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    All the usual Arts & Faith Fair plus<br />Russian Literature<br />Orthodox Christianity<br />Pop Computer Culture<br />Anything Terry Taylor related<br />Libertarianism/Anarchism<br />

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    Independent Consultant (ERP Software)
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    True Fans will know
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    Tend toward romanticism. I love movies that show me things I can't find in real life. In no particular order: The Sound of Music Moulin Rouge Monty Python and Holy Grail Nostalghia Andre Rublev Jaws Cinderella (Disney 1950) Amadeus The Mission LOTR Trilogy The Black Stallion Koyaanisqatsi Phantom of the Opera
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    Terry Taylor/Lost Dogs/Daniel Amos, Tchaikovsky, Eminem, Rascal Flatts, U2, ShowTunes, Just about all Disney music, Russian Chant
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    Thoreau, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Doestoevsky, Tolstoi, Lewis, Rand,
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    Renoir Cassat Van Gogh Rublev

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  1. Sorry guys, the Cephalopods are going to have to drop this year. I enjoy the company, but I just don't have the time. Maybe next year.
  2. Is attendance at the draft mandatory or is autodraft allowed? Just in case I'm a bit late? My wife just informed me of a possible conflict for tomorrow that could make me late for the start. I don't think it will happen, I should be back in time, but I wanted to touch base here. If it is a problem, I don't want to screw up everyones draft and I can resign and find another person real quick, hopefully. I don't mind the autodraft for my team, (not my best preference, but better than not playing) but didn't know if it would be allowed. Thoughts?
  3. and I'm in. That makes 12. Play Ball!
  4. if you need another, I'll field a team this year. I played a few years back. I don't want to throw off the 10-12 team balance though. Let me know and I'll sign up right away.
  5. perhaps more frightening than No Country For Old Men.
  6. Lance McLain

    Toy Story 3

    My daughter said she noticed some Monster's Inc music in the soundtrack, especially around Lotso in the junkyard. Wondering if anyone else caught that nod? Also, I'm surprised at the love shown here. It is clearly weaker than the first two films and isn't up to the same level of profound storytelling that Up, Wall-E, Ratatouille, and Finding Nemo were. And I was surprised at how similar the plot was to the first two. It didn't seem to have the originality of storyline that we are used to with Pixar. Also, the ending seemed overly sentimental to me, but I've been sensitive to sentimentalism in art lately. Also, any takes on the opening cartoon Night and Day?
  7. I can't believe they spent a whole episode on shore-leave. Three episodes in and I'm seriously disappointed. I can't help but contrast the raggedness of the soldiers and their treatment after 2 battles at Guadalcanal with the BOB seige at Bastogne. The Pacific guys get to go skirt chasing in Melbourne while Easy Company has to take Foy with an inept commanding officer and then 3 other towns. Sheesh. I'm not saying it happened that way in real life, but spending an entire episode in Melbourne seems to be a wasted opportunity to me. I'd have rather seen more details on their experiences in the jungles of Guadalcanal and their interactions with each other or else get on with the war. Also, is it me, or are these episodes much shorter. The first 10 minutes of the 56 minute episode is war reel footage, and the opening credits. Are they stretching for content to fill up the time? Please, bring back Captain Winters!
  8. OK, I'm a fanboy here not a serious critic, but I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for starting the thread. regards, -Lance
  9. According to my daughters, the filmmakers didn't seem to have any desire to stick to the book at all. Even the title character the lightning thief was a different character in the movie than in the book.
  10. What a humble speech by Streep. She has a newfound respect in my eyes.
  11. Lance McLain


    Yes...I was exaggerating for effect. What is interesting to me is the existential question of personhood being largely defined as consciousness only. The body is just a shell, a vessel. Given the right technology the spirit can survive outside of the body, and ultimately doesn't even need it. That is what I was referring to, the gnostic implications.
  12. Lance McLain


    So if I wanted to make an argument that this was anti-Christian, I'd be more inclined to focus on the impacts to incarnation theology, with the consciousness (or soul?) being separated from the body and all. Is this an embrace of Augustinian dualism (body bad/spirit good)?
  13. This just showed up from Netflix after I put it in the queue a long long time ago and the whole family loved this. My wife noted that the film never really showed how the family obtained income (selling goats or milk, camel wool, or what). But the obvious purchase of expensive technology at the end of the film made me wonder if the family actually received compensation from the filmmaker that allowed them to afford the items in question. Would that scene have even been possible without the filmmakers. How much did the filmmaking process itself actually change the family and the documentary. I was reminded of The Mission where the native tribes were used and paid for their acting and filming and how that changed (westernized) the tribe itself and that actually could have been said to be against some of themes of the film. There is an excellent documentary revealing that (and even a labor dispute with the tribe) on the special features of that film. I loved that there was no voiceover. The filmmaker recognized it wasn't needed, that the pictures, bleats and cries of the animals and people, and the mongolian wind said enough.
  14. Lance McLain


    If for no other reason than I want to get future updates to this thread via email, I'd like to link to a review by an astrophysicist who has searched for planets, worked on SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) programs, etc. I enjoyed reading it anyway. Copernicus Grades Cameron On The Science of AVATAR!! http://www.aintitcool.com/node/43440 I'm preparing myself for a well deserved "ahem" if this has been posted earlier in the thread. My apologies if it is so. regards, -Lance
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