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    Sean T. Collins makes the (doubtful) assertion that Dune fandom is the last non-toxic fandom: Ok, whatever, I was on the messageboards a few years back and I remember how fans reacted to the Anderson-Herbert collabs. It was certainly not non-toxic. But the article does make a good point about why Dune is such an unlikely franchise-starter. (I decided today, several years after reading Dune, to finally get around to the sequels. We'll see how that goes).
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    Timothee Chalamet in talks to star in Dune.
  3. I’m down for either. Like Evan, I’ve not posted as much lately, but I check in multiple times a day.
  4. I found it passable enough, though by no means essential viewing.
  5. Looking forward to seeing Spider-Man surviving in the wilderness with his pet dog.
  6. Jonathan Kasdan takes over scripting duties.
  7. Ok, so I surprised myself by liking this one. It’s got some pretty substantial pacing issues, but it’s miles better than either of the previous two movies in this series. And there was some proper dismemberment, which my inner adolescent appreciates. So. It’s not great, but it’s an improvement.
  8. Looks less like a modern retelling than a direct adaptation in modern dress. Weirdly, from the trailer, a lot of that direct reskinning seems to work. But the stuff that doesn’t really sticks out (“Marmie”? “Oh, how I’ve missed my little ones”).
  9. I need to rewatch Bright Star. You're the third or fourth person in as many months that I've seen praise it.
  10. I'm feeling similarly. Of course, after the drearily pious A Quiet Passion, this might be a more interesting take. My own conviction is that they should just not make movies or TV shows about poets. No one ever gets it right.
  11. NBooth

    A Quiet Passion

    Link to our thread on Dickinson, the upcoming Apple TV series starring Hailee Steinfeld.
  12. Hailee Steinfeld to Play Emily Dickinson for New Apple Series Link to our thread on A Quiet Passion, the Cynthia Nixon-starring Dickinson biopic.
  13. This movie is a landmark, at least, in that it's the first Star Wars movie since The Phantom Menace that I've decided to just wait for home video before I watch it.
  14. One of the nice things about the Suchet series ending is that we're getting more varied portrayals of Poirot. Link to our thread on the John Malkovich-led (!) The ABC Murders.
  15. John Malkovich is playing Poirot! I'm thrilled. Suchet is great (though he has his limits, as Queering Agatha Christie--an excellent recent study--points out). But, since Finney, the major trend has been toward more genial, friendly portrayals of Poirot (Ustinov the avuncular, Suchet the lonely, Branagh the soulful). I've come to admire the weird, alien, unlikable Poirot Finney gave us in Murder on the Orient Express, and I'm really hoping Malkovich brings back some of that spikiness. EDIT: Here's our thread for the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express.
  16. Walter Chaw hates it. [Spoilers, but--really. It's Solo.]
  17. I’ve worked my thoughts above into a two-years-later review at Rise Up Daily.
  18. Lindsay Ellis has an excellent three-part series on The Hobbit. Here's the first one.
  19. Saw it. It's relentlessly ok. It isn't great, or even good--but it isn't the Death of Cinema, either. It's just--there. Some funny bits. Some genuinely astounding settings (the star forge). Lots of uninteresting action. An ending that should be affecting but isn't (apart from Tom Holland's performance). A villain who isn't interesting, in spite of all the advance hype. A conclusion that suggests the next movie will feature Matt Smith popping out of a TARDIS and doing some timey-wimey stuff. I did have fun, but the overall impression was of exhaustion.
  20. Link to our thread on the newly-announced Sherlock Holmes 3.
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