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  1. Hmm. Voting ends in three days. 998 posts to get to 2000. ...nahhhh.
  2. That tells me that the people who shop at indie bookstores don't want people to know they're reading S&M for Mommies, so they load them onto an e-reader. I think it's a sound strategy.
  3. To Darren's excellent point, I agree. Frankly, I think we need to be watching more Ozu, as well. He should have made many, many more appearances among the nominees. Regarding Brakhage, Wedlock House would have been my first choice. Mike, I'll re-send the e-mail with the vote scale.
  4. I stole three or four dirt bike magazines from a Uni-Mart when I was 13. Was convinced my soul was forfeit until I was safely away from capture. (So glad this is over now.)
  5. Russ


    No clue. Maybe just reinforcement of Meier's wholesale rejection of cheap resolution.
  6. Russ


    Ali and I saw this on New Year's Day and took along our nine year-old. Ali and I loved it, and our daughter, while a bit bored, sat dutifully. I suppose that was an odd choice, but I recall my mom dragging me along to see Gandhi with her and her girlfriends when I wasn't much older than that, and wanted to share the love. The theater where they'd put Lincoln had awful speakers, and the dialogue was tough to make out. Bad news for such a dialogue-heavy movie. I complained to the manager and they adjusted it, but it wasn't great. Fast forward to this week. I shared with our daughter that Lincoln had been nominated for a ton of Oscars. She replied, "Not for sound, I hope."
  7. Russ

    American Idol

    What did you think? My oldest daughters became fans of the show three years ago (and went to the touring show the year Scotty won), watched it less compulsively last year and didn't watch last night at all, as my oldest is snowed under with play practice and homework.
  8. Let me guess: you have to buy a three-day ticket even though you can see everything you want to see in a day.
  9. We've really enjoyed it, but we'd readily acknowledge that it needs to end. It hasn't overstayed it's welcome, but Walter needs to pay his bills.
  10. How many issues are out now beyond the collected six? I could do with a little less of Vaughan's grafting of contemporary colloquialisms and ironic poses into the dialogue, but the world they've created in just the six issues I've read-- with the trade union of assassins, the magic and the broad cast of characters-- is exactly the sort of broad, imaginative escapism that I got out of Star Wars when I was a kid. The art really is amazing. In particular, I love the Stalk, Prince Robot IV, the Lying Cat and Izabel. I loved Y: The Last Man up until they go to Hong Kong. When he tried to explain the cause of the viral catastrophe, the whole thing fell apart for me. I loved the "conventional" style of the art in Y (and it fit the tone of that series well), but the art in Saga is a significant upgrade.
  11. A guy on Twitter updated Andy Warhol's famous statement to the effect that in the future, everyone will be the showrunner of THE WALKING DEAD for fifteen minutes.
  12. (to Christian) Yeah, I thought so, too. Apparently he kept getting visibly angry by the increasingly dark tone, and several times my stepmother told him to just stop reading it. He soldiered on, though, partly out of a hope that it would get better and out of some duty to finish it since I'd given it to him with the attached praise of a bunch of people on amazon who I've never met but who raved about the book. I guess those John Grisham books never end with a mom driving her car at a high rate of speed into a piece of infrastructure to kill herself and the son she helped to beat a murder charge when she learns he was guilty. (to Darren) "Chicka chicka boom boom. Will there be enough room?" Someday when I'm consigned to a bed somewhere, these things will remain embedded in my gray matter.
  13. Russ


    SKYFALL was awesome. I saw it twice. (Man, this is embarrassing. Only eleven more posts and this long national nightmare can be over.)
  14. Apart from the books we gave the kids, I bought my wife Behind the Beautiful Forevers, which she blew through quickly and loved. I rec'd an amazon gift card from my in-laws, which I converted into the BFI Film Classics volume on Haneke's Cache, a trade collection of Captain America, the DC Showcase volume of Weird War Tales and Hanna Pylvainen's We Sinners, which I intend to read this weekend. My dad's always tough to shop for, but he likes John Grisham books, so I figured I'd find him a legal thriller for Christmas. I went for Defending Jacob by William Landay based on the book jacket and positive reader reviews. He read it while vacationing and confided to me last night that the bleakness of it made him angrier than any book ever has, and he contemplated throwing it in the ocean several times.
  15. Anybody else reading this comic? Vaughan referred to it as "Star Wars for perverts," which is a pretty hilarious and apt description. I just finished the first trade collection last night and will be eagerly looking for the second one in a year or two. I really dig it, though not enough to buy single issues.
  16. Walter gets less and less interesting as the show goes on, and Jessie gets more and more interesting. Plus, the secondary characters do get better and better. Hank becomes more complex, and his marriage to Marie becomes a nice counterbalance to the Walt-Skyler drama. Without venturing into spoilers, there's a Hank-Marie scene in Season 3 or 4 that I love to death.
  17. Let me just say that while voting I thought we had a fantastic number of really quality films to evaluate, and grading them was really tough. There are lots and lots of films that were nominated that I wanted automatically to hit with a 4 or a 5. So, to that end, I'm certain that we're gonna have a great final list. And I look forward to Joe Carter writing a post about it in 2021.
  18. Russ

    Mama (2013)

    As the one guy on this board who gets invited to screenings and cops to being a horror fan, I count on you, pal. Or, well, I used to count on you.
  19. Russ

    Dr. Who

    My kids are 15, 13, 9 and 2, so finding shows or movies where everyone (or, really, the oldest three and my wife and I) is interested gets tougher and tougher. I spent my life avoiding all iterations of the Doctor; on occasion during the Tom Baker years I'd flip onto a PBS airing, watch for a few minutes and turn away impatiently after my Star Wars-calibrated expectations were unmet. Recalling the buzz the show has got from some folks here, I proposed to my 9 year-old that we watch a few episodes of the show, beginning with Eccleston. She's got this wonderful all-in devotion to the franchises. First, the Harry Potter books and movies. Then Star Wars, then Lord of the Rings, then superheroes. Her devotion to this one, though, goes over and above those others. My wife and I loved watching episodes with her, and the other kids have gradually gravitated to them, too. My oldest daughter likes a boy who likes Dr. Who, so it became something she wanted to get to know, and our 13 year-old has stopped protesting so much, too. Even the youngest, who doesn't really watch it, has started saying at bedtime that she wants to stay up to "Watch Dr. Who!"
  20. Russ

    Mama (2013)

    Is this a telltale case of few or no preview screenings, or are our resident critics uninterested in this one?
  21. Russ

    Dr. Who

    Today I am wearing cufflinks shaped like the Tardis.
  22. If stef would do it, I'd sell the screenplay to him for fifty cents.
  23. In the right hands, it could perhaps exceed its deeply hackish origins.
  24. Swanberg would also wanna be in it, though. That'd be a dealbreaker, in part because he'd insist on showing his junk. Maybe he could be convinced to take a bit part as the obnoxious coworker. One big upside is that Greta Gerwig would take his call.
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