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  1. This blog: https://thezoeverse.com/ Fantastic reads on sex, drugs and travel by a female author. Adult content.
  2. My TV watching has been replaced with internet TV watching on PlutoTV. It's internet content that's been split into themed channels and has showtimes - just like cable TV, including a guide. Free, and there's an app: http://pluto.tv/ Of particular interest to me as a movie buff is the Indie Films and Shorts Channel and the Retro Movies Channel - which is currently showing Carnival of Souls!
  3. Uh, she created a whole website and campaign to get people to donate goats, if you watch the whole video you'll see that it's connected to iwantagoat.com And I don't think that the video sucks, compared to the charity vids they show on TV it's great.
  4. My friend Debbie Glasband just spent 7 months in India. She came back and created this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1yinqadxuQ The video isn’t a joke – it’s a piece of a campaign she’s doing to get people to donate goats to the people in the video. I’m sure there’s someone in your life that would rather have a goat donated in their name than whatever crappy present you were going to get them.
  5. I saw a couple contests on this site: http://www.hivepals.com/ where you share funny horror stories about meeting people offline that you met online. I have a few good ones to share
  6. I had to not read this thread which sucks. I just got into the show. I was watching Dance War: Bruno v. Carrie Ann on the abc website and thought "well, Lost is so popular... I might as well just watch one episode". Ha! It's addictive! I'm almost done with season 1. My favorites are Hurley, Locke, Saeed, Sawyer, and Sun.
  7. Any of my fellow reality talent show fans get into this one yet? I think the show is just starting to pick up now that the teams are chosen. If you haven't seen it, it's different from the other shows in that Bruno and Carrie Ann both picked their teams, and then you call in to vote each week on their performance, but you are voting for Bruno or Carrie Ann, not the performers. I think it's cool that the judges finally get to be judged. I also like that it's live, so sad when the mic went out a couple weeks back during Carrie Ann's team's numbers, but just reminds you of the pressure they must be under.
  8. I just re-watched this movie as well because I discovered Ayesha Dharker after watching Outsourced - then realized the only other movie I'd seen with her in it was Attack of the Clones (she's princess Jamilia). That woman can act. My ranking: 1. Ep 1, 2. Ep 2 3. Ep 3 4. Ep VI 5. Ep V 6. Ep. IV... and I liked the ewoks AND Jar-Jar.
  9. The Outsourced DVD is on sale November 1 if you missed it in the theaters: http://www.neoflix.com/store/SHA66/
  10. It played last week in NY, and I was going to try to go see it because of all the good reviews, but I ended up getting a cold the day I wanted to go, and that turned out to be the last day. I opted to rest. So, it's out of New York City now-not surprising, because the theatre it showed at tends to nix their movies after a week or two. It got a good review with Ebert, too: Roger Ebert's review of "Outsourced"
  11. I've noticed the same phenomenon for texting and IMing... people will not ignore their pages, they will respond right away. I think because the messages are shorter than e-mail the brain views this as an interactive conversation and it feels as though it's in the middle of something and needs to finish. The phone thing I think is just a different phenomena... I'd imagine some people have as much trouble ignoring a ringing phone as they would a crying baby.
  12. I got a new trailer for Sweeney Todd in my inbox this morning: Sweeney Todd. Can't wait. It'll be interesting to see the way Tim Burton realizes this story, I've only ever seen it on stage (and high school productions at that). I'm glad it ended up being him, even if people are saying that this is just another Tim Burton stylized piece that won't stand apart from the others... I think the story is perfect for his style.
  13. I thought it was going to be hard to watch the hour long pilot for this with my nephew a week or so ago, but I got so hooked on the characters that I think I'll probably watch it on my own. I also watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on CN so it's not the first time I've been sucked in by the pretty colors. Anyone else seen Storm Hawks? Who's your favorite character?
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