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    Waco:Rules of Engagement

    here is a review that sums it up nicely: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/click/movie-...e=1&rid=1138020
  2. ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND starring jim carrey, screenplay by charlie kaufmann.
  3. I wanna be a screenwriter. Any recommendations? Books, videos, workshops, etc? I'm thinking of eventually taking an 8 week screenwriting workshop at New York Academy. Opinions on that would be helpful also. Thanks, George
  4. Is the information in this documentary well known? This documentary totally changed how I view the davidian standoff and angered me more then anything I have ever seen.
  5. well, just about any film with a score uses manipulation. i guess dogme films are the only type that can escape it. i actually like films that make me emotional, even if they do it thru manipulation, as long as there is still substance in the movie. actually whenever i see critics using words like "melodramatic" or "manipulative" in a negative way to describe a movie, i make an extra effort to see it. i guess that's why i like going to my church, a vineyard.
  6. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    i got my copy off of ebay from an australian seller. you would need a multi-region dvd player.
  7. Spoon

    Love Liza

    i've seen it, just cause of love hoffman. it is what it seems to be. a sad movie about a guy whose wife commits suicide. i did really like it but it would be hard to reccomend it because i can see someone really not like it. if you like hoffman, it's worth it. it had some funny memorable scenes, particularly the scene where he decides to take a swim.
  8. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    I have seen it, just bought it actually. I didnt make the connection but now that you do I can see why. It's weird because: SPOILERS: In To End All Wars, I thought the peaceful forgiving attitude was the right thing to do. In 'The Mission", I felt the Deniro characters way of defending the village was more appropriate then the Irons character.
  9. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    SPOILERS I took a guess as to what Dusty may have whispered in his ear. If you remember a conversation about the Bashido code, the young japanese officer said in Bashido it is honorable for a lower officer to take the punishment of something a higher officer did wrong. The japanese were making the POW's follow the Bashido code while in camp. The Robert Carlyle character was a higher officer, a general or something. Perhaps dusty appealled to the japanese commander about wanting to honor the bashido code and therefore take the punishment of his own higher officer.
  10. Spoon


    Here is my current project(s). I'm thinking of merging the 2. First one: Dude comes to faith in Christ after his own philosophy, god turning his tragedies into dreams, leads him there. then, real tragedy happens and his nonchristian girlfriend is killed in a car crash while he is driving. he prays, as he has before, for god to turn it into a dream, as god has before, but it never happens. a close friend gently tells him that without jesus, his girlfriend is in hell. he then leads a life trying to deny christ and his christianity, not because of his hate for god, he still loves god, but because of his love for his girlfriend. Second One: Dude believes his tragic dreams were actually realities that god, because of his mercy, turned into dreams. one day one of his tragedy doesnt become a dream. girlfriend dies. he starts dreaming about her. he then starts sleeping for 16 hours a day, to be with her, but he loses everything else in his real life. turns out in the end things get switched around again and the 16 hours that he thought he was sleeping during the day was actually him awake. this is a twist but its not meant to fool or surprise people. there will be simple narration in the beginning of the story spelling out the supposed 'twist'. the twist will somehow be revealed before the story actually starts. the emphasis is on the story and characters, not the twist. twist is just part of the story. i'm going to have richard hatem direct it and barry pepper star
  11. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    check out these comments from users at imdb and then do everything you can to see this movie: http://us.imdb.com/CommentsShow?0243609
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