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  1. I'll bump this thread instead of starting a new one (for now). It seems to have flown under my radar, but back in October it was apparently announced that Thomas Harris had a new novel coming out. Now it has a title: Cari Mora. It's out in May.
  2. NBooth

    The Predator

  3. NBooth

    True Detective

    So two episodes of season 3 are out. Anyone catch them (I mean, I did, but anyone else)? In a way, this season feels less bold than season 2; it's back to the South, back to the flashback structure, etc etc etc. I have no idea how occult it's going to get, but so far the series isn't doing much with that angle, either. But I'm digging the fact that we're juggling three time periods now, with nested flashbacks. And Ali is, of course, great. On the whole, I like what I see (though, granted, I'm an easy sell here).
  4. NBooth

    2019 Reading Journals

    Nonfiction bold. Usual disclaimer about time finished. (Also, since a lot of this reading is for teaching or for writing, no representation is made that I'm cozying up with fifty-odd books a year and absorbing every word). January Winters, Ben H. The Last Policeman Mahaffey, James. Atomic Adventures: Secret Islands, Forgotten N-Rays, and Isotopic Murder—A Journey into the Wild World of Nuclear Science.
  5. Here's a thread for 2019.
  6. NBooth

    House of Cards

    That’s just embarrassing.
  7. NBooth

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    My companion and I found the movie kind of dark (or muddy) in the early sections, but it really pops at the climax, which exhibits a creativity that's sadly lacking in most superhero outings these days. I loved this movie to death. Best superhero movie of the year--sure. Best Spider-Man since 2? Almost certainly. But here's what's interesting: it feels like its own thing. The best parts of Homecoming felt like they had been ripped from the Raimi films. This one--even when it directly quotes the Raimi films--never feels like anything except itself. And itself is very good indeed.
  8. NBooth


    I went in expecting to love this movie, but I actually kind of hate it. If it were trashier it would probably be more interesting; as it is, you could pop in any one of James Wan's overbaked melodramatic horror movies and find lots of stuff that's more interesting, more thematically acute, and more visually arresting than the thin gruel this flick offers. I'm particularly angered by the fact that So that's a nope for me.
  9. NBooth

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    I got tired of waiting for Boy Erased to hit streaming, so I went ahead and watched this (I had been planning on doing a double-header). I liked it well enough; it certainly captures a particular kind of subcultural kitsch, unrelated to the conversion therapy stuff. For the rest--well, as Joel points out there's problems with characterization here. Namely, no one in the movie except Cameron has much of a personality (which is an especial problem when, late in the film, a not-unexpected tragedy occurs). I would have liked to see some more development on that end. For her part, Cameron comes into the movie already pretty unconflicted about her sexuality (save for a couple of mid-movie scenes), so she doesn't have much of any journey, herself. Which is--well, it's a problem insofar as she gets to play the role of disaffected outsider looking in at the funny kids who really believe this stuff. I suppose if she did buy into the conversion therapy thing it would be a much darker story, but I found myself wishing that she at least bought it a little for the sake of having some dramatic tension. That said--the performances are pretty delightful, when they have stuff to do.
  10. NBooth


    This show is still bonkers, by the way. Season 3 hasn't been quite on the level of the first two, but it's got some really good stuff going on in it (last week's episode was among the best they've done, in spite of the Veronica plot).
  11. NBooth


    I fell way behind on the show, but I’m caught up now and even managed to write a piece on the whole thing.
  12. NBooth


    I’ll add this: there are some really beautiful shots in this movie. And some wonderfully strange ones.
  13. NBooth


    This movie opens this week in China, so I went to check it out. Somewhere in here there’s a really good movie, as opposed to a barely adequate one. As it is, this flick is way, way overstuffed. It could easily lose thirty minutes and a whole plot-thread and wind up being a stronger movie. But it has a certain shaggy charm, all the same.
  14. NBooth

    Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

    Rick Riordan has memories of this movie.
  15. NBooth

    Boy Erased

    I've not seen this movie (and won't until it hits streaming), but I found this conversation between Kevin Garcia and Garrard Conley to be interesting.