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  1. Sorry to detract from the film discussion; but I've never really thought of wisdom going hand in hand with creativity before. I could see how insight can help creativity, and how insight might lend a hand in developing wisdom, but never really saw much of a connection between wisdom and creativity. I would be interested in hearing a little more on that, Thanks.
  2. That's funny, although, that '08 Obama Campaign was kinda of a media tour de force. I had colleagues/acquaintances who had never been interested in politics hanging Obama posters in their apartments, which I always thought was a little bizarre because, I mean — after all, he was a politician.
  3. Funny story: I always play music before my classes--mood-setting as well as a way to avoid awkward staring-at-students--and I decided that today was a good day to play some Sufjan. I had listened through the album once and I thought I knew--geographically, not by title--which songs to avoid. So I pick a song--I start it playing--and there's the masturbation line playing over the class loudspeakers. I, um, didn't let on that I'd heard it, and I'm not sure the kids did. But it was...unexpected. I guess depending on the age, I'm not sure how concerned I would be if they heard it. College aged, well then — they may find that it funny, or even highschoolers. Listened a few times more and I think the edge of that word has worn down some. I have to admit that I kind of wish that it wasn't there; it's not a particularly pretty word to begin with, and it's just distracting and one of those personal things that should remain personal. But I get 'artistry' and all of that. Knowing what I do about Sufjan and how aware he seems about people being into his music, it had to be a pretty deliberate thing to include wording like that. I'd be curious to know, in his own words, his reasoning for including a line like that given that a lot of devoutly religious people are pretty big fans of his work. (The type of devout that get offended over that type of thing, I mean.)
  4. The St. Vincent line came immediately into my mind as well.
  5. Really pretty album on the first listen. The oddball lyrical usage of "masturbate" I found really darn distracting though, maybe I'll get used to it — or at least expect it next time.
  6. Interview with Sufjan on P4K mentioning, pretty assuredly — his spirituality: http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/9595-true-myth-a-conversation-with-sufjan-stevens/
  7. Truthfully I think the album I liked most of theirs was their most recent one. The name currently escapes me, but I also have to admit that I think this new stuff sounds great. I like the ideas behind a lot of Aaron's narrative themes.
  8. Tim K

    Damien Jurado

    I really need to take the time and really delve into this album a little more. You know, being a fan of a lot of his earlier stuff, Rehearsals For Departure, & Now That I'm In Your Shadow , and On My Way To Absence -- it's been difficult for me to really appreciate his work with Swift. I liked some of the stuff from Saint Bartlett, "Kansas" comes to mind, but it seems his writing has gotten so "spacey" and non-linear in a way. I did hear one track from the new album I liked quite a bit called, "Museum of Flight," I think.
  9. Tim K

    The Calm Blue Sea

    Thanks for posting, I like this quite a bit actually.
  10. I'm currently using MOG which, outside of the buggy mobile phone app, has been pretty great. It's also not free -- but is Spotify supposed to stay free once it's out of Beta testing? MOG also has no advertisements to interrupt the streams. What exactly about Spotify seperates it from the pack? I realize it's just in Beta-form, but is there something particular about it to push it ahead of other online music-streaming services?
  11. Thanks for mentioning this. I'd forgotten about this album and I decided to take a glance at it tonight. Some of their stuff is just a little too much for me, but "100 Other Lovers" and "Exhaustible" are really great songs.
  12. I am a little confused as to why someone who is not religious should perceive a significant difference. They are all religions, one not truer than the other to those outside any of those belief systems. Could you clarify this a little further please? Are you saying that someone who's not religious shouldn't be able to know the differences between religions? Or just that they wouldn't want or need to? There are significant differences regardless of whether you believe them to be true or false. That wasn't really what I found interesting though. I guess it was more of the words she chose to represent religion that I thought were interesting. Not Christianity, Buddhism, etc -- but "gospel," or "voodoo." I mean -- while I realize some forms of "voodoo" still exist, like in the caribbean islands for example, can "voodoo" really be considered an actual religion? What I mean is, Would the people that practice those forms of it refer to their religion as that -- or are there more specific names for it? I'm sure the "voodoo" performed by those in Haiti is different from that performed by someone in Africa.
  13. Came across this little blurb about Florence Welch's(of Florence And The Machine) fascination with exorcisms, demons, and religion. But yet she says, "I'm not a religious person." A fascination with "religion" and some of the things she mentions(exorcisms, voodoo, "gospel") aren't uncommon in music. But I thought it was interesting how she includes witchcraft, gospel, and voodoo all together as if there's no difference between any of them. A lot of modern society seems to have this strange view of religion, not to where it's a genuine interest, but are more like kids who have come across the dead carcass of an unknown animal in the woods behind their neighborhood -- giggling and poking at it with a stick. Thought some of you might find it interesting. http://www.nme.com/news/florence-and-the-machine/58020
  14. Tim K


    Official trailer now released: Contagion Official Trailer(youtube)
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