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  1. I like it too, despite the fact that: 1. The camp factor--complete with Led Zep soundtrack--seems imported from Guardians of the Galaxy and 2. The "look--former teammates are now fighting each other!" motif seems imported from the last Captain America movie
  2. Here the director tries to convince us that the entire end of the movie was reshot because the original version had a third act that was "a bit too long."
  3. I missed the post-credits tag but read about it later. I knew going in that this was tied to Godzilla somehow. Actually, when John C. Reilly's character kept making cryptic references to "a bigger one" lurking on the island, I thought Godzilla might actually make a cameo in this movie!
  4. I thought it was fun. Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious throughout, even more so than John C. Reilly. There are a lot of movie stars in this! I enjoyed it a lot more than Jackson's version. The opening scenes in places like Shanghai and Bangkok just after the end of the Vietnam war were more fleshed out than I was expecting. I enjoyed those as much as anything that happened on Skull Island. The post-war military industrial complex vibe of this movie was interesting.
  5. People on Twitter are apparently freaking out that the two movie titles form a sentence: "The Force awakens the last Jedi..." And then of course there's all kinds of funny speculation about what the title of Episode 9 will be.
  6. I saw this one today and liked it. McAvoy is great in the most over-the-top way possible. I also thought the girl from The Witch was good. LOL about that ending! After seeing it I read a few professional reviews to see how they addressed that ending without giving anything away, and a couple handled it quite creatively. It reminded me of Cloverfield Lane for numerous reasons. I think both films lost their momentum during the final moments.
  7. Everyone keeps talking about that shot not being in the film, but I don't think it's representative of all the missing footage. I mean, at least Jyn does still don an Imperial uniform in the movie, even though that shot doesn't appear. There is SO MUCH other footage missing. In fact, just this weekend my FB newsfeed was filled with a "See it again!" trailer from Disney/Lucasfilm, and it continues to show shots of Jyn fighting AT-ATs on the beach. The "iconic" shot of Jyn kind of reminds me of this promo shot of Luke from ESB, which was never in the film either. I always thought it was weird that he was cupping his hand around the hot part of the blade.
  8. I know nothing about this movie but as I was perusing the forum just now this is what I saw before I clicked on the title. Ha!
  9. Heh, sorry! I wasn't criticizing your post for spoilers, I was giving warning that the post I was about to write contained them, i.e. details about the AT-AT battle.
  10. Spoilers! The AT-AT fight at the end seemed strangely disjointed and truncated, no doubt because of the changes and re-shoots. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it event. As you noted, a couple of the longest and best shots were in the trailer and they didn't even end up in the movie. I was disappointed. Also, this causes another issue of continuity with the original trilogy. In this new movie, the X-Wings swoop in and make mincemeat of the AT-ATs... blowing them in half, blowing their legs off, etc. We know from ESB that the Snowspeeders couldn't make a dent in the AT-AT's armor, but there were X-Wings on Hoth, though, so WHY DIDN'T THE REBELS USE THEM??? As for the movie itself, I might have liked it just slightly more than Overstreet's "meh." But just barely. The first half seemed needlessly heavy on exposition. The battle at the end was visually stunning, though. I would have liked it a lot more, especially the ground battle, if again, I wasn't looking for shots and scenarios from the trailers that never made it to the final cut.
  11. No kidding. From "lobotomized and half-baked" to "the best SW movie since The Empire Strikes Back."
  12. At the 1:24 mark in that trailer Spidey's friend drops his Lego Death Star. The cross-promotion is mind-boggling!
  13. I remember in more than one article, Roger Ebert took David Lynch to task for making Isabella Rosselini do certain things in "Blue Velvet." He specifically mentions a scene where she has to walk down a city street naked and Ebert suggests this happened more or less "against her will," and was an act of humiliation for the actress, not just her character.
  14. I think the biggest issue in this election was Bernie. Regardless of who turned out for Trump, the turnout for Hillary was anemic, she had less women, less African Americans, etc. than Obama. Bernie had a true grassroots movement going and it was stolen from him by the machinations of the DNC. A lot of people eventually got on board with Hillary, but many did not. The wounds over the rigged nomination process were deep. I'm not saying they all voted for Trump, but they sure as hell didn't vote for Hillary. Probably 3rd party or no one. There's plenty of blame to go around for what's about to happen.
  15. Oh man! Someone else was in my office geeking out and distracting me and I somehow got distracted and thought the Imperial guy in the white coat was her father. Sorry, my bad. Watching it again now it's obvious.