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    Ex-musician on the global road for over a decade, ex-worker of two jobs for seven years, ex-republican, ex-democratic socialist, ex-evangelical. Interests: Film, an invigorating sermon, a great class, a challenging book, snow skiing, roller blading, sky diving, things that bring PEACE in a BUSY BUSY world. Currently seeking a Sabbath. Always desiring to learn and experience more, gaining insight from the knowledge of others.

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    I am back to Faust.
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    McLaren Bell Buber Buechner Manning Copeland Apostle Paul
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    Redon. Brakhage. Chagall. Hofmann.

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  1. I didn’t see a dedicated thread on this one. Feel free to correct me if there is one. I admittedly don’t see as many movies as I once did when I frequented these boards more often. Some of that is due to other interests — there are some absolutely astounding graphic novels and old comic mini-series I’ve fallen in love with — and some of it is my own deal: just general boredom with movies, and probably a 2020 social issue with anything that I can’t scroll on holding my interest. ARGs in YouTube have been an exception to this, as the interactive nature of them has been so much fun to
  2. Such a nice list you all have made this time around. I look forward to seeing the page and the write ups.
  3. Persona


    I first heard of them here, if I remember correctly. I’m not really much of a metal guy. In fact in my old age, I have very little tolerance for much of the new stuff. I liked some metal as a teenager and even played in a Christian metal band for a year or two in high school that gigged quite a bit around the Chicagoland area. But I find much metal to be very restricting, kinda in a sense that if you want to grow at all, musically or even just in the sense of growing up, you tend to leave behind some of the infantile nature of hard rock and metal. Then something like this comes alon
  4. Thank you. I miss you A&Fers. It has been a little while, and trying to do this on the phone is a real change. But I hope to slither around here, at least a little bit.
  5. Hi. I don’t care for this network or these people and come to this story with a total bias. I didn’t know much about the scandal beforehand, most likely because I didn’t pay attention in the news cycle, most likely because even when/if I saw some of the headlines, I wrote it off: They’re a network of slimeballs. Of course there are stories like that. So my problem with this film is that it looks like a second grader with a digital camera shot and edited it. The hard zooms (remember the Duplass boys and how much they suck at filmmaking too?) are gratuitous, unnecessary, and take me
  6. Has it been noted in this forum that the IMDb message boards are going dead in two weeks? I know it is the last place one should go for serious discussion, or rather good discussion, but it's also the quickest and the easiest. IMDb basically announced that the bulk of what was happening on their boards wasn't positive. I find this move highly interesting.
  7. Both of the docs "Lost Soul" and "The Otherworld" are available on Netflix, and they each give off a Herzogian vibe. In both films, Stanley himself is as important as the subject matter of the film. He is an odd one, a mystic -- and the delivery of his stories is worth your time.
  8. Persona


    I stumbled upon these guys (this guy?) a few months ago via NPR First Listen. The new CD is "Darling Arithmetic," and it is fabulous, acoustic-driven folkie type stuff. Great melodies, passion with restraint, Bon Iver-ish perhaps. I stumbled across a YouTube video of an acoustic "Everything I am is Yours," which just had the lead singer on acoustic with a - gasp - harpist(!) - again, lush. Beautiful. It made sense. What didn't make sense to me was the discovery of some of their older tunes, which rock, and even sound a bit like the Black Keys.("Occupy Your Mind.") I'm going to have to fu
  9. Persona

    The Helio Sequence

    I have been listening to this a lot at work. I have no idea how two guys could ever pull this together live.
  10. Persona

    Wilco - Star Wars

    I really love this recording. I haven't been a close follower of Wilco over the years, but I have liked the bit that I've heard here and there. I have a great cover of "How to Fight Loneliness" that my friend and I play at least once a week - one of our favorites to play live. What really surprises me when listening to Star Wars is how often the lead singer reminds me of Thurston Moore. Sometimes I think this is what Sonic Youth might sound like if they kept things in standard tuning and had an alt-country background. Is that a strange observation? Is that comparison true to past Wilco recor
  11. Oh my word, SP. Thank you for that -- one of the more fun articles I have read in a while.
  12. I want to see it, Ken -- for what it actually is, I guess -- but I also wish that there were a movie out there that had the guts to dig into Scientology as well as that old South Park episode did. I originally thought this might be that doc, but in reading about it, it isn't.
  13. Did anyone here at A&F see this? Does anyone know of a way to still see it?
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