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  1. I like this approach very much and it is more or less what I had in mind when I voted for "films on waking up."
  2. I recognized his voiceover in the trailer and said to myself, "I hope they're paying you excessively for being in this explosion-fest, Sir Anthony." But the dog is a nice touch.
  3. Oh man. Please don't make me watch this pile of overwrought exploding metal...
  4. I watched the first episode of The Good Fight, but am unwilling to subscribe to CBS All Access to follow the rest. It looked intriguing, though, and they're bringing back many favorite guest stars/characters. I hope it will be available someday on some other streaming platform.
  5. He's currently on Sleepy Hollow, playing an anti-Christ-like character who's raising the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I trust our heroes, who are operating out of Washington, D.C., this season, will defeat him.
  6. Bored now.
  7. So far, only 13 people have voted, so if we're really looking for "interest at large," we need more voters
  8. Remember when we had all that discussion about comedy and how under-appreciated it is? The Good Place s1 is streaming at Amazon & Hulu. It is so much better than expected and has been renewed for season 2. The show-runner was associated with Parks & Recreation. Give it a try and be ready for s2.
  9. Not watching this show, because no HBO, but this commentary from First Things' Matthew Schmitz is worth throwing into the mix, I think:
  10. Season 2 premieres tonight (also available online, various formats). Alan Sepinwall compares it with Buffy as a show that deals metaphorically with dealing with young adulthood.
  11. Finally finished this one. Didn't find it utterly compelling, perhaps because although it is (as M. Leary says) beautifully filmed and has a few thoughtful moments, I still felt as if I were watching some kind of Masterpiece Theater "BEHIND THE SCENES AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE!" Will I feel the same about Victoria, which starts on PBS next week? Probably not, as I've seen at least two other "young Victoria" movies/mini-series, and because they're all long dead and gone. The Crown felt a bit creepy because so many of these people are still with us, I guess.
  12. And I missed that one in theaters, but want to see it when I can.
  13. Episodes 1-10 are available online at I ended up watching this because--Kristin Bell & Ted Danson, mainly. I generally resist attempted representations of the afterlife on the assumption that any details we have been given in scripture are metaphorical for something more wonderful than we can imagine (and therefore "I cannot only imagine"). That said, the performances are good here, and the clash of perspectives/personalities, plus there's some pretty good discussions of ethics and morality for a 30 minute comedy. When the representatives of "the bad place" turn up (not much of a spoiler--surely that could have been predicted), there's some good natured humor based on expectations of what both heaven and hell may be like.
  14. I have never been a fan of the song this movie is evidently based on. I wrote some other things, but decided it was better not to post them.
  15. I concur. If the movie were set in a public school, it would be Ferris Bueller Starts a Band and Brother Baxter would be Ed Rooney. As SDG notes, it is implied that Baxter is also a pedophile, but it is not explicit or belabored. However, what is tired is that there seem to be only two types of school/teacher stories: either teachers are horrid/oppressive/bumbling OR they are brilliant/compassionate/saviors (and probably oppressed by the other kind). The extremes tend to be most memorable, I guess, and Carney is working from memory.