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  1. That's right. Moments afterward, something inside me told me it wasn't really that funny, and would be an unnecessary distraction.
  2. Thanks! That was exactly the image I was trying to get.
  3. Gosh. Can't believe I just remembered this. Right after Jaws 2 came out-- a film I had not seen, but I had bought and read and reread the Marvel magazine-sized adaptation-- I started writing a story called Jaws 3. It begins, as you might imagine, with Brody going to chase another shark, and his wife protesting. The enraged Mrs. Brody tells the Chief he can take all this dangerous living and "shove it up a shark's butt." Brody asks, "Does a shark have a butt?" The Mrs. counters, "Then shove it up yours!" She then "turned on her heel" and left the room. My dad thought that was hilarious, I remember, and when one of his friends came over to visit, he made me retrieve my spiral bound notebook from my room.
  4. I get you, and I esteem Jaws really, really highly. Maybe Jaws led to the summer-movie paradigm we suffer under today, but even if that's the case, it's such a great film. (aside: if it didn't make the horror movies list, it should have) My point is, though, that very few individuals at nine years old with XY chromosomes would have had to be talked into seeing Jaws, and the ones who would have resisted would have done so largely because they feared the potential for nightmare fuel, and not because they feared having to see the chief have a polysyllabic conversation with his wife.
  5. See, I read this topic to mean the first "grown-up" movie seen, as defined by some level of talky, non-action-based complexity that would be tagged as "boring" by kids, typically. Along those lines, Raiders, Jaws and Dawn o'the Dead are non-responsive.
  6. *Trying to upload, in response, an image of one of the Babies babies, but being denied permission by the site.*
  7. A couple of years before I saw Gandhi I remember sitting through two different versions of Beau Geste. Looking at the descriptions, I can't be sure which ones they were. WJAC, the Johnstown NBC affiliate, used to program some great things in the 4:00 hour on weekdays, just a little after I got home from school. Godzilla week. Thriller week. Monster movies. I remember looking through the TV Guide when it'd come in the mail to see what was playing in those slots and planning ahead. My sentimental longing for the days when network affiliates programed creatively is tempered by the lingering suspicion that I should have been doing something better with my time.
  8. I am in. Also, Don't Look Now makes me desperately long for the days when they made horror movies for grownups.
  9. Russ

    Pacific Rim

    I really like del Toro, so I want this to be good. From what I've seen thus far, though, I can't figure out how it could be. This is all the fighting robots/smashed up scenery/dialogue comprised of platitudes that I don't really go in for when it's part of Battleship of Michael Bay's movies. So, unless there's some magical surrealism or fantastic character work that's being hidden from the trailers...
  10. Yeah, I figured since Jeremy's a left-coaster (right?), that his end of day is really my 3 a.m. So I plan to attend a client's public meeting from 6-8:30, spend an hour with the kids, watch a couple of movies and write a couple of blurbs before midnight Pacific. Piece of cake.
  11. Sorry-- this was the only Bergman-related thread I could find. Searches for "Ingmar," "Bergman" and "Seventh Seal" came up dry. Here's Henrik Lundqvist's "Salute to Sweden" mask for the current NHL mini-season. Garbo and Ingrid Bergman on one side, with Ingmar, Death and the death-dancers on the other side. What a weird piece of sports detritus. I love to imagine some young boy at a Rangers game with his dad, sitting in $500 on-the-glass seats at MSG, asking his dad what the heck is on the goalie's mask. LET'S. GO. RAN. GERS! (Death!) (Disease!) (Meaning-less-ness!)
  12. Russ

    The Shining (1980)

    An interesting curiosity: Dallas Stars backup goalie Richard Bachman went looking for a new mask, so the artist riffed on Stephen King's pen name and came up with the above creepy image.
  13. I consider IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE to be a comedy, though a dark one. I would have been happy to see UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (Sturges) or SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS on the list.
  14. I'm knocking off three episodes a night of this show on Netflix Instant, and really enjoying it. It's the perfect example of a well-made, skillfully-written genre show. It has probably the worst name of any television show to air in the past ten years, which may or may not have been a factor in its abysmal ratings. And I don't watch a single minute of this show if not for the amount of bandwidth Alan Sepinwall devoted to singing its praises when it was airing.
  15. Russ

    Django Unchained

    Uh, so which "major critics" have ignored the "strand of racism" in Birth of Nation, exactly? To the extent I've seen it discussed in recent years as one of the great films, it's typically with a Klan-shaped asterisk next to it.
  16. Russ

    Things kids say

    Not "said," but "did." Yesterday my kids had a two-hour delay from school, so they were watching a borrowed copy of THE SECRET LIFE OF ARRIETTY. Our two year-old Daisy went afterward to the junk drawer in the kitchen, took out a plastic clip like the kind you put on an open bag of chips and tried to clip the back of her hair, Arrietty-style.
  17. I've been the guy who rolls his eyes at the fecundity of the comic book movie genre, but I actually think a WONDER WOMAN movie could be a pretty cool thing, and could be a pretty lucrative thing, too. But the problem is that the moneyguys would demand a babe be cast in the role, and the finished product would be expected to be high on jiggle, and maybe high on camp. I'd cast someone who's truly physically unique in the role-- the Australian basketball player Lauren Jackson.
  18. I'm sure lots of people wondered whether THE BROOD was being pushed forth ironically, but I think it's truly one-of-a-kind.
  19. I know. Now let's talk about THE BROOD. Who rated it lowly?
  20. Bumping this thread just because M. needs to add another installment.
  21. A straw poll might not be the best thing, but a two-round vote might produce the best of all possible lists. The first vote cuts the list in half and gives us a more manageable list, then we refocus on the remaining contenders and pick the best out of those. I'm really good at creating more work for people. I know you're not arguing this, Jeremy, but it's so funny to me when I read negative critical reactions to EYES WIDE SHUT that seem to fault it for not being sufficiently PORNY, SEXAY and HUMPY-HUMPY. Like restless consumers who bought into WB's crappy PR campaign that this would be The Last Word on Sex, these critics sat through the thing and didn't get sufficiently aroused! The outrage!
  22. If by "happy ending" you mean in the parlance of the massage parlor, then yes. If by any other definition, then no.
  23. What has me really excited about this film is the way in which it
  24. Hines Ward will be a zombie on the February 10 episode. He's got a pretty good backstory. Dance champion, Gotham Rogue, Super Bowl MVP.
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