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  1. What about cultural difference? A person who grew up in Asia with only the music of his or her people might not like Mozart at all. Or what about a culture who finds a nude vulgar? Another thing... if portrayal Divine Absolutes give merit to a picture than it is merit of Thought, not Art. Does a Stick figure Jesus on a cross have the same artisitic merit as Dali's crucifix? On another note, I had this discussion with my best friend once and he said the Crucifix was inherently beautiful. However, to someone who doesn't know what it means to Christianity and only knows Crucifixion was the worst capitol punishment available in its day, the Crucifix has about as much beauty as a photograph of a dead body in an electric chair.
  2. It would be interesting to know what makes something beautiful. Studies have been done that show children are more attracted to faces that are more symmetrical. Is symmetry beauty? Then Beauty is a mathematical function. I did take a bit of offense in the whole rumpled bed scenario. Why is a painting of a rumpled bed beautiful and symbolic but the actuall rumpled bed not? Wasn't the artist's own rumpled bed beautiful to him? Does, therefore, distance make beauty? Living in Chicago, I've been to the Art Institute many times. The new modern wing is a place I like to visit. The Modern European wing is a place I like to go. The modern US American wing, though, I avoid. Why do I want to look at panels painted white (The cards say there are different values of white in them) with metal framing? I like ideas but I like my ideas to be expressed in a way that makes them concrete. What about the work there where a person saw a fallen tree and was mesmorized by it? What did he do? He cut it up in chunks and sent them to Japan to be carved out of wood. He destroyed the object that arrested him to make a facsimile. Then he didn't even do the work but put his name on it. Is that Beautiful? I don't know. It doesn't speak to me the way a real fallen tree would. The idea that something is art because I say it is is kind of Post Modern. The referent is always the self. Everybody has something to say and everyone has the right to be heard. Not everyone is right. Why should I listen to one person's idea over another? Why should I open myself to anyone's idea? There is nothing more dangerous than an idea. Once it is in your head it is there for good. (Or for ill.) Should one person's idea take presidence over the ideas of generations past? If personal belief is all important, then what about the personal beliefs of a group that are different? I'm rambling now. Sorry. PEace and good.
  3. This is one based on St. Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Creatures.
  4. This one is based on Hymns by Ephram the Syrian from the early 4th century. The hymns speak of Christ playing three harps: The old and new testaments, and nature.
  5. This is a question I've asked myself as well. I'm an Idealist who never felt able to act on my ideals. I think that in some small way affected my vocation of a Religious Brother with the Capuchin Franciscans. Especially in my Province, we are very concerned with Social Justice. We have soup kitchens and such things, but also a school for bringing up good Christian men as well as brothers who work in Immigration reform, ecological movements, and sit on the boards of companies to strive and get them to respect the rights of their employees. I don't know what I'll do yet, but there are plenty of opportunities. Will my art and writing affect people? I don't know. I'd have to find a way to display it or publish it. I see my creative work as my main ministry and expression of Christ in me. The important thing is, though, that my subject matter almost always springs from my interactions with the people I try to minister to.
  6. Thanks Jim. I find image to be a very useful medium.
  7. They did look familiar. Nice. This one is my Elemental Christ.
  8. I call this piece "As a Weaned Child." This is Oil on Canvas.
  9. Oil pastels actually. I like the up-close-and-personalness (and the messiness) of them. Argh... having trouble uploading anything new tonight.
  10. I didn't see a Work in Progress site here. I'm new. Have a look at some of my work. I always enjoy feedback. Peace and Good David This is called You Are The Branches.
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