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  1. Hmmm. Ebert? Does he like AMOUR?
  2. Yeah, I know. I should try to minimize the number of threads I infantilize.
  3. Yeah, he'd work. But I'd rather sell it to the Duplass brothers. 25 to go.
  4. Man and woman are trapped in a stale, rote marriage. Each finds happiness and escapism through internet communities in which they interact anonymously. An online relationship develops between their personas which, through honest and open communication, fulfills all unmet emotional needs. They arrange a meeting IRL. Cue the pina colada song.
  5. I concur totally. Indeed, I remember you inviting me to that iteration of the forum. Let us now commence to play mutually-beneficial post-whore tennis. (27)
  6. Not opening here until mid-February, so I'm no use to this discussion unless I can get screener action.
  7. He keeps calling them, but they won't pick up the phone!
  8. Indeed. They are westerns for people who don't want to watch westerns.
  9. Wow. I really hadn't thought of that. But is it when my votes are cast or when they are tallied?
  10. I like the way you think. The Top 5, each of which is a four-way tie.
  11. The problem with a Top 5 is I can't get, like, twenty films into it.
  12. Not sure. I want the other two films to be VOYAGE TO ITALY and SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. Vote now!
  13. I certainly wasn't trying to talk you out of watching it. I think it's a great show. It's violent, but the buzz about the show continuing the recent trend of exploring moral codes against the backdrop of blue collar and backwater cultures is for real.
  14. I lost my log-in! I couldn't get my info! It was an honest re-registration! Also (on-topic) I want the top five to include A SEPARATION, MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW and THE LONELIEST PLANET. Make it happen, voters!
  15. Let me acknowledge, first and foremost, that in both concept and execution this whole thread is fraught with all sorts of peril and potential occasions for growing smaller, rather than larger, in understanding and sharing the love of God. I think Neal McDonough is awesome, and when he's in something I tend to see it. He and I: Last Great Day: simpatico mofos. Surely some p.r. person crafted that little moralistic treatise. And, surely, there are lots of good reasons why actors should decline roles. Nevertheless, if there's anyone who (1) read that statement and (2) saw Season 3 of Justified, or (2a) even just a few episodes of Season 3 of Justified, or (2b) even just that one scene in that one episode where Neal's coked-up naked self walks into a hotel bathroom to rape a teenage boy, well dot dot dot. Let's just say that if your mouth was filled with food or drink when you read the statement, it wouldn't be afterwards.
  16. I am voter #16. A member of Team Brood. Are my votes weighted based on my total post number? Now I'm wishing I could graft on the couple of thousand posts under "Russell Lucas" and the 2 or 3 posts attributed to "D.W. Murnau." Plus, that's not even counting all those years when I was Alan T. Willcox. What coulda been. What coulda been.
  17. Male film critic discovers there are cinema-related pleasures that do not involve imagining boning women. Film at eleven!
  18. Russ

    Spoiler Ethics

    Thanks for the clarification, Jeff, and I hope it didn't distract from what you were trying to discuss. Of course, if we were to be shopping for another distraction, I might add at this point that I've been lukewarm-to-negative regarding Patheos ever since it became everybody's one-stop-shop for Godtalk, and this is the sort of thing that makes me think my skepticism is warranted.
  19. Russ

    Spoiler Ethics

    Wow. Three days and four pages. This thread has raised many, many weighty questions. Chief among them is, "Why in the world is Barb Nicolosi still in Jeff's facebook feed?" Even if you determined you should remain facebook friends because there are strategic reasons for doing so, this is what the "hide all posts" feature is designed for. There can't be any surprise that Barb would react that way to that film's plot point, or that she'd speak about it as openly and scornfully as she could, with no regard for these "critic ethos" considerations. It's totally consistent with her approach to film as a medium. And, frankly, while that isn't my approach, she is what she is, and she doesn't pretend to be anything different. I'm bothered more by the recurrent need to criticize her when ignoring her would suffice. Other disheartening development: Christian had to shell out $100 for Euthanasia Date Night. He could have bought a whole year of Netflix Instant for that!
  20. Ha. I grew up in the middle of Pennsylvania, the part James Carville described as "Alabama in the middle," and my first exposure to Rocky Horror was in the summer of 1988, when the traveling pianist working in the lounge of the Holiday Inn where I waited tables told me to get a bunch of friends together and we watched a bootleg VHS copy with Japanese subs. Midnight screenings were a thing at Penn State at least as early as 1990, 'cause my sister took me to one. I haven't seen the film, but apparently there's a somewhat anachronistic reference to The Smiths being a just-discovered band by a presumably-cool kid.
  21. I love it. At the end of the day, Composite Bruce Wayne is Todd from SCRUBS. *Bat-five!*
  22. Russ

    Dr. Who

    We just finished the third season of the reboot last night-- the showdown with the Master. I'm wary of even acknowledging Christ figures in film and television unless they say something pretty significant. I can't tell you how moved I was by the sight of the Doctor, restored to life by the speaking of a single word, ascending to meet the world's foe, who was crumpled in fear and denial and imploring the Doctor not to speak the word he'd been threatening to say. And the Doctor comes, with no weapon but that word, and says the thing the Master least wants to hear: that he forgives him! I was gobsmacked, and so happy to have my kid sitting next to me.
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