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  1. One positive emotion and four negative ones? Do we need Disgust in addition to Fear and Anger? Is Disgust even an emotion? If we have Fear, why not Courage or Curiosity? What about Pride and Guilt? What about Love? Seems like an odd lineup. Purely by chance, I've just come across a possible answer to these questions. I'd guess that this roster of emotions derives from the work of Paul Ekman. The list is the same as the list of basic emotions which, according to his research, give rise to universally recognizable, cross-cultural facial expressions - except that the film omits Surprise. That'a a great find, Rushmore. I now suspect that Surprise WILL in fact turn out to be a sixth emotion in the film, but the pre-release publicity is keeping it quiet so as not to spoil the . . . well, you know.
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    Sure. No person is perfect. But no matter how you slice it, the right to own slaves is the reason the South collectively fought. Practically every document of declaration of the South's involvement was about allowing slavery to continue. I am sure there were people in every conflict through history who thought their side had valid reasons for fighting their wars. But the core reason of the Civil War is not confusing, just because Southerners *want* it to be. That does not make one racist...but if one is making works of art that try and muddle the facts about the Civil War to portray the South more favorably, then it is not unreasonable to start asking "why". This is true, although whether the South had a right to secede, and whether the North was justified in waging the war against them in order to stop them, are different questions. It is possible to argue that while slavery was the material issue for the South, the fact that the North now had the political power to impose its will on the nation even over the unanimous dissent of the South posed a powerful formal reason for wishing to secede — and that the constitutionally and morally correct response for the North would have been to let them go. The dissent of the South was unanimous only if you take no notice of the thinking of the slaves.
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    The Iceman

    I was wondering the same thing. At this point, a feature film that isn't about superheroes may confuse the public.
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    Maybe Richard Stark's Parker is pretty close. Don't know any of the character's stories myself, but a friend of mine is fairly enthusiastic about him, so I hear about him some. He seems to be more hard-boiled than low wattage from what I understand. I also simply do not know how much of your audience would recognize the reference.
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    This isn't going to be perfect either, but for the most part your description sounds to me less like James Bond than Dick Tracy. Don't know if that helps.
  6. Your website lists your overall grade of the second film as a D+, not a C+. Is that a typo?
  7. From Rin Tin Tin, of course. You talk about an action star . . .
  8. I question the whole premise of this thread. It seems to me John Simon is about as widely remembered as any critic whose career ended at around the time his did, other than Gene Siskel. I admit I have no objective evidence to back this up, but that is my impression.
  9. No, I certainly wasn't expecting that, because I don't agree that that is what the song is about. The drunk old fiddler expects to die soon, and is serene about that, but I've never thought that he expected to go to Hell. Could you explain why you do think so?
  10. I nominated FANTASIA. Coff coff, he meant, what worthwhile animation was nominated? If FANTASIA doesn't qualify as worthwhile animation, then there isn't any worthwhile animation. Well now are we finally seeing eye to eye. Except for the Moses and Jesus films, but you have come a long way, buddy. There's still hope for you. If Fantasia doesn't qualify as worthy cinema, there is no worthy cinema.
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