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  1. twitch

    Shaun of the Dead

    Frost isn't in Land of the Dead, actually ... it's Pegg and Edgar Wright (shaun's director) and they're both playing zombies ...
  2. Yeah, that's true and the cuts are a good thing. It almost entirely solves the unintentional laughter issue at the end ... Apparently some horse falls were cut in the UK as well, but they were intact in the Canadian print.
  3. twitch

    Evil Dead Remake

    If they're gonna do this I like Theroux in the part ... he's an odd little actor with a lot of talent and a lot of range ... his parts in Mulholland Drive and Six Feet Under were both excellent ... he'll manage to make a convincing Ash and I also think he's someone who could make the character his own rather than just aping Campbell ...
  4. twitch

    Musa the Warrior

    Do your shopping with YesAsia ... free shipping on orders over $39 and they have shipping centers in the US, Canada and the UK so no worries about getting hit with customs charges ... their selling price is usually a buck or two more than the Korean based retailers online, but you more than make that up in what you save in shipping ...
  5. The other stuff is dark in a very silly way ... this one's just plain dark. And I like to pretend Alien Resurrection never happened.
  6. twitch

    Musa the Warrior

    In a lot of ways Arahan is a more successful Volcano High ... less stylized and not without problems of its own, but it's the same basic mix of ingredients ... not a classic, but an awful lot of fun. I've got a detailed review of it here.
  7. Oh, it's still a Jeunet film, but I found the tone very different from his other stuff. It's much darker and as one of the production people points out in the notes they gave out at the screening here it's the first time he's made a film that isn't a fairy tale ... I saw that funding fight article, too ... and here I thought stupid stuff like that only happened here in Canada ... our government funders have a check list of items that qualify as 'Canadian' and if the film doesn't have enough 'Canadian content' you don't get funded ... and we wonder why most of our talent moves to the US ...
  8. I caught an advance screening in Toronto and liked it quite a lot ... it's the least Jeunet of Jeunet's films ...
  9. twitch

    Musa the Warrior

    Oh, man ... I love Volcano High though I will say that you have to see the original, longer cut. The shorter international version cuts out the guts of the story. There's not a whole lot of story there, which makes the cutting even more painful ... And THANK YOU for bringing up Memories of Murder! That's one GREAT film that seems to have been totally overlooked ... it's all the better for being based on actual events and not trying to put a glossy end on things. Beautifully, written, shot, and acted ... fantastic on all levels. Seriously, Jason, go get this one now. Oh ... and make sure you see the long version of Musa, too ... the international cut makes some serious omissions ...
  10. twitch

    Icelandic films

    It never even occured to me that he may have caused it ... if he did it would have had to have been in some dramatically time-delayed fashion which implies pre-meditation and he certainly seems completely unaware that he may have. I think it was a random tragedy.
  11. twitch


    Nope. Though he sent me so many good tips that I eventually just offered him a posting account on the site so he does do a fair bit of posting on Twitch as well.
  12. twitch


    I just posted a full - and rather lengthy - review on Twitch. The visuals do indded blow Sky Captain out of the water. I like. Review here.
  13. So, are you implying Von Trier may be a masochist as well as a sadist? You could put it that way, yes. Though I don't know that I'd really call him a sadist ... it's not that he derives pleasure from other people's pain, it's more that he tries to force them into uncomfortable positions to get a genuine response from him. He hates actors who act, basically, so he tries to force them to behave like actual people, which generally means putting them in situations that will generate the same emotional responses that he wants from their characters on film ... he's like an extreme 'method' director ... Oh ... and don't hold your breath for an interview any time soon ... I emailed his personal assistant yesterday. He flat out will not entertain any interview requests for Antichrist any time in the near future and won't take any at all until he's in the press junket for Manderlay .... unless someone's got a personal connection straight to him he's not talking ...
  14. Film making is therapy for Von Trier. He talks quite regulary about how he deals with things via film that he can't begin to touch in real life. The Kingdom is essentially a list of everything Lars is afraid of. The whole point of the Dogme movement was to force him out into the open and not allow him to hide behind technique any longer ... the entire process of the 5 Obstructions is designed to do the same thing to Leth, which is what Von Trier is trying to tell him in the fifth film.
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