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  1. Indeed. That's why the qualifier's included. I just found it an interesting thing that I don't think would be as apparent inside the conversation. I'm also not saying you need to draw a specific conclusion from that. You could certainly suggest it, but I don't think the general movement's that way.
  2. Um ... so this is spiritual milk, instead of meat? How hard do I have to work to start getting to the spiritual steak and potatoes here? This doesn't like like it's going to be very brief, it's 5 VOLUMES. Maybe the Summa Theologica was considered the elementary basics for Christian "babes in Christ" by Aquinas or his translators back in the day. But now I already feel like my modern day IQ is a lot lower than it's supposed to be. Remember that the Summa is a college textbook. It's meant to be read over a long period of time, complete with assignments, argument, and so on. It really is for b
  3. So I am going to make this as uncontroversial as I can. To an outside observer, this thread may seem a pretty good proof of (Persiflage's) concept. He comes in with a blunt thesis and sets it out, fielding comments. He is met with cries of 'offensive' and 'ignorant'--one could even say 'brutish'--is teamed up on, and there is even, at one point, an attempt to psychoanalize him, the thought being he must not be a happy man romantically. In the classical Western conception of sexuality, and in the rather mainstream and un-fringe-like understanding Persiflage pronounces, one of those things wo
  4. -- Nixing my previous comment as unhelpful. -- But I'd be interested as well, and may even delurk to comment.
  5. I dunno. I almost don't want to bring it up. But I went to a lit event recently and there were these postcards scattered all over the place (pretty sure I saw the author around). I saw 'dark coming-of-age', 'religion and sex', and 'Jehova's Witness' and thought of this group here. Here's the writeup: A dark coming-of-age comedy that goes behind closed doors into the rarely-glimpsed world of Jehovah's Witnesses. Gabe is a teenage Jehovah's Witness convinced God is going to kill him at Armageddon for masturbating. But Gabe's not alone: There's his best friend Peter, who writes obsceni
  6. Jesuses. I've never heard anyone seriously promote Jesi. I'd think they were joking. It's a needlessly cute and confusing Latinism, and doesn't have breadth of use on its side. Adding to the confusion would be the possessive form of Jesi: Jesi's (looks singular) vs. Jesuses' (obviously plural). Seems to fall under the "we speak English, so let's speak English" category.
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