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  1. That's great! I look forward to hearing about your meetings. We keep talking about showing Fearless in Sanctuary of the Cinema, but for some reason, we keep postponing it. The Colors Trilogy is next on my netflix queue. I think we may be showing it soon as well. How was your viewing party?
  2. If it was used as a source, wouldn't a mention in a works cited section be neccesary?
  3. Ha! You noticed that too, eh? We were talking last night about the Scorsese elements. We were convinced that "C" had to be DeNiro's son. They looked so much alike.
  4. Watched this week: *Baptists at our Barbecue -- twice. Watched it Sunday night with my friend Chad, and we enjoyed it so much that we showed it the next night at our film class. We were scheduled for "Fearless," but thought this would be the perfect film for our post-finals students. One of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. The end is a little over-the-top cheesy, but I still highly enjoy it. *A Bronx Tale (dir. Robert DeNiro). The DVD was scratched and gave us problems in the middle, but I was rather impressed with DeNiro as a director. It was a twist on the typical mafia mov
  5. dem's fightin' words!
  6. I keep thinking this must all be a joke.
  7. We recently showed this in our class, and it went over much better than I expected. We have a strange mixture of folks, from one guy who adores B movies, to college film students to those who just show up because they have nothing better to do. By some odd twist, only one of the 11 people there had seen the movie previously. Even though our class is in a (nonSouthern) Baptist church, our group is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, making us more ecumenical than anything. I was really impressed with how even those who come from more progressive cities and denominations were
  8. Delayed response, but I think a lot of Americans DO eat some form of fast food almost everyday. I believe he was also responding to McDonald's claims that one could eat there everyday and be healthy.
  9. I can't answer any "Him" questions, but Jesus Christ Vampyre Hunter is a real movie. A couple of people in my film class have been telling me I need to see it.
  10. I just saw this last night. I thought it was rather well done and incredibly funny. Even the deleted scenes were entertaining. So yeah, if you are up for a laugh, definitely check this out.
  11. Radio TBS is a comedy with an all female cast (fairly small. . . maybe 6ish?). It takes place in a radio station in the midst of a trailer park community. My high school performed it several years ago, and I saw an adaption of it at the college I went to. It was written by Mark Landon Smith. Baker's Plays is the publisher, I believe.
  12. I think you are right about the Arts awards. And I find it isn't just in religious circles -- I've participated in Missouri Press awards -- both on the college and professional levels, and there really aren't any categories for critics (or if there are, they aren't comparable to other styles of writing). Since I hope to eventually leave the regular news world for something more focused in theology and the Arts, I am very thankful for people like you who are paving the way -- making the public and the press realize such dialogue is worthwhile.
  13. Sweet! Press awards are always fun. Congratulations!
  14. I've heard that before from people I'm pretty sure were not kidding. I tend to distinguish between actor vs. actress only when separating the two -- comparing two actresses, for example. But collectively I say "actors." The AP book on my desk tells me that as far as news writing is concerned, an actor is a male and an actress is a female. I still have the 2002 version, though.
  15. Actually, it is a class I coteach at my church. Since we don't enroll, the group is often different, so there was not much preparation for the viewers. This meeting was a bit unusual in that we did not meet in our usual spot. As it turns out, after our list was set, we realized that SMSU was showing Le Fils the same day we planned to -- at the same time. Since they have an actual theatre, we moved our meeting there (basically across the street from our normal meeting place). This limited our pre-showing discussion. I'm not really sure how we ended up with the group we have, but it has
  16. This is an old topic, but a great film, so I feel justified in reviving it. Last night my film class watched this. I was the only one of the group who had seen it previously. A group of nine college and twenty somethings from different circumstances all agreed fell in love with "Le Fils." As many have commented before, a second viewing is indeed intense. All the elements that were curious is the first watch were a strong source of tension in my second. I can't imagine this story being told in any other way -- which I suppose is the mark of a good film. Without the dogme (or nearly dogme
  17. Yeah, loved the intro of the Axe gang. Although my favorite was definitely when Chow was pummeled into the ground, reaches up and delicately taps The Beast on the head. And I think it did help that I was with several friends when watching this -- all of them relatively familiar with Chow's work. Mostly, I am just thrilled that "Kung Fu Hustle" is actually playing in Springfield. And that it used subtitles and not dubbed voices.
  18. JennyLynne

    Kung Fu Hustle

    Any other Stephen Chow fans? I just saw this last night and laughed so hard I developed three new stomach muscles.
  19. We chose Saved! because of the way it discusses faith vs. the way you live life. Our group hasn't been very argumenative, but more seeking dialogue. . . so I don't think arguing will be a problem. I really enjoy that Saved! portrays characters who think they have it all together, but are living in a legalistic, judgemental way (and just as screwed up as the next person, as it turns out). It left me with the message that we can be honest and vulnerable when we serve God -- a message many don't hear from the church. Oh, and on The Son -- as it turns out, the local college, Southwest Missour
  20. Not yet, I am hoping to get one running soon. I hadn't actually seen "The Elephant Man" until last night. I was VERY impressed.
  21. I know discussion has been going on for awhile, but I finally got to sit down with this film this weekend. Sadly, I couldn't make it through it. I wanted to watch it, I wanted to like it, but the characters going on and on about nothing just got to me. I realized it was intentional, but I have to deal with enough people in real life who will talk for ages about topics as foreign to me as the assassination theories -- the idea of subjecting myself to it on film was beyond what I could handle. Some interesting scenes -- such as the woman in the coffee shop, the typewriter. I was rather intr
  22. Hey all, Sanctuary of the Cinema has officially gone to a weekly schedule. Our next four films, beginning tonight: *The Elephant Man (dir. David Lynch) *Le Fils / The Son (dir. Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne) *Magnolia (dir. PT Anderson) *Saved! (dir. Brian Dannelly)
  23. As a kid, the Ghostbusters movie freaked me out. We watched it at SCHOOL and didn't get to see the ending. I watched the faucets every time I turned on the water to make sure it didn't start spewing gross pink stuff that would attack me. Scariest movie I've seen as an adult -- Requiem for a Dream. While not a horror flick, it is the one film that has left me shaking.
  24. Do any of you listen to Antony and the Johnsons? A good friend of mine played "Hope there's someone" (available for free download at www.secretlycanadian.com) for me yesterday. The vocals are incredibly unique. . . the sort that draw you in even when you're not quite sure you like it. . . after listening for a bit, I've developed the opinion that this is some of the most relaxing and most haunting music I've ever heard.
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