's the link: Blessings, Greg Wolfe
  14. Dear A&Fers: As we pause to celebrate Thanksgiving, I certainly give thanks for the lively, thoughtful community here at Image is proud to serve the conversation here. Some of you may have received an email from me today asking if you can contribute to Image's year-end funding appeal. I'm posting this note for those who may not be in our system but who might want to help. Hard costs to maintain A&F are about $600 for the year, but quite a bit more when you factor in actual staff time. One reason we were asked to take over was that it's just too much for a single individual. So my hope and prayer is that y'all might be willing to contribute, even a widow's mite. Personally, I'd rather have everyone give $5 a month than a year-end check, but know that anything you can give will be appreciated. Here's the link: Blessings, Greg Wolfe
  15. Maybe Alissa means "Beasts of No Nation"?