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  1. Hah! ::w00t:: They have a more involved essay on their site.
  2. A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, (that is, of course, unless the horse is Mr. Ed)! I haven't seen War Horse (of course!) but my suspicion is that it doesn't fall afoul of any of the objective measures of what makes a good movie. I'll definitely be seeing it (perhaps not in the theater, we'll see), so maybe we can tease out some of the unspoken assumptions here...
  3. Nick, that's the most sensible thing I've heard yet.
  4. I think it's just regular old Bond Kashmir, but I could also be wrong.
  5. I'm sorry that my contribution has been so long in coming. I've really been struggling to understand this book's message and in particular its watchwords--like beauty, humanism, and conservative vs. liberal. I thought I had a general picture of what each of these means, but I'm not sure how useful my preconceptions have been. I've read through much of the book twice and still have yet to feel like I've "got it". Part of the problem is the long, involved analyses of works that leave me cold--or that I strongly suspect would if I put myself through the effort of reading them. I am no fan of F
  6. FWIW, in case anyone else was having trouble finding info about Arrugas (Wrinkles), here is some info at Cartoon Brew.
  7. Reminder to self: Tyler is not easy to get excited. I, on the other hand, am thrilled to hope that this new Ghibli director will have a really fine debut.
  8. What kind of music? Bose usually has a crisp, balanced sound which really works for jazz and small classical ensembles, but is less effective (IMO) for large orchestral works or big arena rock. I've don't have an opinion on their different models.
  9. Some of us still feel a little bad that we shelled out $11 to see the film. Some of you are uncultured morons. He says in a tone of respectful and mutually affirmative affection. Ron Reed has an excellent point. Even if he misidentifies the proper recipients of his opprobrium. /but yes, affection
  10. The Hurt Locker?! Really? I wonder if overseas soldiers account for this remarkable fact.
  11. [tangent] Ooooooh, I love this spelling. Although it makes me wonder why we don't pronounce cough "cup". Or we could say, "I have the hic-coffs". [/tangent]
  12. If Red Tails has a non-controversial, historically accurate story, around which to hang some awesome action, you won't hear any complaints from me--even if that story is sentimental or somewhat shallow. Too many movies with really cool action are marred by nasty, stupid stories (cf. Fast Five).
  13. The direct sequel to Ender's Game, called Speaker for the Dead, is in my opinion Card's best book. Its flaws are almost totally subsumed in his masterful plot (including one of the best twists I've ever experienced) and really excellent characterizations. I don't read Card anymore, though, because some of his dreck (Wyrms and Enchantment come to mind) turned me off to him.
  14. I think it could have been that movie, Jeff, but wasn't. If that was the movie, where e.g. does the Judas figure fit in, who isn't the painting at all? By the time he it had turned into a passion play, but a deeply confused and pitiful passion play (IMO).
  15. It was trying desperately to do more than one thing. Did you think it succeeded at something?
  16. Attica, it's a technological problem. Your post has line breaks in the middle of sentences. Did you write it in Notepad?
  17. Although the term "evangelical" is associated with Protestantism, many Catholics, especially those of a strict bent (like Gibson) would consider themselves "evangelical", and The Passion was certainly a work of evangelism. One might even say it's been one of the most successful attempts at The New Evangelization!
  18. Narnia, sure, I get that. But The Passion of the Christ?! If it hadn't been wildly successful, I bet you'd count it. What am I missing?
  19. The studios make it easy to get box office numbers these days, but non-box office revenue is not nearly as thoroughly reported. The best compilation of US blu-ray/dvd sales info I know of is at The Numbers: http://www.the-numbers.com/ They put out weekly US dvd/blu-ray sales charts and include dvd/blu-ray revenue in their movie reporting. I don't know of any systematic report of revenue from such important sources as cable tv revenue or merchandising, or foreign dvd/blu-ray sales. Thanks for that link, Bowen. I'll be curious to see how Winnie the Pooh does on that chart once it is relea
  20. Peter, here is the question that comes up in my mind when I see these numbers: Aren't DVD sales important too? Why don't we ever talk about those sales? After all, especially for families, and especially for families on a budget, home video is a more frequent choice--and some movies make much more on home video than they do in theaters, don't they? It seems like a big omission. So, why isn't there a "Home Video Mojo"?
  21. David Smedberg


    Leary, I didn't see the movie that way. The elevator scene could definitely be read that way, because he goes from a long-held-off expression of his passion for the woman just before lashing out at his attacker. But the scene that Deb mentioned -- I didn't see any anger there, just a stone-cold killer doing what he knew how to do. The key element is that he is good at killing, and that's because we as the audience probably are not, so we can vicariously enjoy him killing "for us"--and then, we can walk out feeling good about ourselves, because by the end, he's dead and thus we have some distan
  22. No, seriously, NO. I would much rather pay $5/month for A&F than have ads. I may be alone in this, I am curious to know. Anna, I have no idea what difference a user would experience with this Sphinx thing...
  23. Would it be possible to limit use of the search function to registered members only? I have seen other forums do this, and it might cut down on searches significantly.
  24. I'm pretty sure you could make a sentence out of that like the famous "Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo" example. "Cloud clouds cloud clouds!"
  25. Well, I'm not the best commenter, as I've pretty much decided to stick with my B&W e-reader for now, for much the same reasons as du Garbandier. However, B&N definitely needs to drop the price of the Nook Color to $199.99. Then they need to get a Netflix app on there (to compete with the Amazon Prime movie-streaming service). Other than that, the Nook Color and Kindle Fire seem pretty well-matched competitors. I would lean towards the Nook Color because it has a memory card slot (I don't understand why the Kindle Fire doesn't!).
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