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  1. THE DRESSER (1983) At the opening of the movie, the title character polishes a silver plate commemorating a performance of Hamlet, 21st March, 1929
  2. Hotel Artemis (2018) "On June 21, 2028, a riot breaks out in Los Angeles over the city's water privatization..."
  3. ROMA New Year's Eve, 1970 June 10, 1971 - the Corpus Christi massacre
  4. Seems to me it would be difficult to come up with a more obscure film than this, and it's a documentary, so not quite on target for the project. Still, it's a film entirely concerned with a single day, so... I heard about it on the Film Comment podcast (where they specialize in out-obscuring each other). One fellow saw this at a documentary festival in Amsterdam where they screen something like 400 films a year? And this was one of the entries. Wednesday 19.7.1961 (dir. Victor Kossakovsky) At the heart of this film lies the notion that life is a lottery. For an entire year, Victor Kossakovsky searched for inhabitants of St. Petersburg who were born on Wednesday, July 19, 1961, his own birthday, in former Leningrad. He found that this particular day saw the birth of 51 women and 50 men. Some of them were no longer living, while others had moved to another city or abroad. But in 1995, Kossakovsky managed to capture 74 remaining residents on film, in the streets, at work, behind the wheel of their cars or in cramped apartments. He meets doctors and patients, entertainers and businessmen, construction workers and homeless people. He films some merely in passing, but spends considerable time with others. A couple in recovery that’s about to have a baby constitutes a form of leitmotif. In his own unorthodox style, Kossakovsky has produced a beautiful portrait of a random group of thirtysomethings in St. Petersburg in the first decade after the collapse of Communism.
  5. THE LAST PICTURE SHOW (1:21:30 ) Aug 17, 1956 Adlai Stevenson accepts Democratic nomination
  6. READY PLAYER ONE Jan 7, 2040 Death of James Halliday Feb 11, 2045 Date on flux capacitor at the start of the race July 4 Fourth of July ball at the Overlook Aug 12, 2027 Birth of Wade Owen Watts "Curator, can we see November 22 to November 27, 2025... The week he went out with Kira?" November 25, 2025 The date James Halliday watched The Shining Dec 2 "It's six days before OASIS went live."
  7. The 15:17 To Paris In the early evening of August 21, 2015, the world watched in stunned silence as the media reported a thwarted terrorist attack on Thalys train #9364 bound for Paris...
  8. HOSTILES When the Captain is given the orders that set the story in motion, there's the date of July 27. It may be the date of the letter, or it may be the date on a newspaper. There's also some scripture read at a graveside, fairly early in the film; amazingly enough, not one of the two or three Bible passages screenwriters seem to know. I forget which. But that's for another list...
  9. LOGAN LUCKY Jun 4 - date originally planned for the heist (21:00) they have to move it up (earlier) one week (42:00) "Memorial Day" (1:05:50) the day of the heist "April 15" (1:38:20) mentioned, but I don't remember what they said happened that day. It's mentioned when the FBI agents are figuring out the timing leading up to the event. "May 28" (mentioned soon after 1:38:20) - the date of the heist, which was Memorial Day. So the movie takes place in 2012 or 2018. There's also mention early on of Christmas, and it turns out that's the entry code for the tunnels: 1225
  10. OPERATION PETTICOAT Adm. Matt Sherman: "19 December 1941: Repairs progressing. Crew morale high, except for their concern that our supply officer might be caught and shot. My emotions about this are mixed...." According to Wikipedia, the story begins December 10, 1941.
  11. COMRADES: A LOVE STORY The final sequence takes place on the streets of NYC, when the news breaks of the death of Chinese pop star Teresa Teng - May 8, 1995.
  12. THE SQUARE "May 30/31" mentioned in interview Exhibition will open September 15 (dialogue, after pickpocket sequence)
  13. BATTLE OF THE SEXES Oct 4, 1971 – President Nixon congratulates Billie Jean King by telephone Then a sequence of events that are hard to pin down: There's a radio news item about a tennis match (I forget which one) that also mentions the Yankees going on the road with an 0-3 record after being swept by the Red Sox. Those losses were Apr 6/7/8, 1973 - so the broadcast would have been April 8 or 9. Then there's some Billie Jean King tennis in San Diego - difficult to date, but it didn't happen in April 1973. Then Margaret Court defeats Billie Jean King in Los Angeles. If that could be dated, we'd have two dates, because it's preceded by an "If you beat her tomorrow" sequence. But I can't find any evidence of Margaret Court playing BJK in Los Angeles. Then an easy date, May 13, 1973: Bobby Riggs defeats Margaret Court in the "Mothers Day Massacre" Then the announcement of the Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs "Battle Of The Sexes" match Then Sep 19, 1973: Houston, day before match Sep 20, 1973: King vs Riggs
  14. THE DISASTER ARTIST Shown onscreen as titles: Jul 13, 1998 (first acting class) Nov 9, 1998 (moving to L.A.) May 19, 2001 (completed script for "The Room") June 27, 2003 (premiere of "The Room") August 20 is also shown in a newspaper casting notice for the film Okay, now here's where my note-taking takes a confounding turn. The date is also given for the first day of shooting but, unfortunately, I wasn't certain if it was June 12 or June 22, 2002. An imprecision which compounds itself, as many scenes that follow are titled according to the shooting day. Grrr. So I'll give the alternate possible dates, and someday someone will be able to confirm the actual "Day One" of shooting. Jun 12 or 22: Day 1 Jun 19 or 29: Day 8 Jul 6 or 16: Day 25 Jul 17 or 27: Day 36 Aug 2 or 12: Day 52 Aug 8 or 18: Day 58 I'm reading the book "The Disaster Artist," but I'm afraid it doesn't provide shooting dates. It does provide one date. On page 83 he describes the day he and Tommy first move to Los Angeles. "...we hit the highway. It was August 31, 1998. I had known Tommy Wiseau less than a month." The movie decides that the date is November 9. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!??!!! And if Sestero is correct in the book, then the movie is also wrong in dating their "meet cute" at the acting class as July 13, which would of course be more than a month earlier than either Aug 31 or Nov 9. So what's with these movie people? More exhaustive research revealed Sistero to be wrong? Or they just didn't give a rip? After years of paying attention to historical dates shown in movies, I'm betting on the latter.
  15. I think you're right, Peter. I did a google search and came up with Feb 13. But re-searching just now, it came up March 5 (which checks out as a Wednesday), so I have no idea what I did wrong the first time. Thanks for catching that!
  16. MALCOLM X I don't think we've covered this, beyond John noting on on Feb 21, 2015, that the film portrays the assassination, which occurred on Feb 21, 1965. There is likely more we could track down than I've grabbed here, but at least this adds to the list. Oh, and at the very beginning of the thread Darrel cited May 19, which was Malcolm's birth date, but I don't believe that's actually shown in the film. (Oh, I'm wrong! There's a dialogue mention: "May 19 we celebrate Malcolm X's birthday..." ) The film opens with footage of the Rodney King beating, which occurred March 3, 1991. June 18, 1941 is Joe Louis' first victory over Billy Conn, winning the World Light Heavyweight title. April 26, 1957: Johnson Hinton beaten by police, Malcolm X leads a crowd who demand Hinton's transfer to hospital. The transfer to Sydenham Hospital in Harlem occurred on the morning of April 27. There's also a newspaper with a date on it which I'd need BluRay to read. The headline is MALCOLM X FILES MILLION DOLLAR SUIT.
  17. LADY BIRD Begins in 2002 (which she likes because it's a palindrome). So the Thanksgiving scene would be November 28, and I think we also see the morning after Thanksgiving? There's a poster showing the dates of the play (Dec 6/7/8), and we see the events of opening night. We see Christmas morning. There's a dateable TV news report for something in early 2003, and we see the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday, which in 2003 would be February 13. <BUT THIS WAS POSTED IN ERROR: ASH WEDNESDAY IN 2003 WAS ON MARCH 5. THANKS, PTC>
  18. I really liked WONDERSTRUCK, so I'll be watching it again once it's on DVD. There are several dates noted quite prominently, including February 18 - which I remember because it's my daughter's birthday.
  19. Absolutely! I saw the movie yesterday, and I love the way the June date shows up - on the carved horse, on the base of the tree, and other places (if I'm right?). Bet I use 'em all!
  20. Fantastic! When I think of favourite Date Movies, Taxi Driver comes to mind right away. The amazing voice over sequences: "May tenth. Thank God for the rain..." "May twenty-sixth, 4:00 pm. I took Betsy to Charles coffee shop..." "June eighth. My life has taken another turn again..." "June twenty-ninth. I gotta get in shape now..." There's also an election banner for the Presidential primaries, "Register July 20th New Yor--" Dialogue: "I hear Palantine got the nomination." / "Yeah. Won't be long now. Seventeen days." Since the 1976 Presidential election was November 2nd, this conversation occurred October 16th. How great to add another date! Can't wait to find it in the movie.
  21. My movie buddy who sends me a fresh list of movie dates every now and then just emailed another batch. Some we've already nabbed, others are fresh... Captain Fantastic 4/23/1974-7/15/2015 (Tombstone) (1:40:00) A Child Is Waiting 3/6/1959 (37:42) 9/6/1959 ((39:51) It’s Always Fair Weather 10/11/1955 (13:36 + 17:57) Mysterious Mr. Moto 9/12 (34:00) Of Human Bondage [1934 film] 4/6/1933 (1:16:55) On The Beach 8/6 (1:03:26) Operation Petticoat 12/23/1941 (1:15:23) 12/31/41(1:20:43&1:21) 1/3/42 (1:44:43) The Picture Of Dorian Grey 11/9 (1:03:31) Patterns 10/3+11/7 (32:56) The Scar [aka Hollow Triumph 1948)2/1-28 (dates in ledger) (58:33) Think Fast, Mr. Moto 2/13 (13:09) The Wrong Man 1/14/1953 (1:07) (others dates later but didn’t get them down)
  22. THE CHOSEN May 8, 1945 - V.E. Day Nov 29, 1947 - United Nations votes to establish state of Israel
  23. SIMON BIRCH "October 30th, 1964. Our team was getting beaten badly..." Owen Meany... er, I mean, Simon Birch... hits a foul ball with dire consequences.
  24. Experiment In Terror Ticket to ball game at Candlestick Park: Aug 8, 1961
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