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  1. Sorry to detract from the film discussion; but I've never really thought of wisdom going hand in hand with creativity before. I could see how insight can help creativity, and how insight might lend a hand in developing wisdom, but never really saw much of a connection between wisdom and creativity. I would be interested in hearing a little more on that, Thanks.
  2. That's funny, although, that '08 Obama Campaign was kinda of a media tour de force. I had colleagues/acquaintances who had never been interested in politics hanging Obama posters in their apartments, which I always thought was a little bizarre because, I mean — after all, he was a politician.
  3. Funny story: I always play music before my classes--mood-setting as well as a way to avoid awkward staring-at-students--and I decided that today was a good day to play some Sufjan. I had listened through the album once and I thought I knew--geographically, not by title--which songs to avoid. So I pick a song--I start it playing--and there's the masturbation line playing over the class loudspeakers. I, um, didn't let on that I'd heard it, and I'm not sure the kids did. But it was...unexpected. I guess depending on the age, I'm not sure how concerned I would be if they heard it. College aged, well then — they may find that it funny, or even highschoolers. Listened a few times more and I think the edge of that word has worn down some. I have to admit that I kind of wish that it wasn't there; it's not a particularly pretty word to begin with, and it's just distracting and one of those personal things that should remain personal. But I get 'artistry' and all of that. Knowing what I do about Sufjan and how aware he seems about people being into his music, it had to be a pretty deliberate thing to include wording like that. I'd be curious to know, in his own words, his reasoning for including a line like that given that a lot of devoutly religious people are pretty big fans of his work. (The type of devout that get offended over that type of thing, I mean.)
  4. The St. Vincent line came immediately into my mind as well.
  5. Really pretty album on the first listen. The oddball lyrical usage of "masturbate" I found really darn distracting though, maybe I'll get used to it — or at least expect it next time.
  6. Interview with Sufjan on P4K mentioning, pretty assuredly — his spirituality: http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/9595-true-myth-a-conversation-with-sufjan-stevens/
  7. Truthfully I think the album I liked most of theirs was their most recent one. The name currently escapes me, but I also have to admit that I think this new stuff sounds great. I like the ideas behind a lot of Aaron's narrative themes.
  8. Tim K

    Damien Jurado

    I really need to take the time and really delve into this album a little more. You know, being a fan of a lot of his earlier stuff, Rehearsals For Departure, & Now That I'm In Your Shadow , and On My Way To Absence -- it's been difficult for me to really appreciate his work with Swift. I liked some of the stuff from Saint Bartlett, "Kansas" comes to mind, but it seems his writing has gotten so "spacey" and non-linear in a way. I did hear one track from the new album I liked quite a bit called, "Museum of Flight," I think.
  9. Tim K

    The Calm Blue Sea

    Thanks for posting, I like this quite a bit actually.
  10. I'm currently using MOG which, outside of the buggy mobile phone app, has been pretty great. It's also not free -- but is Spotify supposed to stay free once it's out of Beta testing? MOG also has no advertisements to interrupt the streams. What exactly about Spotify seperates it from the pack? I realize it's just in Beta-form, but is there something particular about it to push it ahead of other online music-streaming services?
  11. Thanks for mentioning this. I'd forgotten about this album and I decided to take a glance at it tonight. Some of their stuff is just a little too much for me, but "100 Other Lovers" and "Exhaustible" are really great songs.
  12. I am a little confused as to why someone who is not religious should perceive a significant difference. They are all religions, one not truer than the other to those outside any of those belief systems. Could you clarify this a little further please? Are you saying that someone who's not religious shouldn't be able to know the differences between religions? Or just that they wouldn't want or need to? There are significant differences regardless of whether you believe them to be true or false. That wasn't really what I found interesting though. I guess it was more of the words she chose to represent religion that I thought were interesting. Not Christianity, Buddhism, etc -- but "gospel," or "voodoo." I mean -- while I realize some forms of "voodoo" still exist, like in the caribbean islands for example, can "voodoo" really be considered an actual religion? What I mean is, Would the people that practice those forms of it refer to their religion as that -- or are there more specific names for it? I'm sure the "voodoo" performed by those in Haiti is different from that performed by someone in Africa.
  13. Came across this little blurb about Florence Welch's(of Florence And The Machine) fascination with exorcisms, demons, and religion. But yet she says, "I'm not a religious person." A fascination with "religion" and some of the things she mentions(exorcisms, voodoo, "gospel") aren't uncommon in music. But I thought it was interesting how she includes witchcraft, gospel, and voodoo all together as if there's no difference between any of them. A lot of modern society seems to have this strange view of religion, not to where it's a genuine interest, but are more like kids who have come across the dead carcass of an unknown animal in the woods behind their neighborhood -- giggling and poking at it with a stick. Thought some of you might find it interesting. http://www.nme.com/news/florence-and-the-machine/58020
  14. Tim K


    Official trailer now released: Contagion Official Trailer(youtube)
  15. Tim K

    Woven Hand

    Well things are looking up. No mention of it yet on WovenHand official sites, but my most favorite music venue in the world* just posted a WovenHand show for October the 10th. *link fixed I think... I've been there a couple of times before! It is a very cool venue, with a nice bar and outdoor patio as well. I actually saw Danielson there 4-5 years ago, now that I think about it. I should be moving to Asheville here in the next year so I'll hopefully I'll get a chance to hang there more often. I've been hearing about Wovenhand and 16 Horsepower for a long time now, but haven't really been able to get into him. He seems so genuinely spiritual as well as artistically inclined that I feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't find a way to stick my nose into his catalogue. Is there any good or definitive place to start? Truthfully I only heard of "His Rest" from his newest albums, and a few samples of stuff from his others.
  16. This made me laugh out loud. For what it's worth, here's an entertaining trailer advertising his last concert of The Age of Adz tour: Also, a trailer for the documentary, "MAKE," that features Royal Robertson - the artist who some of Sufjan's inspiration came from: MAKE
  17. Currently playing a free online game called, "League of Legends." It's was created off a Warcraft 3 mod called, "Defense of the Ancients", or, more popularly referred to as "Dota." It's really in a class of its own gameplay-wise. It has the instant gratification of PvPing like a FPS, with no real need to spend hours building or leveling, but also with the strategy of a RTS game. I'd like to play L.A. Noire and I can't wait for Mass Effect 3.
  18. Tim K

    Noah (2014)

    While he's not the leading role in either The Prestige(I think the leading-role seems to be equally shared between him and Jackman) or 3:10 to Yuma(maybe more Russel Crowe, here), he's certainly one of them -- I think both of those could be considered adventure films. If you want go further back into his career, you could go with Equilibrium or Reign of Fire. I've never seen Equilibirum in its entirety, but from what I've seen he's the leading role in it. In Rescue Dawn he's also definitely the leading role. None of these being particularly successful in the box-office, but again -- who could he be compared to who's more successful? Tom Cruise? Keanu Reeves? Russel Crowe? Or even Matt Damon? Also, I'm not sure I am entirely convinced that Batman Begins would have been as good as it was without Bale. While the The Dark Knight didn't need to have Bale as Batman to make it work, I think Batman Begins definitely benefited from having him. I really didn't like the new Terminator movie, but I don't see why it being so bad had anything to do with him. I reckon that if the script and Director had been any good, he could have made a great John Connor. I don't know a lot about how much or what kind of creative input Bale demands in his movies - I could see how that type of thing could be bad for the production crew and film itself. I've actually read some stuff that Ed Norton is really bad about that type of stuff.
  19. Tim K

    Noah (2014)

    3:10 to Yuma and The Prestige both came pretty close at 53 million each. I'd be interested to know how many other male stars are doing much better. Personally, I like Christian Bale. I don't know how much range he actually has as a real character actor, but as far as leading roles in action/adventure films are concerned -- I think he's great.
  20. After listening to the album multiple times, I still like it -- but maybe not as much as I initially thought. There are certainly some beautiful songs on the album, but after track 5 the whole album just seems to disappear until the very noticeable last track comes up. After thinking on it now actually, maybe the album just seems so short that it's easy to repeat the whole thing without noticing it. I wish there were a couple of more tracks to fatten it up. Anyone else feel similar?
  21. Tim K

    Middle Brother

    As disappointing as I found Deer Tick's most recent album to be, I'm still pretty interested in hearing this Middle Brother material. I've always kind of like Delta Spirit too. I'll come back after I give them a proper listen.
  22. The Middle East are an Australian folk-rock band(in the vein of Fleet Foxes, or Midlake) who are flying under most of the public's radar for now, but I doubt for much longer. I first heard their song "
  23. Noticed surprisingly there wasn't a thread for the new Beirut album. I've heard two tracks so far and I liked them both quite a bit. Have a listen: "Goshen" "East Harlem"
  24. There were definite word-count requirements for reviews when Paste was a print publication (anywhere from 75 to 800 words, with several gradations in between), but it's not as much of a consideration with the online publication. Still, the length of the review is significant. I was stretching it with 500 words , which was the length of that Bazan review. Most people don't want to read anything longer than that. I prefer in-depth articles and reviews. Alas, many people don't. Readers are also coming to the review from many different viewpoints, everything from "I'm a longtime Bazan fan, and I want in-depth comparisons of the current songs to the older songs" to "who is this guy, and why should I be interested in his album?". I tried to keep it in the middle of the highway. Off-topic, have you heard "Other Lives?" I heard a song of theirs called, "Tamer Animals" and it actually sounds like something off a record by The National. Not sure they're worth a whole new thread -- trying to decide whether to go for their whole album or not.
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