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  1. I'm enjoying it very much, so far. Mostly Tilda Swinton narrates (not Cate Blanchett--I don't know why I always confuse those two), but also Jane Fonda, Adjoa Andoh, Sharmila Tagore, Kerry Fox, Thandie Newton and Debra Winger. I'm sure it will be available on DVD or something eventually.
  2. BethR


    Alissa Wilkinson and Aja Romano discuss/review the film and the reactions against it on Vox:
  3. For those in the USA, TCM will show this documentary series and 100 films by women filmmakers every Tuesday in September-December 1 (14 weeks). You can find the full schedule and more here: https://womenmakefilm.tcm.com/schedule/ It looks like a great series. My DVR is going to fill up fast.
  4. How interesting! I watched TWW intermittently. Martin Sheen was great as Bartlett, but I would have loved to see Sidney Poitier in the role.
  5. I look forward to Christian's commentary on The Good Place, which ended (intentionally) this past Spring after four seasons.
  6. Rectify is on Netflix. They offer a free 30-day trial, so if you can watch 4 seasons of Rectify in that time, you can cancel before the trial is up, if you find that acceptable? The seasons are 6/10/6/8 episodes.
  7. This Netflix Original series (based on a manga series--I can't say how closely) has a lot of potential and some serious Buffy vibes, though it doesn't quite know whether it wants to go with "Note to self: religion freaky" (Buffy 2.9) or fully embrace the "warrior nun" ethos. The main character, Ava, provides a strong focus. The episode titles are well-chosen scripture references, suggesting some among the writers know what's what (e.g., "Psalm 46.5," "Ephesians 6:11"). The plot drags a bit after episode 1, then picks up again about halfway through, so the series probably could have been 8 epis
  8. May I suggest that this sentence "Wisely, he implores French New Wave (FNW) characteristics..." should read "he employs"? That is so minor, though--I found the commentary very insightful.
  9. link to the 2004 thread on Anchorman, for some wayback yet still relevant commentary on Will Farrell's comedic acting Having had mixed experiences with Will Farrell comedies over the years, I enjoyed Eurovision...Fire Saga (Netflix) much more than I expected: laughed out loud several times (mostly at scenes not primarily focused on WF). Rachel McAdams and the rest of the supporting cast really put their hearts into it. I have only watched a few evenings of Eurovision (including a performance by Conchita Wurst, who won that year) and have seen mixed reviews from Eurovision fans, but at le
  10. I'm happy with my write-up for Places in the Heart, so that's all right.
  11. If I would be acceptable, I would like join in. It's probably time for me to re-read this series. I hope I can stand it.
  12. I started watching this 10 episode high-school comedy/dramedy series on Netflix because it pushes a lot of my buttons--inter-cultural issues, Indian culture, Sendhil Ramamurthy. I didn't realize Mindy Kaling (with Lang Fisher) had created it until after I finished. It is both light and funny, and also deals with legitimate trauma and insecurities of both the teen and adult characters. There's an Easy A plotline that's about as raunchy as it gets. The diverse, young cast should have a future--if not in season two, in more TV and movies. As is often the case, I found it interesting that pro
  13. I seem to be the only person in the universer without Disneyfication+, so I have not seen The Mandalorian. Thank goodness for social media, so at least I know what Baby Yoda is. Sort of.
  14. It's been years since I read Gone with the Wind, and I suspect I'd have less patience with it now than I did then--I think I was in 7th grade, and I may have re-read it in high school. I know the last time I watched the movie, I found Scarlett impressive as a character with more resilience than most, but she's also so self-centered that she destroys what should have been her "great love story"--with Rhett. But my memory may be fogged by Clark Gable. (I know there is an "approved" sequel in which Scarlett and Rhett reunite. I haven't read it.) As for the mythopoeia, it is organic, I suspec
  15. Top 100 lists before 2011 are now unavailable--is that correct?
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