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    getting mostly rave reviews but im siding with the 9% on rottentomatoes who are all saying a similar thing - the movie lacks an emotional center. for me, that center is the main reason i loved 'interstellar'.
  2. anyone watching season 3? ive been reading lately about the idea of gazing on the image and idea of the crucified christ, as a way of leading to personal transformation. i feel like that is one of the many themes of this show, when dealing with suffering. particularly, im thinking of nora at the end of season 1 and her family.
  3. Damon wanted the ship to go to Edmunds planet to see if it could sustain life. Cooper was planning to take the ship back to earth.
  4. William Fitzsimmons album The Sparrow and the Crow
  5. Regarding the Sampler and the ending, from an interview with Carruth:
  6. Couldn't disagree more. Without giving anything away, the film has a lot to say about identity and I certainly thought about my own life differently after seeing it.
  7. New Yorkers: Soderbergh will be moderating a Q&A at a screening on Saturday April 6th. This doesn't surprise me as the film borrows stylistically and at times thematically from 'Solaris'. This is one of those films that most people, including myself, will call more of an "experience". At the same time, there is a strong story here and it's very gettable, especially after seeing it a second time. I've read just about every review and this one most accurately matches my feelings on the film: http://www.chud.com/127987/review-upstream-color-sxsw/
  8. I'm seeing it in Philly Wednesday night and New York Saturday night. Carruth will be at both. Bought my NY ticket before I heard about the Philly screening but I figured I can benefit from seeing this one twice.
  9. Spoon

    Blue Like Jazz (2012)

    I had no idea it would roll out with a distributor of that caliber. While it's no guarantee of a good film, it's enough to heighten my interest in the film. It's supposed to open pretty wide, actually. I didn't write down one of the numbers when I talked to Steve Taylor back in December, but he said it'll be Albuquerque by the second or third week, which, you know, isn't exactly L.A. or N.Y. or Chicago. saw it tonight in philly with a q & a with miller and taylor. taylor set they open april 13th in 25 markets and 100 screens. i thought the film was excellent. the trailer captures the tone of the film pretty well.
  10. stumbled upon this one through netflix instant view. anyone seen it? centers around a vamipre, werewolf, and ghost, who live together and bond because of their differences. in addition to the interesting themes, it shifts beautifully from hilarious to melodramatic (almost like shaun of the dead). i'm only a few episodes in but there also seems to be a "big bad" lurking, ala buffy. it's really wonderfully done all around.
  11. Spoon

    War Horse

    i feel like the score confused this movie for me. the music was certainly beautiful but i feel like almost each time the music swelled, it happened way too soon and that kind of goes with spielbergs reputation of not earning the emotion present in the scene. i really enjoyed the movie but needed to disconnect myself from when the score got big.
  12. when the film ended, there was a combination of laughter and groans. mostly laughter but not the satisfying kind. my impression was that people were disappointed with the ending and the film. did anyone else experience this reaction?
  13. Life is Beautiful Story of the Weeping Camel Millions
  14. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    Apparently the directors cut is motivated by this idea : "There was one primary reason for not reaching its target audience — the F-bomb."
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