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  1. Sure, I could see that. First-place votes, etc. Not sure I'm on all fours with your theory, Ken. Regarding Rohmer's film, I don't know whether it's ever been discussed on an iteration of this particular URL, but I recall having extended discussion about it with people who still post here, like Jeffrey and Darren, back when I was seeing a bunch of Rohmer films for the first time in '02 or '03ish. Some of these films might have gotten a bump based on their reputation, to that end.
  2. In the category of near-misses and second-thoughts, I'm not sure I'm really sold on CONTEMPT as a great marriage film, though I rated it highly. Knowing what I know now, I'd rather have downgraded it a bit if it would have meant getting EYES WIDE SHUT or YI YI on the list. Did we decide ELENA was not time-eligible, or did it just not get nominated? I think it's one of the only films I know to take head-on a theme that will be more and more common in our cultural context, namely the ordering of priority and affection in blended families and second marriages.
  3. I'm pretty sure I fived EWS. If not, it got a four.
  4. Thom, you are also more than welcome to take DON'T LOOK NOW or CHLOE IN THE AFTERNOON's write up. It would probably save Jeremy from having to send at least one "Where are they?" e-mail come deadline time.
  5. hey hey hey ... watch it there bud ... YOU try coming up with material to fit this situation ... I'm charitably assuming that's how Russ's last riposte to me was intended. To be sure. Nothing but warmth and affection intended, to you both.
  6. We know Victor is not speaking seriously. Whether he is "being funny" is something else.
  7. Is there any way to find out how many votes in total were cast for a particular film? If this was posted previously and I missed it, apologies. I was just thinking about STROMBOLI, which placed very high, though I wonder how many people actually saw it. It's not very accessible.
  8. No, that's my issue, Steven. Because yours doesn't make any sense.
  9. I remember noticing, too, that Alex wasn't wearing a ring, though men tend to wear their rings less reliably than women do. My wife often wears just her wedding band, so the absence of a second ring on Nica's hand didn't tell me anything particularly noteworthy. I believe Loktev addressed it in a Q&A in Toronto and confirmed she intended engagement, to the extent it's important. Except that it isn't. (Apart, of course, from the idea that their sexytime could then be holy and proper.)
  10. She's wearing a ring on her fourth finger, so that sort of body language denotes that there's, by way of tradition, either an engagement or a wedding. I believe when I saw the film I either misread or misunderstood the relevant subtitle, and wasn't sure whether the marriage ceremony was past or future. While the couple is "modern" to the extent that they're sleeping together pre-marriage, it is interesting that the film casts them as an couple engaged to be married, rather than merely a "committed" one, of the sort where a breakup could come at any time, either six months or sixty years later.
  11. I have a R1 DVD rip that I'll be happy to mail it to you.
  12. Which of these have you played, Jason? I need a new board game to play with my kids.
  13. I like both THE INCREDIBLES and BABIES as films. On the Netflix five-star rating scale, I'd give the former three stars and the latter four. I had a ton of fun, in particular, watching BABIES with my wife and kids. Yet, in the context of voting for this list, I punched them both in the face with 1s and moved on to meatier fare. I don't know how everyone else evaluated films for this list, but my approach was unavoidably subjectively self-centered. This 41 year-old upper middle class white guy from the American suburbs, staring down twenty years of marriage this May, with four daughters in tow, asks himself, "Which films speak to me, in my present circumstances, deepest and truest about the mysteries and challenges of this sacrament?" Sometimes the simplest statements are the best, and sometimes they're just the simplest. THE INCREDIBLES has those moments where the kids are concerned for the survival of their parents' marriage, but they strike me as computer-generated sentiment. By contrast, I'm always moved by the way in which the kids and Mrs. Bailey circle the wagons when they learn of the roots of George's despair. I gave Capra's film a 5. But BABIES was discarded because it didn't seem to me to say anything in particular with regard to marriage, and did not spend any significant time on the marriages, qua marriages, of the parents. It just didn't fit my criteria. And if merely showing the fruit of a happy, blessed marriage was enough to qualify, I would have youtubed my accumulated baby video footage from 1997-2003 and nominated it.
  14. From http://www.salon.com/2013/01/23/michael_haneke_art_doesn%E2%80%99t_offer_answers_only_questions/
  15. And I guess that's where we get stuck; I can't figure out why you don't think THE LONELIEST PLANET isn't a marriage film, and you can't figure out why I don't think BABIES is a marriage film. The majority of the voting members figured neither of them were.
  16. Let me retract my last post; it's cool that this is being argued now. It means that this means something to us. Steve, I do think that question looms large. I think it's the penumbra which hangs over the entire second half of the movie. A really spectacular couple undergoes the sort of stressor that few people will ever have to endure, and each of them then asks, in their own taciturn way, whether the other is really someone they can love forever. She doubts whether he'd lay down his life for her, or whether he'd know how to apologize his way out of a paper bag. He doubts whether she truly knows him, and whether she understands that this was an anomaly. Forgiveness is, of course, what they need, but it has to be asked for, and each couple has their own altar, their own habits and their own inertia.
  17. Sorry, Peter. Your opportunity to challenge my provisional ballot has expired. The die is cast.
  18. Wait, why are we arguing about a movie that didn't make the list? I don't get it. I love Loktev's film, and for me it has all the same things on its mind as the great marriage movies that did make the list, but I get that not every movie was going to make the list.
  19. Stef, what do you think of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing?"
  20. If somebody out there wanted either/both CHLOE or DON'T LOOK NOW, I'd happily take another assignment.
  21. And yet... *sad faces* I'll take CHLOE and DON'T LOOK NOW.
  22. I think we should rework the weighting scale to take into account quality of posts as opposed to quantity. Each poster will be ranked somewhere on a scale of 0 (non-substantive) to 10 (Stef Loy). Rankings will be done by a Committee which meets weekly by way of Skype sessions in which each Committee participant wears a mask and utilizes voice-disguising tech. The Committee will assign Quality Ranks to each poster after 100 posts, then revisiting the ranking at 1000 posts and on every thousand post anniversary thereafter and adjusting accordingly. I will be petitioning the Committee to overlook my previous 25 posts. Unless, of course, I am on the Committee.
  23. Deadwood reunion! I had no idea this was even a thing until you posted the trailer. I guess John Hawkes is making hay while the sun's shining.
  24. Russ

    Dr. Who

    That out-of-character last sequence of the episode-- a bunch of stills of various public statuary, by way of warning, accompanied by stentorian music-- was so unnervingly awesome.
  25. Russ

    Dr. Who

    Ha. Virginia, our 9 year-old, did the same thing for me last weekend. She covered a butter box with blue construction paper and decorated it accordingly. Our 2 year-old doesn't watch much and Virginia has developed a somewhat iron stomach for most moderate scariness as a result of having older sisters who like scary movies. She's seen THE BIRDS and the Harry Potter and LOTR movies, so while there are still things she won't watch-- THE WOMAN IN BLACK, for example-- she's OK with the level of scariness in DR. WHO. One of our favorite episodes-- Blink-- was probably the scariest one we've seen. We've watched that one twice.
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