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  1. BLOW OUT takes place in Philadelphia on the fictional Liberty Day - a special celebration, marking 100 years since the Liberty Bell was last rung. I don't know if the date shows up in the film, but I found this: The Philadelphia Public Ledger, February 26, 1846: "The old Independence Bell rang its last clear note on Monday last in honor of the birthday of Washington and now hangs in the great city steeple irreparably cracked and dumb." Feb 26 was a Thursday in 1846, so the preceding Monday - the date of the last ringing of the Independence Bell - would have been Feb 23. No idea why they celebrated George's birthday the day after his birthday, which was February 22. (Actually, he was born Feb 11, but that was under the old Julian calendar; when they switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, his birthday became February 22). I do realize that Washington's Birthday is always celebrated on a Monday, but that only began in 1968 when the Monday Holiday Law shifted several national observances from their specific dates to Mondays, providing more long weekends. Washington's celebration was moved to the third Monday of February, ensuring that it could never fall on his actual birthday, since the third Monday in February can never be celebrated later than February 21. So I'm going to go with February 23, 1846 as the date of the last ringing of the Liberty Bell, citing the Philadelphia Public Ledger. That said, while the film could be set in February judging by the clothing, it's definitely not set in 1946. But there you go. I figure the screenwriter just thought it was a cool idea that the voice of liberty had been silenced for a hundred years - so who cares about history, right? (I watched the film a few years ago with Jan Kiesser and some other friends. Jan was camera operator on the shoot, and had all kinds of great stories to tell. But I don't remember noticing any dates in the movie.)
  2. 11.22.63 From Stephen King time travel novel about Lee Harvey Oswald et al. A true Date Movie, with a title that's nothing but a date.
  3. THE BAD BATCH There's a night scene between the overly pretty blonde girl and the overly muscular Cuban cannibal, where two dates are painted on a rock behind them: June 7 and September 12. Both have years as well, but I didn't make a point of memorizing those.
  4. April 15, 2013
  5. I would normally assume 6-10-21 would be June 10, if the film is made in North America. But yeah, interesting observation about the release date...
  6. CONQUEST OF SPACE Delicious 1955 space travel flick shows two dates on clock faces, December 25 (when a miraculous snow storm arrives just as the crew, stranded on Mars, have run out of water) and July 8 (when they flee Mars because of an earthquake).
  7. Every now and then a friend named John (no, not you, Mr Drew) sends me a list of movies with dates. Here's a bumper crop, only a couple of which we've already got. Note that they're in alphabetical order. My kind of guy. Animal Crackers (Marx Bros) 2/2 (48:48) 6/9 (1:13:31) 6/5/1774 (1:17:04) The Big Parade (1925) 5/15/1918 (1:10:25) Blind Chance (Kieslowski 1987) 6/26/1956 (1:02:10) 6/17/1956 (1:24:13) 7/10 + 7/9 (1:55:39) Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid 8/14/1946 (1:16:00) A Farewell To Arms (1932) 11/4/1918 (1:20:49) Hangmen Also Die 5/29/1942 (1:15:43) 5/29/1942 (1:33:09) 12/6/1906 (1:21:37) The Haunting (1963) 10/21/1873 (1:18:21) Horse Feathers (Marx Bros) 1/10-21 (calendar) (1:26:35) The Idolmaker 3/17/1961 (1:38:09) It Came From Outer Space 2/11 (50:30) Kansas City Confidential 5/22 (26:45) 10/14 (1:03:08) A New Leaf 6/15/1969 (5:36) 7/27 (27:50) Night Train To Munich 7/27 (18:59) Perfect Understanding 5/15 (1:18:36) Phantom Of The Paradise 12/4/1974 (25:20) 12/9/1974 (42:09 + 44:21)) 11/18/1953 (1:16:10) Pimpernel Smith 8/16 43:00 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon 7/4/1876 (calendar) (5:38) 9/10/1834-6/2/1867 (tombstone) (13:38) 5/10/1876 (1:15:08) Sorcerer 6/19/76 (1:02:31) 5/18/76-78 passport photo (1:54:07) The Sterile Cuckoo 10/14/1964 (23:58) 10/5/1889 (on tombstone) (28:11)
  8. Excellent1 I missed that one, but saw another poster in the bar dated October 6th (or was it the 9th?), and noticed that the young poet in the alley writes her poems in a diary, one page of which she has dated October 9th (or was it the 6th?).
  9. THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET Feb 15, 1845 - Robert Browning meets Elizabeth Barrett. She reads from letter: "...have taken it upon myself to select February the 15th to meet you - that's today!..." (Though they actually met on May 20th, 1845) Also shown is their wedding, which occurred September 12, 1846.
  10. DASH AND LILY Includes a number of events that can be dated, though only one is shown onscreen: there is a title card for May 21, 1952, when Lillian Helmann testifies before the HUAC. 1120 1934 Children's Hour premiere 0111 1941 Margaret Frohnknecht / Arthur Kober wedding 0709 1951 Hammett found guilty of Contempt of Court 0710 1951 "He just walked into court yesterday morning" 1209 1951 3:55 Hammett paroled 0519 1952 Hellman letter to HUAC 0521 1952 Hellman HUAC testimony 1123 1960 Night before Thanksgiving, 30th anniversary of first meeting 1124 1960 Thanksgiving, 30th anniversary of first meeting 0112 1961 Thu Hammett Funeral service 0113 1961 Fri Hammett buried in Arlington
  11. Yeah, we all know each other. That said, who knows who might know somebody? I like the look and sound of the film - is it good?
  12. Burning Bush (dir Agnieszka Holland) Jan 16, 1969: Czech student protestor Jan Palach sets himself on fire in protest Probably lots of other dates findable, but that one's the incident that sets everything else in motion, and is featured prominently as a title in the trailer.
  13. Email from my local (and only remaining) video store, about the events surrounding JULY (not June, pace Quint) the 29th, 1941: USS Indianapolis - What Nic Cage movie do we have for you this week? Well, how about the one where he's a WWII navy guy on a secret mission in the Pacific and his ship gets sunk? Not good enough? Well, what if I told you that him and a bunch of other guys spent 5 days in shark infested waters? Interested now aren't you? Based on actual things!
  14. OUT OF THE FURNACE On a TV in a bar early in the film we see Edward Kennedy speaking at the 2008 Democratic convention, a speech which took place August 25 of that year, according to Kennedy's website.
  15. Good catch. Thanks for prompting me to see it.