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  1. Thanks so much for that background, Andrew. I agree with your take that the confrontation scene is stronger without that angle--it's so dense as it is, and I won't forget how the intensity of those exchanges just left the whole theater gobsmacked. Add this one to the Pantheon of Films With Final Scenes in Prisons With Divine Gracenotes--this film, L'ENFANT, PICKPOCKET.
  2. Hey, Doug! I will definitely catch up with this one soon. We missed it theatrically, but it did prompt me to finally get around to seeing ATTACK THE BLOCK, which made me regret not prioritizing it all the more. Candidly, the trailer didn't really draw me in, but Cornish's involvement would have sold me if I'd not been sleeping on his last film. Now he just needs to not wait so long before making his next one.
  3. You're in Beale Street, baby. I need to read Baldwin's novel to give credit where it's due, but Jenkins's screenplay is so amazing. Did anybody see a jaw-droppingly better-written scene this year than the one those quotes came from? Not this guy.
  4. I've skipped the last several sales, but it makes sense for me to pick up a few titles for the girls to give me for Christmas. Everybody wins. So I grabbed PHOENIX, but the other two I really want--PERSONAL SHOPPER and NASHVILLE--were not in stock at the store I went to.
  5. Oh, great. Now you're going to put it on hold and I won't be able to renew it. Yeah, we're having a lot of fun with it. And Daisy legit beat me the first time we played, which always boosts her enthusiasm for a new game.
  6. Hey, Ken! Thanks for stepping up here and taking custody of the site. It's fair to say that A&F was used for many good things--a lot of meaningful discussions of truth and beauty--and I'm glad to see that you cared to try to nurse the site back to health, or at the least to make sure it didn't dissolve into the ether. Truthfully, I'm fine with whatever regarding alternate accounts, but agree with you that less rules are likely better than more with regard to these kinds of things.
  7. We're loving MACHI KORO at my house. My 8 y.o. is a board game freak, and our library lends boardgames, so we get to try out some games we'd be too afraid to buy. Have got PATCHWORK and EX LIBRIS on loan now. Found 7 WONDERS on clearance at Target for $15 and am saving it to give her for Christmas.
  8. So this one time in summer 2004, I made a fake account to take good-natured shots at Stef Loy and received temporary "termination of access privileges." If I held grudges, I'd advocate for that provision to get redlined.
  9. Russ

    A Quiet Place

    Well, we have a pretty good idea... ;)
  10. My wife and 13 year-old daughter started it yesterday and are really enjoying it. My wife couldn't say enough about Jared Harris's performance.
  11. Yeah, I'm with Anders. I took a college film class in ye olde autumne of Year of Our Lord 1991 that used the then-current version of Bordwell and Thompson's FILM ART, and it's still one of my favorite film books. Nice combination of film history and history of techniques, with discussion of the two woven together and tons of illustrative screen captures. It's a book that your students who get hooked on the film thing will refer to forever.
  12. I'm imagining now Doctor Mister activating the Eye of Agamotto and time twisting backwards until the thread reappears out of the ether followed by Steve sucking an expletive back into his mouth and reversing his ill-fated keystroke. BTW, Peter and I exchanged some comments on the twitter dot com about this, but part of what I think is so thrilling about the action sequences in DOCTOR STRANGE is that they reverse what we've all come to hate so much about high-stakes action films: the destructo-porn crumbling of city blocks and tall buildings, presumably stuffed with unseen people. This film literally reverses that awful cliche, and the thrill level is much higher, without the attendant disgust. If anybody else has already made that point, apologies, but I think it's a big reason why the action scenes work better than they have in any Marvel movie I've seen to date.
  13. This comparison really excites me. The soccer field scene is pretty amazing.
  14. This is most certainly true. The first sentence, I mean. The good news is that the roar is significantly less intense now that I've misplaced some weight, but the bad news is that my nose and throat seem determined to retain my Permanent Snorer status, which is something that I really need to start disclosing to people in advance of falling asleep in their proximity. If there's a bright side, I think you only ever had to endure one or two nights consecutive in the din. I've only ever stayed in TOR at the Clarence Castle, the bunkbeds-and-granola bars hostel that Doug introduced us to. Over the course of the five or six trips that I made this arrangement became troublesome bordering on creepy from the Wooderson Effect-- I kept getting older while the rest of the hostel's occupants stayed the same. The year that I went for a week--2009--I reliably left early every morning for movies while the rest of the room slept and came back close to midnight. I only ran into my "roomates" a couple times, and near the end of the week one Euro guy, seemingly egged on by others being in the room, wanted to passive-aggressively start something with me over the snoring. I felt bad. I'd been trying to sleep on my stomach to make it better, but I guess it didn't work. I felt certain that I was gonna get Private Pyled, but it didn't happen. Miss you, Ken.
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