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  1. I can certainly understand why people might not care for Mr. Di Caprio, but Jay Gatsby seems like the kind of role that would have been invented specifically for him. I can think of no character for which he would be better suited to play. That said, what I'm most excited about is Carey Mulligan and I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more discussion about the possibilities with her as Daisy. She's quickly becoming an actress whose films I would watch even if I wasn't inclined to see the film otherwise.
  2. Some great lists here. It's great to see the same books popping up on multiple lists. Curious: Any Updike fans on here? Is there a separate Updike thread I missed? I ask because I've been trying to get into his work and while I see his gift I can't say I particularly enjoy, say, "Rabbit, Run". I suppose this is a comment for another thread, however.
  3. This is an older post but I figured I would add my favorites to the list, dive a little bit deeper into this fabulous community: Crossing to Safety, Wallace Stegner Jayber Crow, Wendell Berry Brideshead Revisited, Waugh Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy Collected Stories, Flanno Runners up: Huck Finn, Twain Gileadand Home, Marylinne Robinson The Great Divorce, Lewis The Last Battle, Lewis The Man Who Was Thursday, GKC Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro All the Pretty Horses, McCarthy Hannah Coulter, Berry To Kill a Mockingbird
  4. My favorite thing about this book is the "Screwtape Letters" approach Dr. Esolen takes. As the title implies, he is writing a satire wherein he pretends to be actually trying to destroy the imaginations of children. That makes the book quite humorous. He presents a number of "methods" for doing this destruction including: 1, keep children inside; 2, bring heros down to size; 3, downplay the differences between the sexes; and many others. This is a really wonderful, fascinating read and I too highly recommend it. The non-profit organization I work for hosts a conference every year about the "purpose, practice, and essence of classical education" and a few years ago we had the honor of having Dr. Esolen join us. He is a kind, energetic man of great insight. And, as an unrelated aside, this year: Greg Wolfe and Ken Myers will coming!
  5. Hi Folks - I'm new to the board, at least as far as posting goes (I've followed it from afar for quite a while), but I figured I'd jump in. I'm a big fan of "Await Your Reply", but I was wondering, has anyone read his earlier novel "You Remind Me of Me" or his collection of stories "Among the Missing"? I have the former on my shelf waiting to be read, but the latter is a fantastic collection of story and if you like "AYR" I highly recommend it. So there it is. My first post after all this time is about Dan Chaon. Go figure.
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