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  1. This is Lynch's magnum opus. I started grinning about fifteen minutes into tonight's episode and didn't stop until the end. Just...beautiful and odd and offputting and wonderful. Thank God for Lynch and Frost and thank God for Showtime.
  2. Confirmed. Copy/paste what I said above, but maybe change the typo.
  3. I don't have a clear idea of Howard's style, either. Based on Willow, I think he could do a pretty good Han Solo movie--if he was in on it from the ground floor. With three weeks left in filming, I have no idea how Howard could even attempt to put a distinctive stamp on the movie.
  4. I mentioned Dolan's first English-language movie over in the thread on It's Only the End of the World. Here's our thread on Laurence Anyways. We don't seem to have a thread on I Killed My Mother, Heartbeats, Tom at the Farm, or Mommy. Anyway. The poster dropped today, which I think is reason enough to give the movie its own thread.
  5. Ron Howard is in.
  6. The Playlist has a clip with some new footage.
  7. I found a lot to admire in this movie; Guinness is as good as might be expected, much of the dialogue is sharp, it looks good. And it's chock-a-block with all sorts of great character-actors. Now, the Criterion essay argues that the social and political stuff in the movie moves it away from being a sentimental flick about living-like-you're-dying, and I can see that. There's certainly commentary here on the ease with which the other characters turn against Bird once they think he's run off (and in the semiotics of names, which I'm sure would prove a fruitful vein of inquiry). The plotting here does seem creaky, though; the twist is far less brutally efficient than it could have been and it doesn't really land, for me. Still. I liked it a lot and am interested to see what others made of it.
  8. So the creative differences where with Kasdan, it seems.
  9. Primarily Rodriguez's generalized antipathy toward the modern world. So I had that on the brain right before diving into the rest of the series. Good connection. And you have leprechauns, djinns, and all sorts of other non-divine personages running around, too. So I wouldn't be surprised if the saints made a showing. FWIW, the book hints at a deeper metaphysical reality beyond the gods, but it's a generalized pantheism, iirc. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I half-remembered your comments when I was making my own.
  10. It may be a bit early for a separate thread, but Damon Lindelof is apparently developing a Watchmen tv series.
  11. 'Dunkirk' Is Christopher Nolan's Shortest Film Since Directorial Debut
  12. Lord and Miller are out.
  13. The movie has a new screenwriter in Christine Lavaf.
  14. I rented this yesterday, so I'll be getting to it tonight.