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    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Whedon is a writer AND director, at least in TV land. Whedon has directed some of the best Angel and Buffy episodes, including the masterful episode of Buffy called The Body. Listening to his commentaries assures me that this guy is a mad genius.
  2. Spoon


    This is my idea. It's a combination of eharmony and netflix. Netlfix sends you reccomendations based on movies you have rated. The more movies you've rated, the more accurate their reccomendation. Eharmony is an online dating service using 29 components of personalities to make a match. What if there was a site, where, based on movies you've rated, matched you up with someone with similar interests. Now, you might be thinking, just because two people like the same movies doesn't make them a great match. I disagree! I believe movies you love and movies you don't like at all says so much about who you are: your beliefs, your values, your personality, what makes you laugh, cry, think, mad, etc. If someone rated enough movies, and then asked for specifics on a seperate page such as age, religion, etc, I can't think of a better matching system. Who's with me? Lets start this thing.
  3. Based on half an episode I watched last night and some previews of other episodes, this show looks like it could be decent. I've never seen Denis Leary in a challenging role but this is one and the boy is showing off some acting chops. There was a scene in a preview that I found interesting. Leary's character is a firefighter and his little girl is in critical condition. He has a cousin who is a priest and he says something like this to him : 'I know you've said we don't always know why God does certain things, but if he takes my little girl, I'm gonna need to know why" It was more the way Leary said it that got to me. The quote itself sounds like an angry at god type of line, pretty predictable in that sitatuion. But Leary says it with sadness and desperation, not anger. By him saying he would need to know, he means it literally and he couldnt go on if he didnt know why.
  4. Hey Alan, When I started my group, I had the same thoughts as you do as far as the type of movie to show and ended up picking Signs. However, some of the other movies on your short list gave us much more interesting discussions. Changing Lanes, 13 Conversations, and The Big Kahuna all provoked much more interesting discussion then Signs. Keep in mind though The Big Kahuna is laced with profanity.
  5. ooh, yes! i forgot about that one. the coolest fight scenes ever!!
  6. I mentioned this in another thread but I think he totally gets it. As soon as the dream sequence/fantasy starts, the colors turn from cools and shades of blues to golds and yellows. its drastic and i think he is well aware of what he was doing.
  7. I guess that's one way of looking at it. Another could be sacrifice. I'm going to sacrifice my life so that people I love can have a better life.
  8. Here I'm looking for movies that you loved that everyone else thought was just ok or even bad. I'm not thinking of movies that should have but didn't win oscars. I'm talking about stuff you're almost embarassed to admit that you loved every bit of when everyone else, critics and friends, are unmoved. Knight's Tale Saw this the other night and inspired me to start this thread. I loved so much about this movie. It has everything a movie ever needs. BUT, Imdb rating: 6.5. Rottentomatoes 73 fresh, 56 rotten, and friends say to me 'yeah it was ok'. No, it wasn't ok, It was amazing!! Can't Hardly Wait In my top ten ever, yet received very mediocre reviews Lost Souls Critics hated this movie. And everyone I know who saw it hated it. I loved it. I thought it was an excellent character study with gorgeous cinematography and a bold ending. Great Stuff!
  9. Waking the Dead House of Sand and Fog Mystic River Dead Man Walking
  10. Sommersby It's My Party Titanic Moulin Rouge The Passion of the Christ The Notebook
  11. I was thinking of who we're most attracted to. I for one, go for chicks with big noses. It's my thing. But I imagine it's not all tastes. Part of my answer also had alot to do with who they are in interviews, taking into account "some" personality.
  12. I thought this might be fun, to see different peoples tastes. Actor - Tom Cruise There is no man that I've ever seen that is as studly as this bloke. And i feel perfectly comfortable saying that as a heterosexual male. Actress - Jennifer Love Hewitt OK, i Know. not the greatest actress. Doesn't pick the greatest roles. But nobody comes close to her in beauty. I can't even think of my second favorite. She is so far above everyone else. One thing that these two have in common is their smiles. They both have amazing smiles. I guess I'm a sucker for that.
  13. Very neat. I like it. Funny cause I do similar things with notes. I keep reminders or thoughts or little inspirations, anything really, pretty random stuff I write throughout the day. I'm sure I've lost some of these 'personal' thoughts. Inspired by the magazine, here is a note I have in my pocket today. It's somewhat personal, but ambigous enough to share: "FOR NOW. hanging out, phone & text has been awesome. lots of chemistry and last contact from her was great. monday night text. i've handled this very well and have been giving her space. she was probably busy or queezy" anyone else wanna share?
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    I thought season 3 was really bad, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so: http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/...9375|1|,00.html
  15. West Philly. So, urban, poor, racially diverse. Also, some college students I imagine, since we'll be close to University City. One of the values of the church is diversity.
  16. I'm going to be part of a church plant that's starting up in September and I'm looking for ideas for 'welcoming tokens' to give to first time visitors. The church I go to now gives out a fridge magnet, of our church. I've heard of other churchs giving out cds, water bottles. Anyone ever get anything good from visiting a church? Any suggestions?
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    The Terminal

    I thought the film was pleasant and refreshing. I bought both romances. The one did not seem to have much setup, the one with the secret messages, but it didnt need it for me. All I did was assume that these two people knew each other beforehand. I like how the film didnt feel the need to explain every action of every character. It's good to make us think once in a while and make our own guesses. The Tucci character was a little one dimensional and lacking strong motivation for his hate of Victor. He did show some kindness at the end when he had a chance to block the exits for the taxi he was in. ANd I believe it was that moment that also told us what would happen to the 3 employees who were friends of Victor. Tucci showed kindness to Victor, forgave him almost, and it wouldnt be unreasonable to think he would let those people keep their jobs. I thought the movie was a very nice picture of kindness and friendship.
  18. Spoon

    The Terminal

    I believe everything after when he is arrested is fantasy. The Tim Blake Nelson chracter says to him something like, Welcome to yada yada yada, where all your fantasies come true. from that point on, the colors in the film change drastically from cools and blues to yellows and golds. And things work out so perfectly for him.
  19. Spoon

    To End All Wars

    I read somewhere, might have been on this thread, in an interview with either Godawa or Cunningham where he said he would not have included that scene except for the fact that it really happened.
  20. ooh, you hit a nerve. Jerry Maguire is one of my favorite films. I do not think that the film starts out at all with unlikeable characters. The films opens with Jerry having a crisis of conscience of wanting to do the right thing. Hardly unlikeable. The rest of the movie deals alot with him dealing with the consequences of that choice and the character changes that occur to him and the people around him along the way. I think it's a very important film that shows doing the right thing doesn't always reap immediate benefits but the long term effect on your soul is worth it all.
  21. I saw this ad over at imdb and was wondering if anyone here has taken any classes there or has looked into it at all. I wandered around their website and it seems pretty professional and worth looking into.
  22. Spoon


    I have something called covenanteyes. It's very effective. They log all your activity and once every two weeks they email it to whoever your accountability partner is. My internet activity goes to my pastor and my best friend. I've heard many people who have had problems with filters because it doesn't always know what to block and sometimes blocks unnecessary sites. This program works as a tracker, not a filter, and it's only about $7.00 a month. I highly reccomend it. covenanteyes.com
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    A couple thoughts after reading all your comments and seeing the movie last night. I saw most of the characters, even the christian ones, as genuine people with real problems. Hilary Faye was mean but she wasn't being mean just to be mean. She really believed in her causes. Tolerance. I don't think the message was tolerance but more about humility and the fact that we can't know it all. The scene at the prom with Mary talking to skip about how can you be sure you're right. And also Patrick talking to Mary saying the people that sent Dean to Mercy House are the ones who need more help then Dean. It was their unloving, judging approach that needed to be changed. I didn't think the film was trying to say it's ok no matter what you believe. I think it's bigger point was, whatever you believe, communicate it with love and grace and humility. The only character that was somewhat one dimensional to me was Hilary Faye. And even she had some depth after the accident at the end. The film obviously uses exagerration to make it's points. For example, the distinction between the nonchristian characters and the christian characters. The film goes out of its way to make the christians the villains and the nonchristians the lovable heros. Roland and Mary preferred the company of Cassandra over Hilary and they all preferred the company of each other over the christians. Even Patrick, a christian, preferred to hang out with the nonchristians. This reminded me of something Donald Miller wrote in Blue like Jazz. He talked about a month long experience of hanging out in the woods with pot smoking hippies. He talked about how much love and freedom there was there, as a christian. He then went back to his christian group and realized he much preferred the company of nonchristians to christians. He said something about unconditional love around the hippies and conditional love around the christians. I think this point is made in the movie, in an extreme way by showing such a stark contrast, but I think there is some truth to that. I also loved Mary's faith. It was honest and real and I love how she never did abandon it. She didn't succomb to the religion of tolerance even though there was so much hate around her from the christian side. The film also had a lot of little moments filled with truth. I enjoyed the scene in the cafeteria as Cassandra is approaching Hilary's table and Hilary wants everyone to start laughing so she can show that christians CAN have fun too. It reminded me of how hard christians try sometimes to look cool and like they're having fun. Like Pastors kinda going over the top with party symbolism to prove a point that even though we can't smoke pot, we can still have fun. Pastor Skip was a great example of this with how he talked. In the end, I thought the film had genuine characters, great moments, and alot of truth. george
  24. Godsend Multiplicity
  25. I just finished Blue Like Jazz too. It is an amazing book. I recomend it to everyone. yes. i am about halfway thru it. i love it. two words: 'penguin sex'. two more, 'sexy carrot'.
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