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  1. Now, you see, you mention 'Mother and Son' and as Australian, I automatically think of the following... http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/226331 I'm guessing this Mother and Son is competely different from the one you are referring to.
  2. Rory Culkin played the younger version of Macaulay's character, Richie Rich, and also played the younger version of Kieran's character in Igby Goes Down.
  3. Sorry I haven't read the article yet. Nor have I read fully everyone's response. So please forgive me if I have already touch on something that has been said. One of the main issues that bother me with this ClearPlay, is this editing R-rated movies in G-rated ones. At least that is my understanding of what they are doing. If this is their objective, my question is 'Why?' Why edit a movie that was made for adult viewing, just so it's appropriate for younger viewers? Maybe I'm over reacting somewhat in this next response. But what next? Edited family-friendly porno?
  4. Well I'm looking forward to seeing ROTK tomorrow. As for other movies I'm looking forward to in 2004.... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Spider-man 2 The Passion of Christ Shrek 2 Now I'm looking forward to seeing these movies. Whether I actually get to see them at the cinema, that is another question. By the way I'm also looking forward to seeing SpyKids 3-D sometime in the near future (it's just been release in Australia). Yeah I know. Probably not the most intelligent choice when it comes to movies. But hey, I've never seen a movie in 3-D, and no matter how bad the movie maybe, I'm not giving up my dream. Well it's not really a dream. But still I've been wanting to see a 3-D movie since the Jaws 3-D. Now all of you doing this :roll: Please line up in a single file.
  5. Actually the first Psycho and the last one, were written by the same person (Joseph Stefano).
  6. Speaking of Psycho, I also have a question regarding this masterpiece. In other opening scene, it tells us that the location in Phoenix, Arizona and that it is December (11th, if I remember correctly). We then pan across and through the window of a tall building, to find two half dressed lovers lying on a hotel bed and a fan blowing back and forth, as they whisper sweet nothings to one another. Ok, I am from Australia and all I know when it comes to the weather in the USA, it that December is the winter month, while for us it is summer. So my question is.... If the movie takes place in December and that is suppose to be the winter month, than why when we go into the hotel room does it give the indication that it's a hot summer day? Is Arizona one of those places that stay warm throughout the year, even during winter, just as the top part of Australia does?
  7. I will agree with you on that one. Though I guess I am seeing it from another angle also. I probably won't use part 2 and 3, but mainly just 1 and 4, since these two are more closely tied together. Part 4, as you may or may not know is the prequel, which gives us the background story of the relationship between Norman and his mother. It also tells us what led Norman to kill his mother and her lover, and then the guilt that he carried, by allowing his mother to continue to domineer him, even in death. I'm sorry I haven't really made that last part very clear. I'm not quite sure how to convey what I mean. To tell you the truth I actually feel a little intimidated asking for help, because I know I am not up to par with many here when it comes to writing reviews. It's hard not to feel stupid at times. Still I was wondering if I could email what I have written so far (which isn't much) to either yourself or someone else?
  8. No, that isn't the title of some new movie. It's me complaining as I attempt to write a review for the first Psycho movie. Then if successful with that one, follow it with the sequels. I not only want to review the movies, but also write about what I believe is the story of a man who has allowed sin to control his life and yet will some day break free and be redeemed. Yes, I know that may sound silly and a little corny. Which is why I am asking some of you for advice of how I can write this review and touch more on the above observations in a less amature and "corny" way. "Help me ObiWan Kenobi. You're my only hope."
  9. In addition to the old Looney Tunes, this film spoofs everything from James Bond flicks (Timothy Dalton plays a spy who poses as a movie star who plays a spy) to the Mummy flicks (Brendan Fraser plays a would-be stunt-man who says he did all of Brendan Fraser's stunts in those movies) to old B-movies to the Scooby-Doo movies, with throwaway you-have-to-pay-close-attention-to-the-background details such as a movie poster for Hoppin' in the Rain, etc. The film is kinda like what Who Framed Roger Rabbit might have been like if it had been an exclusive Warner Brothers party set in the present day. Yet again we have another one of those "let's do a movie that spoofs another movie". I don't have anything against this per say. But can such spoofs often be the death of a movie? I guess it depends if you've seen those movies that they are spoofing. If you have, then you may laugh yourself silly. But if you haven't, you maybe sitting there scratching your head and saying "I don't get it." I haven't seen this movie. But as a lover of the old Looney Tunes cartoons, I'm sure I will find it fun to watch.
  10. http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news/?...than+brandis%2c For those who may not know who Jonathan is. He was in the NeverEnding Story 2, Stephen King's IT and the TV series, SeaQuest DSV, just to name a few. I know that he wasn't up there with the 'DeNiros' and the 'Pacinos' of the acting world. Still I thought he had some talent (which I'm sure would have improved over the year), therefore felt that it was worth noting his passing. With all the other tragedy in the world, some may believe this news to be trivial. However, I find nothing trivial about someone deciding to take their own life. This is a very tragic story in deed. At least from my perspective. Former childstar, Paul Peterson (The Donna Reed Show) has also expressed his sentiments. http://www.minorcon.org/brandis.html
  11. Speaking of Looney Tunes. I have read a couple of questions regarding whether the dvd version was going to be cut or uncut. Maybe it's ignorance on my behalf. But is there anything controversial in any of the cartoons that would warrant such a query? I know that there has been some controversary over the violence over the years. But is there something else I am missing?
  12. movielover71

    Indy on DVD

    I don't have time to read all the previous posts, so I apologise if this has already been mentioned. But Peter Coyote (who played Keys in E.T.) also audition for the part of Indiana Jones. However, as he said in the interview, he walked in with the Indiana hat on his head and tripped over (can't remember what on). Needless to say he didn't get the part, but was remembered by Spielberg, who cast him in E.T. I'm going to guess that most people knew this. But still it's something to post.
  13. movielover71

    Indy on DVD

    So in the words of Princess Leia. Did George Lucus's dog look like a "big walking carpet?"
  14. My apologies, I should have rephrase the question a little. I of course don't think that all sequels are inferior to the others.
  15. I just had a brief look at the Indy DVD thread and saw how a few of you weren't interested in the second movie and then others weren't a really big fan of the second movie, but still wanted it in their collection. I was wondering who here has to have the full movie set, even though you may not like the sequels as much? And who only buys the movie and the sequels they like?
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