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    Was wondering what people use to get sound effects, walla, scores, etc. Right now the best source I found seems to be www.sounddogs.com Know of any others? thanks
  2. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer(tv show), this movie may have a slight obstacle in encouraging viewers to see it. But those who are able to get past the silly title will be richly rewarded with layered characters, honest emotion, and deep truths about the effect that pain can have on your life. Very well done movie and not in the ways you might expect.
  3. The Road Home is a simple and beautiful love story from the director of Hero, Yimou Zhang. A young mans father dies and his mother tells him in flashback the story of their love. Kal Ho Naa Ho is a guilty pleasure. An over the top in every way bollywood film and I love it!
  4. I went to the screening of Romero. It was excellent. Great film and discussion by a history professor from Temple U. Well attended and participated.
  5. Waking the Dead Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Life is Beautiful The Others
  6. I recently posted my top 15 on my blog. here it is 15. Strictly Ballroom 14. Kal Ho Naa Ho 13. Dead Man Walking 12. Donnie Darko 11. The Road Home 10. Northfork 9. Signs 8. Jerry Maguire 7. O Brother Where Art Thou? 6. Magnolia 5. Solaris 4. Breaking the Waves 3. Amelie 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 1. Moulin Rouge
  7. funny vid http://media.right-mind.us/right-mind/Blak...sBigMistake.wmv
  8. I think this is a repackaging, and maybe a rewriting of the art of the volkswagon, his first book.
  9. Funny misprint online for a local philadelphia theatre: March of the Penguins (G) 88 minutes CHILDREN UNDER 6 NOT ADMITTED / AGES 6 - 16 WITH PARENT ONLY 1:20 pm, 3:20 pm, 5:20 pm, 7:20 pm, 9:20 pm Mysterious Skin (NC-17) 107 minutes 12:45 pm, 3:05 pm, 5:25 pm, 7:45 pm, 10:05 pm
  10. Spoon

    Invisible Children

    Story of children in Uganda kidnapped in the middle of the night and trained as soldiers to kill. Screening taking place at a church in philadelphia, pa on july 23rd. Its an incomplete documentary they hope to raise money for and go back to Uganda and finish the story. www.invisiblechildren.com
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    I've watched three movies in the past week: The Son, Since Otar Left, and Rory Oshea Was Here. After not enjoying The Son or Otar, and feeling something was wrong with me, I found myself really enjoying Rory. I wondered what the difference was. For me, Rory didnt take its time getting into the story. It went right into it and things happened. Yeah its cliched and manipluative but I was entertained and moved in ways that came way too infrequently in the previous two movies I mentioned. I really enjoyed The Story of the Weeping Camel, particularly how it caused me to not be so rushed in life, to slow down and have a cup of tea, and at the same time it blew me away with its ending. But lately, I'm finding myself bored with films like The Return. Maybe I'm getting impatient. I have Au Hasard Balthazar in my queue so I guess we'll see.
  12. These two paragraphs taken from this review http://chud.com/reviews/3347 sums up how I felt: "Batman Begins isn
  13. I think I might go with a 'why is there suffering' theme, which means I would opt for the 'ferguson syndrome' from Miracles and the Joan of Arcadia episode that Nick mentioned. Speaking of, Nick could you look at these episode summaries http://www.tvtome.com/JoanofArcadia/guide.html and see if you know which one is the one you mentioned? thanks
  14. I'm thinking of having a tv night for my movie discussion group. We'll watch an episode of Miracles, Sportsnite, and Joan of Arcadia. Is there an episode that would be best for discussion?
  15. Spoon


    My favorite thing about Crash is the complexity of the characters. Just as you yourself start to judge someone, Haggis turns that on its head and says it isn't like that. There is more to this man then his hate. And although I agree Jeffrey in that he doesn't look outward or upward, he does look inward. Each character looks inward, even when they aren't prepared to. I think this pic dillon newton captures the theme and strength of the movie. In Matt Dillons face, we see a man who is not sure of what he is doing or why he is doing it. He is almost surpised himself. But yet there is something inside himself that he can't stop. Something stronger and more powerful then his hate. And Thandies face says alot. Alot of why and how. Why are you doing this? And how is someone that is capable of so much evil also capable of so much good?
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    This is a series of short films by Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill church. Anyone seen any? www.nooma.com
  17. Anyone pick this up yet?
  18. Powerfully footage although very biased towards the davidians, offers a nice counter to the bias that the media and govt offered when the incident occurred. Both sources should be considered together to try to get a balanced perspective.
  19. Spoon


    I watched about half of Devdas but had a hard time getting into it. I'll be in Delhi starting friday and I plan on checking out a bollywood film while there.
  20. A beautiful picture of grace, perhaps not for junior high girls, is in The Mission. The Robert Deniro character having his 'burden' set free.
  21. prep talk is good advice, thanks. I remember before 'Northfork' I said to everyone ' Don't expect anything to happen'.
  22. We watch the movies together. I watch the movies beforehand and try to facilitate the discussion. We meet every other week. The attendance is erratic and unpredictable with only a few regulars. One week I'll have 18 and the following only 5. But, even with only 5 the discusssiona re usually great. I find they work best when I read as much on the film as I can, background info, reviews, and listen to commentaries. My group had a hard time getting into 'Story of the Weeping Camel', which makes me hesitate on films like Distant and its slow, nothing hapepening type of pace. I'm also considering A Short film about Love for an upcoming film, maybe the next one.
  23. Originally I was thinking of showing and discussing Distant for my movie group. After watching it recently, although I loved it, I'm not sure how accessable my group will find it. Largely based on info I read on this site, I'm trying to decide between; Distant Winter Light My Flesh and Blood Which would you recommend?
  24. Spoon

    March Madness

    couple of my upsets: vermont over syracuse utah st over arizona. gonzaga in the final 4. charlotte over uconn in 2nd round. nc to win it all.
  25. Any come to mind? A friend of mine is doing a retreat with a church group and the topic is 'how to hear gods voice' I recommended 'the Apostle'. I wanted to recommend 'Breaking the Waves' but I don't think it would be appropriate with this group. thanks
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