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  1. Yeah, Chaw’s way over the top on this. It isn’t a great film, but it’s a Marvel movie. None of them are great. CAPTAIN MARVEL is perfectly passable entertainment. Like THOR: THE DARK WORLD, it’s at its best when it’s aping crappy 90s sci-fi film and television (in this case, SUBURBAN COMMANDO). It’s less good when it’s a superhero movie.
  2. NBooth

    Tolkien Biopic

    TOLKIEN: “Yeah, so I’ve been working on a novel. It’s kind of complicated, but....”
  3. NBooth

    The Favourite

    I spent most of awards season chafing against the fact that The Favourite wasn't really available in my area, and then once it became available I still put it off until after Green Book got best picture. Based on everything I had heard and seen, I expected this one to become my automatic top film of 2018 and--yeah, it went right to the top and into the ol' personal canon. This is a gorgeous movie, for one thing, and the three leads are all solid. Funnily enough, the relational dynamics reminded me of Phantom Thread, in that both films portray subtly (or, in the case of Weisz's ridin' and shootin' getup, not-so) sado-masochistic relationships, where the interest and frisson derive from the ways in which characters manipulate each other and themselves. This is a kinky movie, and no mistake, but it feels less leering than, for instance, The Handmaiden (a movie which, to be clear, I love). It's more detached, more interested in the internal dynamics of the central relationship than in the external forces bearing down on them. So, yeah. I've not seen Green Book, but I have a hard time imagining it's more satisfying than The Favourite.
  4. NBooth

    Tolkien Biopic

    Yes! Agreed.
  5. NBooth

    Tolkien Biopic

    Looks rubbish, derivative, and dull.
  6. They’re adapting Occupied City. Peace hasn’t finished the trilogy yet.
  7. NBooth

    The Twilight Zone

    Trailer for the CBS All-Access show with Jordan Peele.
  8. Apparently the title is The Suicide Squad, because why the heck not.
  9. I’m fully in favor of privileging interesting films over “perfect” ones. And a list that at least considered Interview is more interesting than one that rejected it out of hand. Besides which, a list of “significant” films has way more leeway than “best” because the two don’t always overlap.
  10. Three more noms from me: 1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Yeah, it's about a lot of other things too. But the heart of the film is coming to terms with aging and the change that brings. The scene where Kirk mutters "damn" after noticing Saavik noticing his reading glasses is a minor but key moment. 2. Youth Without Youth. It's aging-in-reverse. It's a meditation of youth, age, mortality, language.... 3. Farewell My Concubine. This one's a more tenuous fit, insofar as any movie that covers a subject's life, real or imagined (so, say, Gandhi), will take on themes of aging. But I think this one is really, in part, about embracing (or failing to embrace) changes over the course of one's life.
  11. Title: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director: Nicholas Meyer Year: 1982 Language: English IMDB Link YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): Link to the A&F thread on the first 10 Star Trek movies Title: Youth Without Youth Director: Francis Ford Coppola Year: 2007 Language: English IMDB Link YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): Thread Title: Farewell My Concubine Director: Chen Kaige Year: 1993 Language: Mandarin IMDB Link YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): Link to the A&F thread on the film: None, which is a shame.
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