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  1. I'm inclined to agree.
  2. One of the virtues of this movie is that, since I’m in the process of teaching through Moby-Dick, I can use clips to illustrate some of the chapters on whaling.
  3. Just watched this movie as part of my ongoing immersion in Moby-Dick paraphernalia. It's not terribly good, but it isn't bad. It's pretty, for sure, and the whaling footage is spectacular. I have doubts about the historicity of the framing narrative, and I'm pretty sure the movie conflates Mocha Dick with the whale that sank the Essex, but I guess that's just storytelling. As a middle-of-the-road survival story with lovely seascapes and some of the best whaling action I've seen in any movie related to Moby-Dick, it's a perfectly serviceable piece of work. [EDIT: Ok, I can't resist--anyone who thinks that (1) this movie is a polemic against whaling, and (2) that such a polemic would be a bad thing needs to reconsider both their decision to try criticism and their overall moral compass] [EDIT EDIT: At the same time, given this movie’s connection to Melville, I guess it’s fitting that it be attacked as anti-Christian, since (as I’ve learned recently) that’s how lots of religious papers received Melville back in the day]
  4. FWIW, Audible has been adding lots of Gore Vidal novels lately--mostly from his Narratives of Empire series, but they've also just added Julian, Myra Breckinridge, and Duluth.
  5. Yeah, I agree with this. I also think this season was the best-paced they’ve done yet.
  6. Furman's new album, Twelve Nudes is out and it's really good. AFAIK, Furman still uses he/him pronouns (at least, all the interviews and write-ups I've seen do), so I'll stick with that for now--but the past few albums have really leaned into a sort of queer trans-everything identity, and I think Twelve Nudes is probably Furman's fullest statement in this regard (yes, even more than Transangelic Exodus). It's loud, it's boisterous, it's angry, it's funny. It's just--like I say, really good. And at 45 minutes or so, Twelve Nudes doesn't wear out its welcome.
  7. NBooth

    Boy Erased

    There's a pretty obvious clue as to Sykes' history in one of the early "therapy" sessions; the speaker says something like "What you are struggling with and what your counselors have overcome" and there's a shot with Sykes in the foreground while Jared stares at him from the background. It's not much, but it's certainly there. I finally got around to watching this and it's chilling. Perhaps it's because I'm from a subculture very close to what Jared and his family inhabit. I recognize that kind of humor ("raise your hand if you're worth a dollar"). I recognize the interactions between people. And even though I don't inhabit that world anymore, it's got that same uncomfortable feeling one gets going back to the small town of one's childhood. Which means that the movie plays like a horror movie (to me), and the slow boil from ripped dollar bills to beatings with the Bible seem fairly effective. It's a fine movie. It isn't great, but it's effective at doing what it does.
  8. By the way, here's a link to Wild Nights with Emily, the other not-your-mama's-Emily-Dickinson (and, frankly, the one I would rather see).
  9. I mean, I hate to give the RLM guys credit for anything, but it does sound like the kind of hacky thing Abrams would do.
  10. Honestly, after Sense8 and revisiting the original Matrix (though not, as yet, the rest of their work), I have a lot more respect for the Wachowskis than I did; they're not the empty-headed posers I assumed them to be the first time I watched The Matrix--they're much, much goofier and complicated. Which is to say--if Lana's on-board, I'm not going to dismiss a return to the franchise out-of-hand.
  11. Thanks; I'll send a PM directly.
  12. Totally without realizing that we were on the 200th, I decided to take a swing at teaching Moby Dick this semester. It's a class on "the novel," and I decided to try something I've wanted to do for a long time--take one novel and spend a whole semester on it. I'm starting to get daunted, though, the closer I get and the more I prepare.
  13. NBooth

    Cats: The Movie

    Here's the trailer, btw:
  14. He’s in, he’s Edward Furlong, and apparently that’s awkward.
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