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  1. Spoilers! Rather than commenting on the story, which is ripe for commentary, I'll mention a couple elements of the production design that REALLY BUGGED ME: 1. Harrison Ford's bachelor pad in Vegas... why is it so clean? It's in an abandoned casino, I guess, but despite the fact that everything around it looks terrible, inside there is no dust, everything is shiny and polished like in a Dean Martin movie, and all the equipment functions perfectly. Really? 2. More egregiously, the final fight takes place after the car crashes on a sea wall. But throughout the entire fight, the water is pristine. No debris. No algae. No tiny or big particles floating in the water. It looks like they're fighting in a virgin Icelandic spring. Are we to believe that the entire world has gone to sh*t but somehow mankind has succeeded in cleaning up the oceans off the coast of California? I wish I hadn't been distracted by these things.
  2. Rave. http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/blade-runner-2049-2017
  3. Just like last time, they're making the album artwork a family affair. The new single cover, featuring Edge's daughter Sian, is below, along with the rumored album cover, featuring both Sian and Bono's son Eli, as seen on the recent JT30 tour. I like the family imagery, but the "child wearing a military helmet" motif is tired.
  4. The December 1 date is pretty solid. I helped work on this story for U2songs.com, and the Irish Sun literally stole it. No joke. Tabloid bastards. http://www.u2songs.com/news/songs_of_experience_update1
  5. Like so many movies lately, I liked the first half of this (precisely because the action was just a rehash of the early Alien movies) and the second half really fell apart for me. SPOILER QUESTION: If David at the end of the film wants to wipe out humanity, why mess around with planting the alien embryos in the cryo chamber? Why not just kill everyone on board the ship while they're sleeping and destroy all the human embryos? I'm sure there's something that explains all of this in the copious dialogue that came before.
  6. Very sad news. I thought he transitioned out of the grunge ghetto more elegantly than anyone else. His James Bond song was one of the absolute best.
  7. I really disliked it as well. (The Pirates of the Caribbean analogy is spot on.) I felt like a cranky old man watching this. It's too loud! There's too much happening on screen! What planet are they on? Are they even on a planet? Does it even freaking matter? Wait, was that actually David Hasselhoff? Never have I been so glad to emerge from a dark theater and re-enter the real world.
  8. I feel almost exactly the same way! I kind of liked this when I saw it on the big screen, but when I watched it again on disc it was a major disappointment. It's 80 minutes of painful exposition followed by a pretty, but largely forgettable, space battle. That scene with Mads Mikkelson talking on and on... and on and on and on via hologram reaches almost Jar Jar levels of cringe-worthiness.
  9. I like it too, despite the fact that: 1. The camp factor--complete with Led Zep soundtrack--seems imported from Guardians of the Galaxy and 2. The "look--former teammates are now fighting each other!" motif seems imported from the last Captain America movie
  10. Here the director tries to convince us that the entire end of the movie was reshot because the original version had a third act that was "a bit too long." https://www.yahoo.com/news/director-rogue-one-reveals-exactly-232155616.html
  11. morgan1098

    Skull Island

    I missed the post-credits tag but read about it later. I knew going in that this was tied to Godzilla somehow. Actually, when John C. Reilly's character kept making cryptic references to "a bigger one" lurking on the island, I thought Godzilla might actually make a cameo in this movie!
  12. morgan1098

    Skull Island

    I thought it was fun. Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious throughout, even more so than John C. Reilly. There are a lot of movie stars in this! I enjoyed it a lot more than Jackson's version. The opening scenes in places like Shanghai and Bangkok just after the end of the Vietnam war were more fleshed out than I was expecting. I enjoyed those as much as anything that happened on Skull Island. The post-war military industrial complex vibe of this movie was interesting.
  13. People on Twitter are apparently freaking out that the two movie titles form a sentence: "The Force awakens the last Jedi..." And then of course there's all kinds of funny speculation about what the title of Episode 9 will be. https://www.yahoo.com/news/twitter-realized-star-wars-movie-231359605.html
  14. I saw this one today and liked it. McAvoy is great in the most over-the-top way possible. I also thought the girl from The Witch was good. LOL about that ending! After seeing it I read a few professional reviews to see how they addressed that ending without giving anything away, and a couple handled it quite creatively. It reminded me of Cloverfield Lane for numerous reasons. I think both films lost their momentum during the final moments.
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