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  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only slacker (pun partially intended -- and I know, it's bad) who hasn't watched "Slacker" yet. It has been sitting on my entertainment center for over a week now. I'm hoping to watch it either tonight or tomorrow morning. I've had some recent purchases arrive that are also looking tempting. Ah, so many movies, so little time.
  2. JennyLynne

    Garden State

    I really enjoyed Garden State (AND the soundtrack). While I can understand why some find the quirkiness, etc. goes overboard, it really resonated in me. I thought any ammount of oddity went with the idea of feeling emotion after being medicated all your life -- of course life is going to seem odd, and placing quirky moments into the film helped me see the world in a way Largeman would probably experience it. Is the ending a bit contrived? Sure. I walked away with the impression that it was supposed to be. I also didn't find it out of place. In a film that seems intended to be endearing,
  3. In terms of spiritual aspects of Wit, I think we have a lot to draw from on the significance of life. How should we treat others? What should our purpose be? How do we handle tragedy? How should we view the end of our life? What about decisions such as a DNR -- where is the line drawn between medicine and God? I will say I prefer live-action versions to the movie itself, but I think the film version is worth consideration.
  4. I guess that is a bit hard to understand. Part of the difficulty is that I am not completely sure about what she wants. Thanks for the help. Can't believe I didn't think of Les Mis.
  5. Since I'm sure you all know far more about Asian film than I, what would be some good films for a Zhang Yimou fan wanting to branch out? I've seen (and enjoy) films like Farewell my Concubine, Green Tea and Shaolin Soccer. I'd follow this top 100 list, but as it seems to be contested, etc, so I thought I'd just ask the "experts" =0)
  6. My sister called me last night asking for movie clips to show to a group of 7th and 8th grade girls at a conference on purity. She is looking for movies that portray getting more than we deserve or examples of grace. I'm having trouble thinking of age appropriate films that are in English (I'm thinking foreign language offerings would not work very well with these kids -- or with my sister). Any thoughts?
  7. Mine should be shipping today. I've been a slacker at sending back my netflix offerings this week.
  8. The Believer Not One Less The Color of Paradise I'll add links later.
  9. I'm also surprised "The Road Home" isn't on the list at all. While I'm also a fan of "Not One Less," I would have placed Road Home above it. . . and I would have placed both before CTHD. I would have thought Farewell My Concubine would have been a bit higher up too. . . but I guess it is all rather subjective.
  10. JennyLynne

    Good odds

    Peter Weir PT Anderson Zhang Yimou Christopher Guest Zach Braff Um. . . as far as actors / actresses: Ryan Gosling Audrey Tautou
  11. Ooh, I'll play! I'm up for whatever, my netflix list is also rather long, but I'm always up for moving things around and adding to my queue.
  12. Wow, I usually don't like emoticons, but both of those are surprisingly fun, Matt. A question for you: you mentioned you usually haven't seen the films. How do you select what you will be showing?
  13. Bill Paxton's "Frailty" Saw it for the first time last night, and as it deals with messages from God, I'd say it is rather spiritually significant =0) EDIT - or spiritually-focused. . . I guess theme doesn't make something significant, although I'd argue that this particular offering is.
  14. My revised list (although I guess I never posted my original? hrmmm): 1. Dogville 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3. Hero 4. Garden State 5. Osama 6. Mean Creek 7. The Notebook 8. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 9. Spiderman 2 10. Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran
  15. JennyLynne

    Mean Creek

    Just saw this tonight and loved it. I felt the need to rush over and see what others had sad. Great article, Jeffrey. I'm glad you pointed out the questions. During that scene, I was thinking it must be important, but I'd completely forgotten about it as the film continued. Something that stuck out to me was when George was asked about his camera. While pointing the camera at the others in the van, he responds he is videotaping "things." At the time I wondered if that was intended to be an insult, but instead is another subtle hint at the whole theme. Also: the snail. That act disturbed
  16. What is your (and that is a general "you") method of leading discussion? How do you prepare for your classes / clubs / groups / whatever? Sorry if I'm going question crazy. This is just one of the first times I've been around so many people involved in film in their communities and I find it rather exciting.
  17. Ha! When I e-mailed, it never crossed my mind I might end up on the Web site. Oops. Glad to see the positive comments coming in, though.
  18. And to clarify, I'm not asking specifically for my class, as we have already put that list of films on our syllabus and handed it out. I'm more curious about the decisions others have made, etc. To those who deal with this -- what kind of setting are you in? What influenced your decisions?
  19. Where does one draw the line between films that influence individual faith and films that are appropriate to show at church? I co-teach a film class at my church that we've titled "Sanctuary of the Cinema." In our first offerings (last Sunday through the beginning of May) we are showing: The Believer Punch-Drunk Love Amadeus Not One Less Italian for Believers Fearless Several of these are R-rated and have some nudity, etc. The class is geared towards college students and twenty-somethings, and we have been upfront about the purpose of the class and the content of the films. . . but is ther
  20. Heh, good question. I imagine if we answer that, we will discover why working retail is ten times worse at Christian bookstores (because the customers can be downright mean) and why the wait staff at restaurants dislike working Sunday lunch because of higher demands and lower tipping. I sent Mark an e-mail offering my support of the list and the thought that went behind it.
  21. Cameron Diaz. Her roles makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. Harsh, I know, but somehow also true. Why? Perhaps it is from the (first, didn't see the second) Charlie's Angels movie, but any character she plays immediately becomes dumb and shallow in my mind. I really like Vanilla Sky, and I ALWAYS react like Cruise does when she appears.
  22. Ah, the call of the cult. Join in - you know you want to ;0)
  23. Ah, Sufjan Stevens. I thought I loved "Michigan" until I finally got a copy of "Seven Swans" last week. I can't get enough of this guy. Intelligent lyrics, creative songwriting, incredible musicianship. His albums melt into my inner being and won't let me go. I think we can love him both for his beauty AND his writing in 5/4 time.
  24. I rather enjoyed the Notebook. Sure some of it seems forced and somewhat superficial, but beneath the surface I think there was a story of love that endures. At the end, I found myself hoping to one day have a love like that -- a depth of love that I currently have no idea how to give, but the kind I'd like to spend a lifetime striving for. When I see love like that (sacrificial, steadfast), I am able to get a small glimpse of what God's love is like. And those glimpses are worth all the superficial beginnings.
  25. I just switched from Blockbuster to Netflix. I had good turnaround time with Blockbuster, but it seemed any of the less popular movies in my queue were always "very long wait." So far so good with Netflix. I'm finding the selection is better. Blockbuster's inhouse coupons really didn't mean much to me because the nearest Blockbuster is about 45 minutes from my apartment. If I were going to take the time to drive there, I would settle for a Hollywood Video VIP membership.
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