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  1. Well, I had been thinking about movie ideas for a long time, but for some reason it never occurred to me to actually make one myself. Well one day it did. And since that day I've had a serious passion for becoming a professional filmmaker. I've been educating myself all about film. The first one is kind of like a twilight zone episode. It is shot on a cheap JVC miniDV camera. Everyone was volunteer. I wrote the script and storyboarded the whole thing and then just started filming. Filming it was fantastic, at least when everyone showed up and knew their lines. lol Overall alot of fun. I edited it on my computer, an athlon 850 with 512 mb of ram, using Vegas 3.0 in the beginning and finishing up with vegas 5.0 at the end. It was a great learning experience. I really didn't know much of anything about movies when i started that film and I learned a huge amount. The actors are just friends of mine, but some give some decent performances. The cop was perfect, and he was an actual police detective at the time. The most difficult shot was definitely the one looking down on kate when she is laying on the bed, and then the camera rotates down 90 degrees while also twisting 90 degrees. Was worth it though, and definitely the most memorable shot in the film. The 2nd film was made up of a bunch of footage that some friends and I ran out and shot one night just for fun. Then later, my composer made a song that turned out to be pretty freaky. I got the idea to combine the 2 and I edited the footage to go along with the music. It turned out pretty good. The images and the music go perfectly together. I guess that's about all. I have a couple more short films I'm shooting in the next couple of months, and I just finished the rough draft for a feature length film that I'm hoping to shoot in the summer. Lots of work in preproduction to do. Let me know what you guys think of those 2. Thanks Eric
  2. Go to www.astrophe.com to watch my first 2 films in their entirety. The first is called "9" and is similar to a twilight zone episode. The 2nd is called "night has broken" and is a bunch of interesting and kinda creepy images set to music. Kind of a glorified music video. The first is about 26 minutes, and the 2nd is about 8 minutes. I would appreciate some feedback. Will be interesting to see what you guys think, and to hear your constructive criticism. Just keep in mind that the first was a big learning experience, and I had no idea what I was doing when i started it. Thanks Eric
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