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  1. To me, it is a simple matter of perceptual science. We have known for ages that 12 frames per second feels not only "different" than 24 but choppier, and that the same goes for 24 as compared to 30-36 (or anything higher). Consistency of vision can suffer during a fast enough pan even at 24. To someone who is used to 24, I can understand that "different" could be interpreted as worse, but for those of us who grew up "spoiled" by TV/computer screens, I cannot imagine the old-line argument would have much appeal.
  2. I'll hold out for 48 fps, if it's available. I'm convinced it'll be superior to 24.
  3. Yup. I can't wait... I loved it on my teeny 15-inch TV in college, haven't seen it since.
  4. I finished the Dark Tower series over the summer. It's an interesting theoretical exercise to figure who'd be a good actor to play Roland. Russell Crowe is probably, IMHO, exactly the opposite type, because he is well known for playing characters whose dreams drive their motivations, whereas Roland is singularly unimaginative and is driven by his ingrained sense of honor. My favorites for the role would be either Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson, either of whom would do an excellent job of showing Roland's decisive, somewhat fatalistic sides, and could bring the flashes of humor that humanize
  5. That's not what I was trying to do. I was trying to be solely descriptive, in order to avoid having to reveal my political views. Trying again: The democratic/egalitarian ideal can be contrasted with the monarchic/authoritarian ideal thus: In general, people are capable of resolving their differences peaceably, through discussion and compromise, and doing so well --vs.-- in general, people's differences can be resolved well by the enlightened (or, perhaps, divinely graced) few. Once again, purely descriptively, there are 4 and only 4 camps one can fall into in response, (1) always "yes"
  6. I mean that I see THE DARK KNIGHT, from Dent's courtroom fisticuffs to Wayne's cell-phone monitoring system, to be full of allusions to the necessity of control through power, and power as troubling but cool. I'd extend that argument to the characterization of the Joker, who is a figure of raw power that must be reckoned with. Thus, FWIW, I'm grappling here more with the Joker's brand of anarchy (terrorism) than Bane's, which you've mentioned seems to have echoes of the French Revolution. Also FWIW, I'm clearly not saying that Nolan is uncritical of authoritarianism--although I think in the en
  7. When I see this movie (it might not be for several weeks, so I imagine this thread will have ballooned even further by then), I will be watching Commissioner Gordon's role to gauge Nolan's attitude towards Gotham, since Gordon is pretty much the avatar of Gotham's future. (Nolan's vision for Gotham seems to be authoritarian, politically, so it doesn't surprise me that non-police citizens don't have an active role.. except for Batman, who is being gradually captured by the authoritarian impulse. See Ken's post.)
  8. That track is my all-time favorite Zimmer moment, Joel. Good choice.
  9. I just discovered this album tonight. I haven't listened to every track yet, but I've fallen in love with a couple of them already--"Car Radio" and "Kitchen Sink", both seemingly nerdy, sonorous, toe-tapping raps that grow to stunningly loud and cathartic crescendos, and fade gently into a piano resolution. I love the question in "Holding Onto You", "Is it time to move our feet / to an introspective beat?" Why yes, I can see myself taking up that invitation, especially when they marry an accomplished production with vocalists whose honesty comes through every time their voices cracks from shee
  10. Plus, Spotify's advertisements are completely obnoxious.
  11. I don't believe that. I don't know anyone who holds that it is possible to have a "personal relationship with Jesus" who believes that. I don't know exactly how this story maps onto the notion mentioned above, but I had a conversation with a friend recently, about his Pentecostal faith, and he told me that not long after he had his conversion experience, he was told at a prayer group about "baptism in the Holy Spirit", and he wanted to (in his own words!) "test God", so he was walking down the street and said, "God, if this is real, make that car turn left at the next light", and it turned le
  12. Christian, this sounds like it is very, very much my thing. Maybe, when we are ready to get together for a DVD again, it could be this one .
  13. Nuts, since that would have been a good joke! They would have had to change the title to 1952-Down.
  14. Actually, I believe the specific functionality isn't so much a voting system for posts, but one for members. Basically, people can add or remove to someone's "reputation" based on the quality of their posts. The idea is that people who post high quality content get voted higher, and are displayed by the forums as more "reliable" posters. Which, again, is something that I think goes against A&F's spirit/philosophy. Agreed. And FWIW although I'm not opposed to a theoretical "like" system for posts, I actually prefer forcing people to write out "I agree", especially if the person feels pr
  15. If anybody addressed this yet, sorry, but if you click the gear next to search to reach the "Advanced Search", or visit: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums and then choose "Display results: As posts" (rather than "As a topic list"), and it will highlight the word within the post. If you hit F3 and type "SDG" or whichever user, you can quickly jump to his posts (although his mentions within other people's posts will also come up).
  16. I love the new look overall. The new mobile site is a welcome addition as well. Thanks for all you do, A&F and Image team.
  17. I am thinking it will be necessary to purchase the Season Pass from iTunes in order to watch online. That is what I am mulling. The price point ($23 for SD, $30 for cable) is steep but may be worth it.
  18. Why's it untenable? What else do you need to know that Jesus didn't already tell you? You've got everything you need. Should you have peanut butter and jelly for lunch? If it sounds good, sure. Or, as R.C. Sproul once said, should you marry Sally or Jane? Marry the one you find more attractive. The concept of vocation runs so deep for me that I'm finding this POV very challenging. I ask myself, God's calling for me doesn't factor into some of my most important decisions? (Since you asked what Jesus didn't already tell me.) When I was trying to decide whether to be a priest or not, I
  19. Y'know, Anders, it's interesting... I really didn't think of that scene in terms of the action that way, nor of comparing John Carter as a whole with an action movie like MI:4. If I had I would have been disappointed, I think, since you're absolutely right that the action isn't as well-choreographed or as clear as it could be. In my mind John Carter's intended to be an epic, something which certainly includes some action scenes but on the whole is more about the romance and the drama. The scene I mentioned, in particular, doesn't even have action music after battle is actually joined, it tr
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