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  1. I started laughing hardly a minute into part 13 and didn't stop until the last 20 minutes. Then started again in the last five.
  2. Initial responses are coming in on Twitter and they sound grim.
  3. Someone somewhere pointed out that Four Quartets shows up in the background of the Audrey scene. And now we know that episode 17 is titled "The Past Dictates the Future." Which makes me think about the opening of "Burnt Norton," of course: And then, a little later: All of which is suggestive, at least.
  4. Vulture has the trailer, which includes a bit of Sufjan Stevens' "Mystery of Love." EDIT: Embedding
  5. This might be of interest around these parts primarily for the Sufjan Stevens connection (that is, Stevens is providing the soundtrack, so here's a link to our thread): Aciman's most recent novel, Enigma Variations is getting a little positive buzz.
  6. Audrey's back, and some viewers aren't happy about it. Case in point. I dunno, perhaps it's because Audrey's return was promised from the start but put off so much that it could never bear the weight of expectations, but there seems to be a bit of discontent floating around. I don't buy it. For one thing, I think the character is a thoroughly natural development of what we saw previously. For another, her husband is almost literally the freaking worst, so she seemed less shrewish here than reasonably incensed. Anyway. The show is definitely settled into a more traditionally Twin Peaks rhythm at this point, including a wonderful scene featuring Sarah Palmer and another featuring Ben Horne and Frank Truman. And the Audrey scene. Oh, and a lovely scene with Carl Rodd, who's another one of these characters that has become unexpectedly central in certain ways. The "don't sell your blood" scene should probably be filed with the other examples of good-goodness as opposed to ironic or subverted goodness in the Lynch canon. I halfway expected Dougie to go away in this episode, since the title was "Let's Rock," but now I'm back to thinking we're going to have him with us until episode 16 or 17. Which, honestly, I'm pretty happy with.
  7. Yeah, I'm getting a little weary of the triple-Chris shtick. It's cool to see someone less typical in this kind of role.
  8. Between this and the Salinger biopic, Hoult seems to be developing a very particular niche.
  9. Well, I mean at least giving Spock secret siblings is totally consistent with the way the series has always worked.
  10. Ok.... Not sure how I feel about the shoot-first thematics implied here, but whatever.
  11. I would watch a movie centered on Bubble.
  12. This is a very, very mixed bag. Gorgeous, and definitely a movie to be seen in 3D. But the plot, once it starts resolving, is inelegantly handled and the leads are both terribly lovely but almost entirely without personality. Not a movie I can imagine playing well on home viewing.
  13. I'm visiting friends this weekend and decided to pitch a visit to the movies. The movie I pitched was definitely Valerian.
  14. It may be a little early for a thread, but I suspect that a few folks around here dig Emily Dickinson, so this news should be of interest: Cynthia Nixon's playing Dickinson in Terence Davies' biopic A Quiet Passion. Full confession: I can't stand Dickinson. I find her way too mannered and sing-songy. But I'm still kind of interested in seeing how this project turns out. EDIT: How does one edit tags? I ran Dickinson and Nixon together....
  15. I'm a year late, but Lindsay Ellis (the artist formerly known as Nostalgia Chick) has an in-depth look at Phantom and its numerous stylistic failings. It's been forever since I saw the movie, but I enjoy Ellis's discussion. [One thing she doesn't mention is that the framing device in the Phantom movie seems to also owe a lot to the framing device in Ronny Yu's 1995 film The Phantom Lover, itself an adaptation of the original Phantom novel. I don't know for certain that Shumacher was riffing on Yu; it could be that Yu was in some way riffing on the musical, even though his movie is a remake of an earlier Chinese adaptation of Phantom. Anyway, there's some sort of a connection]
  16. Btw, those are good points, M. I'm chewing them over still. Meanwhile.
  17. Rebekah Del Rio was in last night's episode;
  18. They're calling her the Thirteenth Doctor, which means that both times we've seen a Thirteenth Doctor the actor has been a woman.
  19. Jodie Whittaker becomes the first woman to play the Doctor. Which reminds me that I really need to watch this most recent season.
  20. Maybe this is the first movie in the Pilgrim's Progress Cinematic Universe.
  21. Well, this movie doesn't have the heart of the Raimi films, but it does have Michael Keaton giving his best-ever performance as a Birdman and Tom Holland being as charming and enthusiastic as in Civil War, so I'll call it even. My favorite part of the movie, actually, occurs toward the end and is a close facsimile of a scene in the first Spider-Man. Curiously, though, I couldn't help but notice how claustrophobic this movie feels compared to the Raimi flicks. Ironically, I think it's because this Spider-man is part of the MCU. As a result, where Raimi worked to anchor his movies in the texture of New York City and make them feel like they could be occurring in the real world, this movie is content with sticking Peter Parker into the plastic world of The Avengers. So, even though the action is bigger and the animation more lifelike, the movie feels generally closed-in. Similarly--and this is what I mean by "heart"--the characters don't seem to have the emotional vitality that Raimi gave them. Even when Peter should be upset, late in the movie, he seems merely a little piqued. Which, y'know, is very MCU. But it makes the movie poorer and less likely to stay in the memory. Still, though. It didn't make me mad (Civil War) or feel like it squandered its setup (Guardians 2), so it's generally a win. EDIT: Nothing in the movie is a patch on this, though:
  22. Same.
  23. Wound up getting both of these plus Chimes at Midnight.