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  1. Just a minor correction. The password is "shoeless" all lower case. Found it out the hard way. regards, -Lance
  2. I too play Diplomacy but online (http://www.floc.net/dpjudge/). What a great game, it is like chess only times 7! I wonder if there might be 7 of us here on A&F and we could do a private game?
  3. Anybody ever tried this coffee? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopi_Luwak
  4. I realize there were mixed reviews on this film here, but I kind of thought "Bridge to Terabithia" would get at least an honorable mention somewhere. So if not, at least it gets mine.
  5. You know, those are very authentic holy doors. Very Russian. I saw several of that style both in churches and museums when I was there. Which reminds me, my wife commented to me after the film that she thought the film was very anti-slavic (that was before I had talked to her about it being anti-christian; she had no idea about The Golden Compass books or anything). That is definitely John the Baptist there on the right side of the door.
  6. I'm no reviewer, just an avid reader of reviews, but how about a 3 tier rating * Look Closer * Look * Don't Look It would be original to you as a reviewer yet not so elaborate as to encourage your readers to take the rating more seriously than your review. Fun topic! Lots of opinions. regards, -Lance
  7. FYI - digital decoding of whisper at end of film: http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_...-in-transl.html
  8. If you notice Peter, it is worse than that. The building with the icons is actually shapped as an iconostasis (note the full length icons of the saints facing toward the doors on both sides) and "the doors" to the holy of holies, the double doors to the alter are torn apart where Iorek is inside claiming his armor, actually his "soul" as he just minutes before proclaimed to Lyra that a bear's armor is his soul. regards, -Lance
  9. Wondering if some of you film experts could help me out here with this film. We homeschool and as a small part of my 12yo daughter's social studies lesson plan this year, I've selected 8 movies for study. I usually have her complete a "pre-screening" questionnaire (where she researches the director, actors, writers, marketing, etc.), then watch the movie with us, then complete a "post-screening" questionnaire with essay questions about the movie. I am currently creating essay questions for her next movie "The New World". I would appreciate if anyone could think of some off the top of their head for a 7th grader. So for example, here are some of the questions I did for last months movie "Glory". 6. Describe the music in the movie. Did it enhance or distract from the story the film makers were trying to tell? 7. Name 2 specific sound effects that you remember from the movie. Why do you think you remember those? 22. Why did the filmmakers show so much violence in the film? Do you think it helped or hurt the telling of the story? 24. Why do you think this film is told through the eyes of the regiment's white Colonel instead of through the eyes of the black soldiers? (hint: Who was the film makers trying to reach most?) 25. Why was Colonel Shaw so hard on his colored friend Thomas? 26. What was the turning point for Colonel Shaw in gaining the trust of his men? Give 3 examples of how Colonel Shaw exhibited leadership in his regiment. 28. In the assault on Fort Wagner, Colonel Shaw could have chosen, without any dishonor, to lead his regiment from the rear rather than from the front. He probably would have survived. Why didn't he do this? 38. Why did Colonel Shaw obey an immoral order and command his men to torch the secessionist town? I'm looking for similar questions about "The New World". In addition to questions about the themes and stories, I'm trying to come up with some questions about some film techniques, so in the case of this movie, perhaps about cinematography or editing. Not sure if this should be a new thread or not. Anyone have experience using movies for teaching? Possible questions to use?
  10. Just caught this one for the first time on DVD. I think this may be in my top ten ever. Loved the dialog on this thread. I'm in love with this movie. Quick question (unrelated). Earlier someone mentioned Frank Wagner. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on which of his books to read first. I was thinking perhaps Book of the Hopi.
  11. I have to say, that I placed too much emphasis on pitching and missed out on consistency in hitting. How frustrating to have benched hitters who score 10+ points and look down your active lineup and see negative numbers....ugh.
  12. CONGRATS ZALM! Not bad at all for your first time. You smoked us all.
  13. Hey..we still need people for the Football pick'em pool! Quick and easy to play! The surviver and salary cap league is fun to!
  14. That Salary Cap football looks really fun! Never done that one before.
  15. It is a bit more difficult, I think, in a 6 team league. Less margin for error. Basically, all teams have awesome starters, a league of superstars, so if yours goes down due to injury or poor performance, you will get eaten alive by your opponents superstar. Also, taking a chance on a rookie or up and coming star is a bit more risky. Also, with the head to head, you could have an awesome day and still lose and have a poor day and still win. The matchups will be critical. I'm looking forward to this league, to see just how different it is from a 12 team league I'm in in terms of starting strategy and the waiver wire management. I'm not that happy with my draft as I've got too very injury prone stars (McNabb and Westbrook) but then again, if they are healthy, they can outperform just about anyone. Unfortunately that is a big IF! Also, I don't know what possessed me to put L.Coles that high up on my WR list. I still think that was a just a stray drag and drop that I never cleaned up. Don't get me wrong, I like L.Coles and think he will have a great year, but not for a number 1 WR especially when RWayne, MColston and LEvans were still available.
  16. Just finished: Frankenstein - Mary Shelley - I'm amazed this was written in 1818. I didn't care for Shelley's penchant of telling a story by having a character tell a story of a story told to them...or some such. Just like many movies, there were some too obvious plot devices that distracted from the very powerful themes. Still, having seen and read so many retellings of this story, in one form or another, it was good to get the original under my belt. I did not realize before I read the forward that she was the wife of poet Percy Shelley as well as the daughter of anarchist William Godwin. Confessions of a Street Addict - Jim Cramer - a revealing look inside the hedge fund world..I recommend this quick easy read, especially if you trade/invest stocks or other securities. It amazes me just how blatantly corrupt financial institutions are and how easily they get away with things as the authorities turn a blind eye. Just starting: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Mildred Taylor - prereading for my daughter's homeschool curriculum next month. I'm interested as it is apparantly set in the deep south of Mississippi where my ancestors are from. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling - Can you believe I haven't read any of these yet? Starting at the beginning, at the advice of my daughter. Should keep me busy for a while!
  17. Good. I don't really like pick'ems. If I recall correctly, the last couple of years more people signed up the closer we got to the end of training camp. Excellent..I guess I'm just impatient. I'm ready for some football!
  18. Well, if we don't get more than 4 teams, I don't see how we can pull this one off this year. Perhaps we could get more participation if we changed it to simply a pick'em?
  19. We need some more participants! It's easy and fun! If you've never played before or think you don't have time, the default rankings are already created for you and you can let the computer pick for you. It really helps increase your enjoyment of the game. I'll even give you a free first pick (Mike Alstott!)
  20. Lance McLain


    I was wondering when the reactions would start showing up around here. I absolutely loved it, it was right up my alley and had the kind of naivete that I tend to find in my favorite films. It had me from the beginning with Blonsky singing to the rats and riding the garbage truck singing "Good Morning Baltimore". I did have trouble with Travolta, at least until he started dancing (he *had* to dance in a film like this, no?). It was doubly fun for me because of the whole "Baltimore" locale and being able to spot obvious Baltimore references. Some of the march scenes where very obvious Baltimore locales.
  21. Well, it is a nice ending to an otherwise disastrous July. The time trials were outstanding. Levi made a race of it and Contador hung on for the win. All that is left is the victory laps down the Champs-Elysees. Now, if we can just get MLB and Bonds & company to get as serious about doping.
  22. OK..so which will be the better moment this week. Bonds hitting 755 or Ripken and Gwynn going into the Hall of Fame? As far as this Baltimoron is concerned, Ripken wins hands down!
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